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  1. It was an excellent idea doing these more detailed development articles.  

    It frees up the 'KSP weekly' for the also very welcome and worthwhile general overview and progress reports, but gives the opportunity for more in depth details that would be too much and out of scope for the weekly 'newsletter'. 

    Keep up the good work. 

  2. 39 minutes ago, mcirish3 said:

    Not true, only steam users will be able to do this, that is what all the hubbub is about.


    Though my point was that the 'option' to purchase on steam is open to anyone, so in that respect it is very much out in the public domain.

  3. Once the 'closed' experimentals has been completed and the 'open test' begins the game and it's features will effectively be available to anyone to view and play with should they so wish.  Does this mean that the 'veil of secrecy' will then be fully lifted and that squad will be posting reports, details and images etc and that those taking part in the test will also be free to talk about it and post on the forums?  This will also allow those of us not participating in the open test (by choice or otherwise) to at least join in to a degree and ask questions and raise any concerns or issues from, at least, a position of 'some' knowledge.

    I did read that a dedicated temporary forum/thread was to be created for the test, but will it be open to all or limited to those testing to communicate specifics about the test itself?

  4. 3 hours ago, KSP Bros said:

    ;.;;.;;.;;.; I bought it after. 

    I saw that renting out servers would cost a lot of money, so why couldn't Squad send e-mails to users to give them a window of time to download, not overloading the servers.

    Not a bad idea on the face of it, but how many of us would get windows at times we can't use them, because we are at work etc?

    How frustrating would that be?  It would be like telling a child they can have an ice cream next time the van comes down the street, then telling them it came while they were at school so they missed the chance, that's just building a tantrum factory :D

  5. 17 minutes ago, BrutalRIP said:

    having that option to would be nice.........yes

    all just feels like a kick in the teeth to the people that bought from the store

    I do get your point, I would have liked the option too.  But you seem to be taking it as if it's just a plan to give the steam users a huge bonus at everyone else's expense.

  6. 2 minutes ago, BrutalRIP said:

    Well maybe squad put a note on the ksp store saying "for the full ksp experience buy from steam" 

    If by the 'full ksp experience' you mean a potentially unplayable (in the normal way), buggy version that you have to update at at least daily to see if it's better than the one you tried yesterday then you may just have a point. :cool:

  7. If it were available for store purchasers then yes, I would most likely go for it, but I'd be under no illusions of it being just a chance to 'get it early'.   I'm a bit disappointed yes, as I would like to help and can't commit the time to volunteer as an official 'experimentalist',  but I'm realistic enough to know that not being on steam probably saved me quite a bit of hassle.

    Many of those preaching 'entitlement' will quite likely give up on it when they realise they can't 'just play it' as they would like and need to update every day to stay current even if they don't encounter bugs themselves.

    Squad will have a lot of 'filtering' to do, but having such a large number of testers will give them the best chance to see how it performs on a wide variety of different machines too.  Overall a good plan, I just hope the majority of 'testers' do just that and report well.

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