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  1. @ShotgunNinja i'd like to add this heat management, so the radiators have a much life-like use. Is your procedure still valid for your current version (latest beta for now) ?
  2. thanks you two @Stone Blue : that should work with SSRSS if it has the same gps coordinates as RSS (longitude and latitude) @Kotagi : i don't know if we can get data from parts, such as realfuel. too bad i don't know C#. your cockpit reminds me of spacex's :
  3. hello guys i made a modification to your map.html, so it displays Earth in 3D (you have to play with RSS). I use Arcgis API instead of leaftlet. you can download map.html and pod.png from this page : I plan to add some D3 graphs, to display altitude, etc...
  4. thank you all, TAC indeed does the job I'll try protractor too, i'm curious
  5. a little window or HUD (like KER) that shows the next launch window to planets or moons (a customizable list to only show Mars, Saturn, Titan...), so i don't miss my contracts deadline
  6. hey, thanks for bumping this mod, i didn't know it exists. concerning the EVA, is there a way to gain science points according to the time spent in space ?
  7. i thought that would inspire you as a side project : along with that soviet style design
  8. Nice story and slick designs ! ce programme est vraiment passionnant
  9. hey, for some reasons, the KVD-1/CE-7.5 Vacuum Engine [2.5 m], keeps its fairing, in the VAB and after staged. any clue what's going on ?
  10. glad someone continued this project good luck to you
  11. ok, i found it on the wiki
  12. I'm looking for a page with the altitude of biomes ( fly low, fly high, space low, space high...) of every planets
  13. A design i like : - 1 pod - 1 real chute cone - procédural decoupler - procédural tank (cryo) - 1 engine (dont remember the name, has 5 ignitions) - procédural découpler - procédural tank - 1 Merlin engins - 3x latéral découpler - 3x procédural tank - 3x Merlin engine A rule i follow : Looking at mechjeb delta-v, make sure stage 0 has 1.20 on SLT, and the other stages 1.0 or 0.98 on TWR