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  1. I think there are a few images of it already If there isn't, it's not too hard to zoom out and take a few images.
  2. @JadeOfMaar Congratulations on the release.
  3. Is it possible to add a glow map to a kerbal space suit (main texture, visor, or helmet)? If so, how easy? Also I apologize if this was asked before, I checked and there was no indication of a question like this.
  4. @Kebab Kerman It's an interstellar mod in-development.
  5. @StarCrusher96 How did you make those? Instantiator is my only guess..
  6. I figured it'd be neat to simulate magnetic fields/radiation in KSP. I also figure this nebula would be hyper-radioactive anyhow, lol.
  7. @RealKerbal3x No, it's a neutron star/pulsar. It's also in that nebula.
  8. I haven't posted (as most of the progress here is made in the Kopernicus Discord), but nonetheless I will be making optimizations for a final, first release. I hope to have the mod finished before either the start of February or March. I make no guarantees, however.
  9. @Zeiss Ikon The rings are simply a texture. @Delay Thanks a lot!
  10. Yeah, mod coming together rather smoothly (after revisioning this planet way too many times)
  11. @KAO Is that Earth? I have a planet which looks strangely similar to that. Here, have a rather interesting (and broken) system.
  12. Another status update: JadeOfMaar allowed me to use his lensflares for this mod. As such, Ursa Minor will be the current lensflare of choice for me in this mod. Without spending any more time on anything else, let's get down to things:
  13. Links to output log and KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ci6u0gqhwxd2i3b/AACjf47Tl8C9tAIAxYi_ulNFa?dl=0