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  1. Hi @Angel-125 Really enjoying the complexity of this mod. Thanks for putting it all together. I wonder if you can help me something? I'm trying to start the Metallurgy Analysis experiment on the surface of the Mun. I shipped the experiment out and transferred it to the DocScience lab. It requires 6 Core samples which are sitting in the DocScience lab also. But as you can see from the screen shot (hmm..I don't seem to be able to paste that in either) I can't get the experiment to recognize I have the core samples. I seem to be doing something wrong. Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers
  2. I've been using it throughout the 1.3.1 beta and now in full release and has worked perfectly.
  3. Thanks for maintaining this mod. Undoubtedly one of the most useful currently available. Thanks also for all the others that you have kept going. Really appreciated.
  4. @TheKurgan It's not so much the level, but simply the lack of stupidity that affects productivity. I believe that even if you have a mix of stupid and non stupid, the stupid ones override the non stupid. Right click on your vessel to check productivity, and take out the useless Kerbals. Once above 0 things should start happening.
  5. @TheKurgan It could be that your vessel productivity is at 0. I notice on the launchpad you had Valentina staffing your vehicle. If I recall, she's quite intelligent and will therefore boost the productivity. If the staff you used on the Mun are too stupid, productivity will drop to 0 and nothing will be built. Hope this helps
  6. My apologies. I hadn't noticed the new version you'd uploaded. Yep, 0.8.5 works fine
  7. Hi Angel Thanks for the update. I think there may be a problem with the colliders on the new buckboard? Once placed it cannot be moved or the tweakables menu selected (at least on my testing session). I can supply images if you need.
  8. Hi Angel, I'm loving your mod. I really like your vision for the game and agree with your dev comments in your wiki that once you've set up a base things can get a bit boring. The options you've included in Pathfinder go some way to giving you more reason to set up a base in the first place However, I keep running into a problem when I get to the stage to actually use EPL. I've tested this extensively on this version of pathfinder and the previous one and both current versions of EL and keep getting an error in the window that shows the pad I am intending to build at as you can see in the image...