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  1. I was dubious about installing a mod like Dangit, but THIS mod I really like the look of, because it adds in some interesting strategy options: I've just unlocked a new engine which is better, but not yet reliable, so do I risk the unreliability, or invest the time and money in testing it to make it more reliable, or do I stick with my older, less-advanced, but more reliable engines? In short, do I go the NASA route, or the Soviet route? And having that choice is GLORIOUS! Idea for you, in case nobody else has mentioned it (not gonna check through eleven pages!): Make the repair function have
  2. Why not set science/funds/reputation rewards low, but give yourself extra initial funds, to avoid the grind trap needed to upgrade the launchpad at the start?
  3. Not a problem, then. It only really makes a difference in the early game anyway. Looking forward to giving this a try!
  4. In career mode at the moment, you're limited to how many parts you can have by the upgrade level of your hangar/VAB. So if this mod allows you to build large wings with a single part, instead of the multi parts you'd need with the standard wing parts, it cheats the limit a bit. Is that the case? And is there any way around that?
  5. How nicely does this mod play with the part count limit in the hangar/vab in career mode? Does each wing counts as one part or, preferably, does it scale the part cost in relation to the size/complexity of the wing?
  6. Just did a test: on day 60 I fired Bob and hired Mitney and Macmal, then fast-forwarded until pay day. Bob got his full pay (1065). Mitney and Macmal weren't in the list. I fast-forwarded again to the next pay period: it was still paying Bob, and not paying Mitney and Macmal. So, something's not quite right.
  7. Just a thought about how salaries are calculated: does it do a regular (daily?) check on the Kerbals in your roster, then pay them pro-rata when the payday comes up? Or does it check their status once when the payday arrives and pays them for the quarter? If the later, is there a loophole where you could fire your kerbals just before payday and rehire them after? If there's no easy work-around, what about making their pay get calculated and deducted weekly, or even daily, with an option to toggle on or off the payment notification message? I think I like the idea of them having daily pay. Seem
  8. Given it another test. New button looks lovely! The wages are working again. It still doesn't correctly recognise their mission status: if I send Jeb on one mission and then recover him, the next wage alert will have paid him double for the entire period and will show him as "on mission" when he isn't.
  9. Johnsonwax, as you say: you'd need to run shorter missions whilst waiting for the long ones to complete, which is my hope for this mod. It means that long missions ARE long, in gameplay terms...rather than just exactly the same as short missions, but with more fast forwarding. You wouldn't be able to just fast-forward and get the instant science payoff. You'd have to wait for it, as rightly you should. Balancing things so that you're never crippled will be important. Johnqevil's already included a menu that lets you set the wage levels, so that's good.
  10. Thing is, you can do that kind of thing with loans in real life...so it is a viable tactic, but one that will come back to bite you in the long run. Maybe have it so that taking out any loan incurs a reputation penalty (which makes sense: makes you look like you're financially suffering). And the bigger the loan, the bigger the hit. So you could use that tactic...but it'll come with a cost. And, of course, if you're dinging your reputation every time you take out a bigger and bigger loan, you'll soon not have enough reputation left to take out any more loans. It'd be a natural cap to that kind
  11. Can the mod "see" the status of the various buildings? If so, why not tie the number of current loans you're allowed to have to the level of the admin facility? Level one = 1 loan. Level 2 = 3 loans, and so on. If the building gets destroyed, you're still stuck paying off your existing loans, but can't get any new ones. I would take out the option to make additional loan payments: make loans a fixed thing with fixed repayment schedules. That way, you have to plan around them, and taking one out is not an easy decision.
  12. Given it a test. Loans work nicely, as does the menu. Only allows one loan at a time, though: I assume the ability to have multiple loans at the same time will come later? The salaries aren't paying correctly, however: paying 0 for all Kerbals.
  13. Latest test result: the button shows now, but still doesn't seem to do anything when clicked. The other functions appear to work as before.
  14. Is it possible to turn off the warnings about parachute deployment not being safe?
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