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  1. Yes I did it. This mod is something that I need not only to design beautiful planes but for BDArmory Modular missiles
  2. Nope. I suggest to review all the commits of the last release to see if there is anything that could affect this. Most part of the code changes were done by @Eidahlil Or @SuicidalInsanity
  3. And new version for KSP 1.8.1! https://github.com/jrodrigv/PhysicsRangeExtender/releases/tag/1.17.0
  4. Hi all, I just did a new release of this awesome and must-have mod. You can download it from here: https://github.com/jrodrigv/ProceduralParts/releases/tag/v1.3.20 I have also done a Pull Request to the latest KSP-RO fork. Enjoy!
  5. Hi all, I have done a new release of this awesome mod for KSP 1.8.1. You can download it from here: https://github.com/jrodrigv/B9-PWings-Fork/releases/tag/V0.92 @Jebman82 I have done a PR too if you want to integrate it.
  6. When you mix KS3P with BDArmory, you get this
  7. Hi all, I just released a new version of BDArmory for KSP 1.8.1. You can download it from here: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases/tag/v1.3.2 or from CKAN as soon as it is indexed. Changelog Special thanks to: @SuicidalInsanity , @Eidahlil and @HebaruSan for their contributions. I'd like also to remark that there is an annoying issue in KSP since 1.7.x regarding sounds that it is affecting BDArmory. Every sound from every vessel will not fade with distance that means that you will be hearing all the engines from all your vessels at the same time! (not only the engines but every single part emitting sound) I have opened a bug in the squad bug tracker, It would be great if you could upvote these two bugs: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23445 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23302 Finally, I'd to announce that this mod will enter in the Basic Maintenance mode for me. That means that I don't have plans to implement nothing new. Of course I will review and release new features, enhancements or fixes implemented by other contributors or even hand over the development to other developers with enough motivation. On the other hand I have plans to continue working a BDAMultiplayer for LMP and eventually to provide a BDAMultiplayer version that works for both single player and multiplayer, thus making obsolete the current BDArmory.
  8. Hi @clusta @Tidal Stream, I'd like to know if any of you is working a new version for KSP 1.8.X? I have seen @clusta you might be the one working lately on fixing bugs for this awesome mod here: https://github.com/c1usta/ProceduralParts/commits/patch If nobody is working on a new release for KSP 1.8.1 I'll create a fork in order to release it for KSP 1.8.1 (which is mandatory for my BDArmory modular missile parts)
  9. Stay tuned, the new release for KSP 1.8.1 will be out very very soon...
  10. I think the previous one should be Hi all, I just released a new version of CameraTools for KSP 1.8.0! You can download it from here or using CKAN https://github.com/jrodrigv/CameraTools/releases/tag/v1.13.0
  11. Hi all, I just released a new version for KSP 1.8 (thanks for @Alioth81 for his PR). Enjoy! https://github.com/jrodrigv/DestructionEffects/releases/tag/v1.11.0
  12. I will do a new release for KSP 1.8 very soon. Including the fixes
  13. You can use a mmpatch override the hp value for a part . I think inside BDArmory installation there are some examples of patches.
  14. Thanks @clusta and @The White Guardian This mod has become a must for the community and it is great to see more developers contributing. Very excited to see how it evolves
  15. I think I actually added all shaders, assets, etc in my fork. https://github.com/jrodrigv/KS3P/tree/master/Shaders
  16. Hi all, I'm glad to announce that a new release of VesselMover is ready for KSP 1.8.0! Moreover the issue regarding the robotic arms causing infinite flying off has been fixed You can download this new version from here or CKAN (when indexed) https://github.com/jrodrigv/VesselMover/releases/tag/v1.8.0
  17. You need KSP 1.6.1. yes or yes. And every single dependency should be the released version for KSP 1.6.1 You should review your logs because I'm pretty sure you have dozens of exceptions causing the behaviour. The root cause might be related with some mods installed were compiled for KSP 1.7.x
  18. It is a just a line with a shader material using a bullet texture. It is like a 2d sprite lol. And Yes, of course there is room for improvement
  19. Hey Doc. I think it would be useful if you can apply the refactor directly into a BDArmory branch so we can just go and test it. That way it should be easy to evaluate the accuracy of the new approach. Thanks!
  20. Hi all, I have released a new version ready for KSP 1.8.0. Enjoy! https://github.com/jrodrigv/PhysicsRangeExtender/releases/tag/1.16.0
  21. No, please check the GitHub page to find which release is for KSP 1.2.2