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  1. Nice. Will the work lamps count towards the 'flight count'? Or will they be treated as flags are, but without the 'name plate' option? And, will/can they show a 'label' at a distance in the same way as flags and other parts do? Enabling them to be used as beacons.
  2. That is of course 'Northern Hemisphere' autumn/fall which is basically late Oct to Dec. So sometime 'before Christmas' would be a fair estimate based on what they have stated.
  3. Have patience. Most likely this is just the first of several 'reveals' of new stuff in 1.11. My guess is that all of Jool's moons will get a revamp this time as all the other bodies have been done over the last two or three updates. There will quite likely be some other additions too, such as part revamps, and maybe a few new parts connected to other gameplay tweaks and additions. As well as numerous bug fixes (and potentially a few new bugs too, but that's just the nature of software development)
  4. Basically yes. Move your cursor over the icon and wait a second or so, it will sort of 'reset' it so that it works again. You can then use your mouse normally. You will then need to click windows to activate the transfer in the usual way. It is a bit inconvenient, but it works.
  5. Try hovering the mouse over the resources tab (top right). Not a 'fix', but quick and easy work around for now.
  6. No option for 'It would be cool, and I may think about getting VR hardware at some point'.
  7. Interesting idea, could add some extra dimensions to mission planning. I doubt it will become a feature though, but definitely needs a toggle if so.
  8. I've encountered this a couple of times now and I wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar... First time, I was landing on Dres and the lander 'sunk' into the ground quite a lot on landing, but I just put it down to a surface/graphic glitch. Then when I detached the rover it behaved as if it had no traction, the wheels went round, but the rover did not move. So I EVA'd the crew who then promptly exploded on contact with the ground. Then, after doing other stuff for a while, the issue resolved itself, the lander jumped up and settled on the surface properly and the rover
  9. Sometimes it can be really hard to pinpoint what causes a given bug. Even when the actual fix may be really simple, if you can't find the cause you can't fix it. Also the fuel transfer bug has a really easy work around that makes it more of a minor inconvenience (check out the thread on that) so its not a big deal if they don't release a patch for it.
  10. How would giving one free to owners of the other encourage us to buy both? As a long standing owner of KSP I don't feel any entitlement to a discount or freebie. If they do I'll take it, but I honestly hope they don't offer.
  11. This MH 'debate' bewilders me a bit. Yes I like the fact that KSP has a grounding in reality, but for it to expand to include interstellar travel several 'stretches' of what's currently possible for us have to be accepted. I don't personally think it matters that we humans haven't solved the problems that prevent MH working yet, or even if it will ever be practical or possible for us to do so. For gameplay reasons why can't we just accept that the kerbals managed to do it somehow? Presumably the devs needed something to 'fill that niche' so, rather than inventing a purely fantasy "
  12. Yes, i saw this tip elswhere on the forums, but can't remember who from though. Just moving the cursor over the tabs in the top right 'resets' it so you can transfer again. My original 'fix' was to switch vessels, but this is much easier.
  13. I doubt very much that a specific 'suggestions' section would make any diffence at this time. The KSP2 devs do have a 'presence' here, and it has been mentioned that they do keep an eye on the forums, and they do see the discussions, concerns and suggestions anyway. Whether they can, or want to, act on any of the ideas presented that they haven't already thought of is down to them.
  14. I don't quicksave at all, mainly because I just plain forget, so any mistakes I just have to live with, but I prefer it that way really to be honest, I can't just pretend I didn't screw up. My 'body count' is higher than I would like as a result, though I do always try my best to save crews, but no longer get too upset when I can't... space is hard (well, I suppose technically space is empty, so very soft, but the big rocky bits floating about in it tend to be so somewhat less forgiving. And besides, cocking up leads to more 'fun adventures' such as 'off roading' for several real life
  15. I voted no. There are several KSP1 mods that I would like stock 'versions' of, or features from them, in stock KSP2, but to just take 'mod x' and copy it into stock is not the right approach IMO. I think any stock implementation of features that any given mod has would be done differently (whether it's better or not is very subjective and personal though).
  16. To me 'spoilers' in this context is releasing too much information/detail too soon or, in some cases before release. For example, I don't want to know what all the special anomalies are, but vague details like 'All planets will have one or more' and images of one or two as examples, without necessarily telling me where they are, would be fine. We have images of some of the new planets, and new versions of the 'old' ones, but not so much as to leave all surprises off the table. When it comes to detail as to how the game 'works' like the 'progression mode' or the VAB interface the
  17. Basically it is what works for what you are trying to do. I mostly use Root or Grandparent, but like most things, there is no 'best', just most suitable for the current situation.
  18. @Neil Kermstrong First... To help stop it flipping. Make sure your Center of Mass is near the top (pointy end) and your Centre of Drag is nearer the bottom (hot end). You can also add fins at the bottom to help too. Basically copy a dart, heavy bit at the front, fins at the back. Even without fins the dart will still fly point first, your rocket is the same, fins will give it a bit more stability, but you won't always need them, and they add drag too. Second... To help with wobbly rockets. If you haven't done it already, switch on 'Advanced Tweakables' in the main menu game setting
  19. I didn't know that. Thanks @Singhnaut, but don't you mean Gene Kranz? He is the fight director famous for his waistcoat. Gene Cernan was the astronaut.
  20. Gene would be my choice. That cool waistcoat just has to be a big hit with the ladies.
  21. I do this every update... just open the 'saves' folder on the old version select the saves I want and copy/paste them into the 'saves' fokder on the new install. I hang on to earlier installs, for a while at least, so if I do forget something I can always copy it across.
  22. This is one if the biggest barriers in KSP, for new players espicially, IMHO... There is a serious lack of documentation and explanations for a lot of the stuff on there. The KSPedia is a great resource, but it really needs expanding a lot to cover things like advanced tweakables and game settings etc.
  23. With respect, that argument could be applied to virtually anything... My take on it is if the devs think a given feature will be useful and/or popular then it makes perfect sense for them to build it in (multiplayer for example). An approach I personally much prefer over installing mods, no update compatibility issues for one reason. However, that doesn't, and shouldn't, stop modders from doing their own versions and approaching things from different angles, or adding 'enhancements' they feel are lacking in stock.
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