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  1. The End (Stars Always Seem to Fade) - by The Warning https://youtu.be/FK7pLOWEYJU?si=bW2Gmd2fgsR7_IGk
  2. Well... sadly there's history of that, SQUAD promised multiplayer for KSP1... I could be wrong, but I don't recall it ever being 'promised'. The most I remember were comments stating that they are 'thinking' about it and 'would like' to do it . The only 'promises' seemed to be in the heads of those that didn't want to understand what was actually said. Edit. It would seem I didn't get my quote from the initial post it was in.
  3. Being outraged is easy. How many would be prepared to pay (probably more than they paid for the game) for some legal action that has next to no chance of success?
  4. Not going to disagree with you on any of that. A small sliver of possibility that a 'rescue package' of some sort is in the pipeline, but I do tend to think it's over and done, perhaps with a final update to wrap it up, if one was nearly ready to go.
  5. I don't disagree with your sentiments at all, I've been affected myself a few times. But, the other side of the coin is that the 'top executives' do have a responsibility to the business as a whole. To protect 'profit' yes, but doing so also protects many other employees jobs by ensuring that the company doesn't throw money away needlessly and can stay in business. If areas are inefficient then they should take measures to correct it, it would be negligent to not do so. and sometimes it requires big changes. In all cases like that it is a difficult time for all the staff, some or all may be let go immediately, some may be offered other roles and/or relocation, and of those not all will be able to accept, even if they want to, for various reasons. Yeah, it sucks. And yes, big corporations will have more financial 'wiggle room' than a local family business. But just blaming 'corporate greed' is a bit unfair, without knowing all the facts.
  6. By 'higher ups' who do you mean? It is of course possible that Nate and others at his level knew offically, or suspected that changes were coming. And they would not be able to mention it publicly or to staff even if so. There is also a chance that they were only informed at the same time, or only shortly before, everyone else - like hours, or days at most.
  7. Yes, though one difference is that ST were a contractor, and IG are a subsidiary. Which could mean differences in what they can and cannot do and say as it affects their own direct employees, and they may well need to have had individual discussions with each before they can make public comments. And, we don't know what talks went on behind the scenes before the actual ST closure announcement. As far as I know they haven't actually said that it is dead, and there do seem to be hints of a continuation. Not saying I think you are wrong, or clinging on to hope (actually I have very little), just considering possibilities. It would seem logical that there is a reason for the lack of an official statement after these few days. If it was done, dusted and closed and all staff taken off the project (even if reallocated to other games) then a simple "Sorry everybody, but we can confirm that development on KSP2 has permanently stopped" type statement would have been made.
  8. That is unless they didn't actually fire everyone, just told them they were closing the office and everyone is at risk, even if they know who they want to keep there could be legal reasons for that approach. Or perhaps they re-hired those on the team they wanted to keep (possibly with re-negoiated contracts). I wouldn't be too surprised if they do announce officially that work is continuing that there are several familiar faces present. This doesn't rule out complete closure of course, but it is a possibility.
  9. From personal experience. Albeit in UK, but it would seem a similar process is happening here. The WARN notice in itself doesn't necessarily mean everyone is out of a job, end of... Depending on the exact wording of course ... It is informing everyone simultaneously and equally that they may be at risk. Sure if it is complete closure with nobody retained then it may well state that. But typically each individual will then be spoken to with offers of new placements and/or severance terms etc. as appropriate. This is fairly standard where a company want to restructure or relocate parts of the business. So it doesn't necessarily mean development will stop. Among other things it could mean.... A significant reduction of staff, with the remainder carrying on as before. And/or a relocation/reshuffle with development continuing under a new 'studio' potentially in a different location. I doesn't in any way rule out a complete cancellation, but it doesn't mean it's a certainty either. Whatever is happening, it is a time of uncertainty and confusion for the staff affected, and 'official public announcements' are out of place (and possible illegal) until all staff have some clarity on where they stand.
  10. Well that twitter (X ) post is cause for some optimism, with a very large helping of 'prepare for bad news and don't get any hopes up'. It's very likely that they can't give any details for legal reasons until all personnel affected have clarity on their own situations. And it would be 'bad form' to do so anyway. And, if they are planning on continuing in some way, the details are possibly still in some sort of flux until all staff being retained/reshuffled have accepted their respective positions anyway.
  11. Do I regret buying KSP2 as soon as it was out? No. I knew I was taking a chance, and I have had quite a lot of hours fun with it, so I think I got value for money in that regard. Yes, I had some 'faith' that it would be in a far better state on release than it turned out to be, and that it would be much better by now, but so be it. I'm disappointed by how it's progressed and haven't played in a long time due to bugs and the lack of some essential 'tools' (Alarm clock, Mission planner etc) that really should have been added before now. I'm not overly surprised at the current situation Progress and quality have been very disappointing, with no hard evidence of things improving much in the near future. If I were investing sigficant funds into it then I'd probably decide it was time to avoud future losses and stop too. It's unfair IMO to pin it all on Nate, sure he takes some responsibility, but he's not the only one on the 'director' team that failed to deliver, he just happened to be the most visible of the 'responsible' ones. My thoughts and best wishes go to the whole team, but especially the dedicated, hard working programmers and artists that are unfortunate 'casualties' in all this. I hope your skills and efforts were noticed, and that you can get put onto other projects or find new jobs if KSP2 is no longer an option for you. This thing you created was, and still is amazing, despite it's many failings. Thanks to you all.
  12. My thoughts on this... It would appear definite that changes are happening, exactly what they are is, for us at least, currently unknown. It could be complete a shut down. It could be a restructuring and downsizing, with the team relocating, but development continues in some way. We will find out in due course. The WARN notice seems to be very similar to what I experienced in the UK where all affected employees get notified simultaneously and put on 'consultation', even those whose jobs are safe still get the same, brutal, information at the same time. Then those that are being kept on or moved around are informed and offered new positions etc. And the unfortunate ones are let go. That, I think, is the stage we are at now. TT knows what it wants to do, but the affected staff will find out, possibly individually, how they will be affected in the coming days. It is a time of great uncertainty for everyone there and they all have my best wishes.
  13. I built a plane with the lander can as a 'cockpit' and flew there. Added chutes to avoid needing a flat runway area. Not at all pretty, but functional, and a lot easier than trying to hit it from orbit, and no reentry heat to worry about either.
  14. I'm not against adding things to the Kerbol system, but I don't think it would add a lot gameplay wise overall. Maybe a Pluto - Charon type binary system as a 'practice ground' for Rask and Rusk would work. Asteroids and comets would be good, of course, and maybe a couple of new small rocky moons. But I'd rather they flesh out the existing bodies with more places of interest than just adding more planets.
  15. Try using the square bracket keys to cycle through controlling nearby vessels. (At least I think it's square brackets, not able to try it and verify atm)
  16. I'm of the opinion that LS is too critical an aspect of space flight to just ignore. I think it should be represented in some way. Probably two 'resources' - Air and Food (which includes water), or perhaps have water as a specific third resource. But with toggleable effects - None, Death, and Hibernation as the default.
  17. These are essential tools IMO. Not so bad at the moment given the overall state of the game, but once For Science drops not having a stock implementation fir these is a serious oversight.
  18. I think, rather than all anomalies/discoverables detectable by orbital scanning it could be nice to have a mixture. Some could emit detectable 'signals' such as heat, radiation, gravity spike's etc, that orbital scanners might pick up. Others would just be big enough to be visible from low orbit or if you get within a few km. And some maybe give off weak signals that may help you 'home in' if you are close enough.
  19. No doubt there will be a mod for it before too long. It doesn't feel as as it would fit in the 'standard' stock game/universe but it is something I'd like to see as an official DLC 'alternative' option.
  20. Yeah 'Cadet Orientation' is very confusing. How about... Cadet Mode (for first time players)
  21. Hmm . That could work as a toggled option. But the marker couldn't be too elaborate or the graphics performance would take a serious hit.
  22. Optional original UI? No, not a good idea. whatever one's feelings about the respective styles are, two completely different arrangements to maintain is just plain silly. Making the 'new' UI more customisable is much more practical. Colour options and individually scalable entites (both good for visually impaired) and some facility for repositioning some items etc.
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