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  1. My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day is saved!
  2. Well, let's hope i did everything correctly. (Please use the link below, imgur album doesn't work for some reason) https://imgur.com/a/buGqdEx P.S. I used Kramax Autopilot to reach the lake. Cheat mods like HyperEdit or VesselMover were not used. Also, i had to use quicksave, because at my first attempt nose cone was destroyed during the landing. Don't worry - the plane can take off from here even with maximum fuel. I tested it. You can download the plane from KerbalX website
  3. That's an interesting challenge! But i have a few questions: can you point your plane into the sky and land into the lake vertically like Elon Musks rocket, or it should be a horizontal landing? And for the seaplane part: can you use any plane that can takeoff from water, even if it wasn't built for this? I think my fighter jet can make this... i think.
  4. Oh. Yes. I wanted to share this beautiful video i made...
  5. The update is nice... I like the parachutes, even though they need some improvements. New particles look very smooth, i like that too. Oh, and the new spherical fuel tank, it's so cute However, some changes are not good. Fairings now look weird, and new jet engine sounds are very high-pitched, i'd even say "more earrape-y" Overall, the update feels a little raw, so i'm hoping that devs will add much more stuff into the game.
  6. [not funny joke removed], everyone is leaving... why?..
  7. I created a super cool space launcher, and launched planes and rover(it crashed), and a space probe into space. But i don't know how to upload images.
  8. *thinking* i... well... Hello everyone! I actually joined in 2014, yes, but i started my life here only in 2015-2016 , because another KSP community was... well... stronger than me. I can't fly a rocket to Duna, but i can crash it into VAB, so.. yes, i'm a noob. All i need is a place, where i can live, and this place looks perfect. Forum games, Challenges, Other stuff... i like this. Also i very like jokes, and funny stuff, like Danny2462 videos. Yes, my English is not good, but i'm doing my best. Here starts my life. Again... And i belive, that we will become friends. til i destroy your ssto and u will rage a lot Now, i'm pressing that Submit Topic button, beliveing that you are more friendly than guys on last website. Don't throw tomatoes at me.
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