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  1. I think the biomes on Edas might be a bit screwed up, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or something with my install. I tried deleting Cache/Edas.bin, but nothing changed after it was regenerated. Edit for two more Edas oddities: While in map view, the Ap marker for the orbit never appears, despite being in a stable orbit. Orbital surveying also seems to be busted. Whenever I try to perform an orbital survey with the scanner, it tells me I need to be in a stable polar orbit between 25km and 4km (with the range in that order, higher value first). However, I can't seem to meet
  2. The RCS blocks really do fit so many niches I come across when building things, so much so that after my recent fresh install of KSP, this mod become one of my first after I once again succumbed to the addictive allure of not staying stock. Another thank you for the great mod.
  3. Nope. I went from it working in 1.50, to upgrading to 1.52.1, and this started happening. I also installed the Stock Bug Fix dll pack at the same time, but I tried disabling the only parachute related dll already and the same thing is still happening.
  4. Just chiming in to say I've been experiencing the rescaled parts bug too. It's happening to parts that are NOT the root part, for me specifically with parachutes. For my booster stages, for example, instead of having 30 parachutes, I'd instead set four parachutes scaled to 2x or 2.5x to save on part number count. They show up scaled properly in the VAB, but as soon as I launch, they revert to their original size (visually, at least). I haven't tested to see if it is just a visual reversion, or if the scaled properties are getting reverted too. When I go back to the VAB, the parts are no longer
  5. I know the math is probably pretty complicated to implement for this, but is there a chance this mod will ever include the option to use the orbit of the current vessel to calculate the transfer windows? I've got a couple ships orbiting Kerbol that I'd love to have nice efficient transfer windows for, and the web app doesn't seem to work quite right with adding new bodies.
  6. Can someone let me know exactly how I'm supposed to format the date for "Time of periapsis passage" when adding a new vessel body, preferably with an example? I've tried every variation I can think of to match what the placeholder text says, but the Javascript console keeps reporting errors parsing the format and there's no validation information reported back whatsoever for what I'm doing wrong. Furthermore, is "time of periapsis passage" supposed to be just the time displayed for the next passing of the periapsis in the orbit screen, or am I supposed to add the time since game start as well?
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