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  1. I just use numbers for all my 'name worthy' vessels... Saves me needing to even think about it. I do prefix with a two letter 'type' designation to help with identification though (SO = Station, Orbital etc). The only things I name properly are tracked Asteroids (first letter designates size class).
  2. Maybe one possibility is something on the lines of sending probes to gain gravitational and atmospheric info etc. This can then be used in the Dv tool in the VAB. Until probes are sent the Dv tool uses 'estimates' based on 'what the astronomer kerbals coukd work out' so will not provide fully accurate info,
  3. @Dman RevolutionAaahhh, sorry I misunderstood (as in didn't read it properly) your original point. You were talking specifically about the 'node' attachment, not the surface attachment. That would explain why I attached something and it worked (I stuck a girder into an asteroid, then attached a docking port to the end). I then did exactly the same thing in a different location and it wouldn't attach the docking port. Thought it was a bit odd, but assumed it was me.
  4. That's my experience too. I agree 'sunrise' should be 'just appearing over the horizon', not 'nearly mid morning'.
  5. I've had my current PC a few years now, still going fine, but obviously 'old tech'. I just added a load more RAM (now 24GB) to help it along. I will look at upgrading after KSP2 comes out and i can see what it needs. Will see how it runs on my current machine anyway initially, but I will be well ready to upgrade by then if I can. Just need to start saving.
  6. I don't think more dedicated LESs are needed. Ejector seats would be a nice option for some capsule/cabin styles though. Better to just include the bits so you can make your own LES to fit your particular needs. Decouplers and seppatrons work fine, and slightly larger SRBs are always an option for extra 'welly' if you need it.
  7. I've used it quite a bit, and to me it seems linked to how far 'stuff is from the kerbal. As I move along the vessel (in 'construction ' mode) things glow green when I get close and fade out as I move further away.
  8. For me, the physical sizes do make sense from a design aspect... They are big enough to feel like planets, and time to reach orbit is relatively short, so speeds up play. Larger planets have much more surface area, so to get the same detail level all over is much more work. I think if the original had them twice the size they currently are it may feel better and more 'real', but it's not a big issue for me. I would prefer longer days though, 6 hours for a Kerbin day just feels too short. 12 hours would make more sense IMHO, it's not as if the planets' sizes, and gravities
  9. @Ujjiban Bhattacharjee. Welcome to KSP and the forums. We've all done obvious mistakes like that, and still do, but the crew survived so a good result all the same. Success is a great feeling, but failure can teach us more.
  10. I imagine that a repair kit is primarily consumables - a roll of sticky tape, tube of glue, etc. rather than a toolkit. So using them up is logical from that angle. I play sandbox, and do quite like it, but a 'settings' option to either turn off the requirement or give 'infinite repair kits', and a 'cheat menu' option to 'repair without kit' would make perfect sense though.
  11. I always take rovers for just this reason. also I know my landing accuracy is not great, so the chances of me only having a 5 minute walk are slim at best. I'm not saying the 'new functionality' is perfect, but for the most part I think it's pretty good. The problems for me stem from unfamiliarity and just getting used to having it.
  12. My earlier post^ Been thinking about this... KSP is different to many games in that we have been playing 'the same game' for years, yet we have had many updates and additions in that time. It has evolved a lot so is not actually the same game as it was 'way back when...' It is in practice many new 'releases', but served to us as free updates, so it feels like the same game Take say CoD or FIFA as examples. Each new 'release' is a new purchase, so even though it is often essentially the same as last year's but with a few changes (such as new maps/teams/players, or a different
  13. No disrespect to you or your fine and dedicated coworkers, but last I checked, my paycheck isn't signed by a multinational software developer, so I politely decline to do free work for them. Nobody is asking you to fix it, just report it properly so as to bring it to the attention of those who are are paid to fix it. Many bugs and glitches can be very obscure and may only happen when a specific set of events occurs. If you discover one, and can provide these details it can help enormously. Yes it can sometimes take time to do it effectively, but without that information the '
  14. Is anyone else finding they load up with all sorts of extra 'stuff' in the cargo containers 'just in case it comes in handy'? Then before you realise it you've added 500kg mass. A bit like my wife packing shoes and stuff to go on holiday, it's not so much a baggage limit, more of a 'challenge'.
  15. Recently I have been doing more rendezvous type flights, and find that a larger scale Navball helps visually and with accuracy lining things up. But generally I prefer it smaller so it take up less space. I am using the 'Navball Scale' setting to re-size it as I need, and it is fairly accessible in play via the Esc key menu. However a simple extra tab on the Navball to toggle a second size option, which could be set in the options (and maybe default to 125%) would be a handy way to have a small 'always visible' Navball on screen, and then just toggle the large one when you need to i
  16. If not Kerbals, as we know them, then another 'spacefaring species' would be needed. Humans would work fine of course, but that would lack the 'charm' and feel like the game should be more 'historically' accurate in it's setting and style, rather than 'influenced by it' as it is now. Nothing at all wrong with that, and I can see the appeal, but as it is there is a design freedom that comes with the 'fantasy' setting.
  17. I was 8 then, (born just 2 days after JFK's speech). I think I may have watched the landing live, but not the 'first step' (UK time). The whole 'space thing' and the Apollo programme in particular really grabbed my attention at that age. Which is, I guess, why KSP appeals so much.
  18. Interesting, I haven't actually tried it yet, but I just assumed it would work, Kerbals in command seats are on EVA after all. I have put command seats in strategic places on one of my ships for just this purpose. I think a slight re-design is in order. Maybe the 'logic' is that if strapped in a seat they aren't mobile enough to move stuff around.
  19. Could you launch a small probe with a jet pack stowed on it, use Alt F12 to 'rendezvous ' with him and he can grab the jetpack? You can then delete the probe. A bit 'cheaty'maybe, but not a lot different to quickloading after a bug glitch.
  20. Fair point, though as I play sandbox with XP off it doesn't affect me. If it did I would plant flags for the XP and deploy science anyway. Then possibly take the flags down. Having to watch a flag roll all the way down a mountain and come to a halt before I can switch to another vessel is a little frustrating.
  21. Flags falling over is one of those old bugs that keeps coming back. It's been happening in various releases for years. I stopped planting flags seriously ages ago for this reason. Now I use the science experiments to 'mark' where I've been.
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