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  1. Hi - I have installed KSP again after....over a year and I am still a bit rusty with the mod quirks. I was already in the middle of a career game and remembered I never reached all planets of OPM, so I was happy to see @Poodmund made a new version, many thanks for that I would love to use it in conjunction with the Spectra visual overhaul mod that I already use. Does anyone already have a ready to use OPM EVE config that works with Spectra, that I can shamelessly steal? Thanks
  2. Works fine for me with both installed. Most likely culprits are things like B9 Partswitch, tweakscale or Interstellar Fuelswitch.
  3. Hi folks. I decided to use New Horizons the first time for my new playthrough - What is the recommended CommNet setup in the difficulty settings for this?
  4. Wow, this is a nice one @allista - tested it and love it. Thanks
  5. Thanks, just a quick fyi, you forgot to change the download link to the 1.0.2 zip :-)
  6. @Nils277, good news, on the stock copy with the modified KRnD and KPBS only, the exceptions are gone and KRnD works normally now. @-MM- on my regular copy with *all* the mods I keep getting a broken KRnD, so I guess I need to keep digging what else is conflicting.
  7. @Nils277 @-MM- - I have to clarify my posting a bit. I did not have an EVA problem, I also do not personally use TAC LS, I originally started an existing save after updating a few mods and got spammed by exceptions when I entered the VAB. Every single part I had installed was listed with the before mentioned error message and KRnD could not be applied to *anything* anymore. Then I made a copy of stock KSP, using only stock Squad folder, Modulemanager 1.7.4 and KRnD and tested mod after mod in the order of the last updated ones (obviously also always deleting mm cache and parts database and then starting a new career game for testing) until I found the one that caused the exceptions in conjunction with KRnD. So the only mods installed before I verified and posted the error here where KRnD and modulemanager 1.7.4 and Planetary Base Systems(+CCK). I will test the new version now on my test copy and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks
  8. I am getting the exact same error (no original-stats for part 'xxx' (xxx=seemingly all the installed and qualified parts are being reported with this into the log) at KRnD.KRnD.updatePart (.Part part, KRnD.KRnDUpgrade upgradesToApply) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0) now with the current version of "Kerbal Planetary Base Systems". Only fix I found is to remove Base Systems. I spent some time looking through the files and tried to blacklist things, but nothing worked. I have no idea what @Nils277 changed that could cause this
  9. Hello @Waz, would you consider renaming the EVE release files with a version numbering, so we don't have to compare download date on the last downloaded mod file with the current release date on github everytime? Obviously a convenience request, the mod works fine anyway Thank you for keeping this alive