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  1. I don't know for sure, but I always assumed wing were symmetrical in cross section (i.e. no up or down side).
  2. Well for me personally it's a definite #1 atm and has been for ages. Though not a big gamer I've hardly played any other game since getting it (v.18.3) and can happily spend hours at it. Overall I can't say as it's very subjective but voted top 20 as it feel about right.
  3. To me it makes sense to have tanks in the editor as empty shells to save on part types. When you click on a tank to select it you get a 'select fuel type' pop up windows which then permanently configures the tank and applies the relevant colour bands to the texture.
  4. Well Max did say 'if all goes well' or words to that effect, so no promises broken. 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 were necessary quick responses to fix critical issues immediately after release and before they went off for a pre planned break. With 1.0.3 they can, and should, take the opportunity to look at what balances etc they are changing and check it is working as they want. A few extra days wait for us is no big deal.
  5. AFAIK it should work in stock unless the 'rules' have changed. Unless I am just wrong, it has been known on occasion:) Edit. Ninja'd
  6. Hi Zeke. And welcome to KSC. I don't know details, but autopilots are certainly used in real life. Especially to help with ascents etc. Do what feels best or right for you. What matters is your enjoyment. I would recommend learning to do stuff manually anyway sooner or later as it helps with your understanding. personally I don't use mechjeb as I prefer to do it all manually. And yes it is hard to learn (rendezvous and docking is particularly challenging at first), but it feels great when you do it for the first time and it gets easier with practice.
  7. I agree the whole xp system needs an overhaul and I think the OP addressed the issue well. An idea for pilots. . In RL probes suffer from signal time delay due to distance. This isn't practical in game, but could be simulated (sort of) by reducing the effectiveness and / or torque of probe control and SAS relative to distance from KSC. So at Jool say a probe would be very hard to steer. A Pilot on board would suffer no penalty. Another possibility with this is to assign a pilot to a probe and use the distance from the pilot to the probe to determine the effect amount. So a pilot in
  8. I was thinking exactly the same thing earlier today. Though for me to want to wear it at work instead of the 'standard issue' I would want something fairly subtle with more emphasis on the logo than a big smiley Jeb every few centimetres. If the price was right I'd go for it.
  9. KSP? Fun? Oooohhhhh yeeaahhh! Well it is to me anyway... Like most I struggle a bit learning all the new stuff, but it's better for being a bit more realistic IMO. One thing springs to mind here. In RL they spend years and millions of funds designing and doing computer simulations on rockets and planes before they even think about slapping a booster on it and lighting the fire. And we expect to do it in an hour? Then can't understand why it doesn't work how we want it to.
  10. pandaman


    Like you I'm running a less than ideal pc (desktop in my case). I haven't noticed an obvious framerate difference since 1.0.0, but loading times are a shade faster. Edit... @ OP. You may get a better and more useful response if you say in the title what you want help with. 'Help!' on it's own is a bit vague. Sorry I can't help you with computer specs. I'm hoping to find something out from this thread too.
  11. Sorry, my humour probably didn't come across in the written word very well. I actually think it's a great idea, I wish oprions like that were available in my school days. I think the potential for KSP to teach and encourage further research is huge if introduced to the right students, and I get the impression that yours probably are. Go for it, and good luck.
  12. Hmm. .. 'Trying to get them to read'... And your plan is to introduce them to the most addictive computer game in history
  13. It may be worth a look if anyone happens to be in the neighborhood. If it is was an asteroid then no-one else will find it anyway. I assume 109km was your altitude as objects tend not to show above 100 km away. Any idea how far away from you it was? Can you remember your inclination or roughly what area of the Mun you were over? Any idea whether it was in Mun orbit, or just passing by on its way to a party at KSC while you are away? If there is something there it will be pot luck if anyone finds it, but if we are in the right area then at least we have a chance.
  14. That was my conclusion too after the tests. Thanks for your assistance.
  15. Update 13.05.2015 Test results... It appears to occur when a claw is clipped into a probe core. On my tests I built several rovers with slight differences. Some had a girder clipping through the probe core which showed no noticeable difference to those where no clipping occured. On the rovers where the claw was clipped into the probe core (OKTO 2 in this case) the rovers all twitched on launch, this ranged from slight jiggling to complete flipping over, with no apparent pattern to how much. In all cases the twitching stopped on arming and/or disarming the claw, though some twitching occurred
  16. My 'trick' for this was to fit my exploration planes with radial parachutes. Fly low and slow close to your target and pop the chutes for a gentle vertical landing. Not tried this with the new aero yet though. You can then re pack the chutes before taking off for your next destination.
  17. Update I 'played' for a little while today and couldn't get it to replicate the issue... until I launched one particular rover... And your suggestion that it may be part clipping related does seem to be correct as that rover did have the claw clipped slightly. So I changed it and the issue did not reappear. So it would seem to indicate that clipping the claw can potentially cause a small problem. I'll experiment a little deeper over the next few days when i get time and update again with my findings. Cheers.
  18. That's a fair point, but if I understand it correctly, resources on planets and moons in stock don't deplete (but do on asteroids). So, if that's the case, it shouldn't be necessary to relocate a mining station . The trick is to set it up in the best place for your needs originally.
  19. I'm on the process of working out my mining and refining system too. My logic here, assuming you set up a 'permanent' mining station, is if you have a converter on the ground then all options remain open to you so you can do what you want, or feels best, for any given situation.
  20. I will give that a go, thanks. If i can get it to work a video will show it far better than stills can. I am currently running with just KER and KAC installed, I don't think they are affecting things, but you never know, will try both with and without these mods for comparison and report with as much information as I can. May take a few days, but I'll get on to it when I get chance. Cheers.
  21. Clipping could be a factor actually, as I think I did use the gizmos to adjust positions of stuff. I will take a look at it and try things to isolate the issue and report properly. Not sure how to get a video but screenshots should be no problem.
  22. Has anyone else noticed wacky stuff while using the claw in 1.0.2? I know there were reports of claw related bugs in earlier versions and I'm not sure if they were fixed or if this is the same or not. While experimenting with ways of using the resources system i made some simple tanker rovers - fuel tank on a beam, rover wheels, batteries, rtg, probe core and a claw to allow me to 'dock'. On launching the tanker to the runway it started skipping about like a happy puppy. Once the claw was activated it stopped, deactivating it again did not cause any issues and all seemed to work well thereaf
  23. Yeah I thought that too, but 'needs must' and all that. The ideal way would be to have 'filler caps' on your vessels that engineers could link up like the fuel pipes in the VAB, but that may be a tricky thing to pull off out of the editor environment.
  24. Okay , in essence not a new idea as many have been asking for stock 'refuelling hoses' for a while, but maybe this is one possible solution. As I understand it a decent looking hose that can be used to link things on the ground can be a bit tricky to get right, so how about a telescopic 'beam' that is radially attached. It would work like a cross between the mining drill and a claw. When an engineer activates it it extends out perpendicular to its mounting, it could look a bit like a multi segmented landing leg. Then if it contacts another object it attaches in the same way as a claw to
  25. Good idea Claw. As for me... I like the new aero and thermal stuff. The f10 thermometers on by default is a good idea, I compare it to having a warning panel on the dashboard. I have heard reports of it being linked to memory leaks, which is certainly feasible, though I haven't encountered any - YET. The new aero seems fine to me in general, I expect a few balance tweaks as things progress, but don't anticipate big changes. I like that it encourages what I am told are 'proper' ascent profiles, though I can't judge how realistic it is overall. That needs someone far better qualified than m
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