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  1. What a great mod idea, I just came back to play KSP with 1.10 and was grabbing my usual mods and noticed this new (to me) gem ! Thank you @allista
  2. I had some time to test it, It seemingly works fine in 1.8 - things I noticed is that I could not get the right click menu on some US2 items in the VAB once, it worked again after a game restart. I have no idea what broke, it might be something elses fault. It has not happened since either. I could also not tell if only truly the US2 parts were affected, because I obv. did not test every other part in the game, but I only saw it with them. One of the parts in conjunction with TacLS - I think it was the water purifier - gave no reaction to right click at all, not even a tooltip in the part
  3. Drag and Drop is so Kerbal in itself, especially the dropping part! But seriously - Love it! Thank you, @IgorZ
  4. Nah sorry, I did not. I should have known I was doing something wrong when everything worked.
  5. Dunno what you guys are talking about, but I downloaded this as v 0.61 and it worked out of the box - that or I have a mild stroke and just perceive things that are not there.
  6. Thank you for updating. The last release I see on the github repo is from April 2018 though, did you change your download host for this update perhaps? Edit: Ah forget it - Github sorted the latest release by name, not by date - its the second entry :-) Thank you
  7. Hi - I have installed KSP again after....over a year and I am still a bit rusty with the mod quirks. I was already in the middle of a career game and remembered I never reached all planets of OPM, so I was happy to see @Poodmund made a new version, many thanks for that I would love to use it in conjunction with the Spectra visual overhaul mod that I already use. Does anyone already have a ready to use OPM EVE config that works with Spectra, that I can shamelessly steal? Thanks
  8. Works fine for me with both installed. Most likely culprits are things like B9 Partswitch, tweakscale or Interstellar Fuelswitch.
  9. Hi folks. I decided to use New Horizons the first time for my new playthrough - What is the recommended CommNet setup in the difficulty settings for this?
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