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  1. Basically it is what works for what you are trying to do. I mostly use Root or Grandparent, but like most things, there is no 'best', just most suitable for the current situation.
  2. @Neil Kermstrong First... To help stop it flipping. Make sure your Center of Mass is near the top (pointy end) and your Centre of Drag is nearer the bottom (hot end). You can also add fins at the bottom to help too. Basically copy a dart, heavy bit at the front, fins at the back. Even without fins the dart will still fly point first, your rocket is the same, fins will give it a bit more stability, but you won't always need them, and they add drag too. Second... To help with wobbly rockets. If you haven't done it already, switch on 'Advanced Tweakables' in the main menu game setting
  3. I didn't know that. Thanks @Singhnaut, but don't you mean Gene Kranz? He is the fight director famous for his waistcoat. Gene Cernan was the astronaut.
  4. Gene would be my choice. That cool waistcoat just has to be a big hit with the ladies.
  5. I do this every update... just open the 'saves' folder on the old version select the saves I want and copy/paste them into the 'saves' fokder on the new install. I hang on to earlier installs, for a while at least, so if I do forget something I can always copy it across.
  6. This is one if the biggest barriers in KSP, for new players espicially, IMHO... There is a serious lack of documentation and explanations for a lot of the stuff on there. The KSPedia is a great resource, but it really needs expanding a lot to cover things like advanced tweakables and game settings etc.
  7. With respect, that argument could be applied to virtually anything... My take on it is if the devs think a given feature will be useful and/or popular then it makes perfect sense for them to build it in (multiplayer for example). An approach I personally much prefer over installing mods, no update compatibility issues for one reason. However, that doesn't, and shouldn't, stop modders from doing their own versions and approaching things from different angles, or adding 'enhancements' they feel are lacking in stock.
  8. That's what it's all about. Carry on...
  9. As I understand it, the 'console' releases will still be subject to the same constraints as for KSP1. Which is that they need to be 'certified' by the console manufacturer before they can be released. This automatically introduces a delay between PC and console release which is out of the KSP devs control. And this is unrelated to any programming differences between the PC and console versions needed to make things work due to different control inputs etc. Which is one reason for the distinction between PC and Console versions. I hope I am wrong here, but basically, don't get your
  10. I doubt that Covid-19 will make any difference to that.
  11. For me the main ones are... Alarm clock. Transfer window planner. Docking alignment indicator.
  12. I can't think why it would not be possible to do. Given that KSP already 'bends the rules' a bit with planetary size, mass and gravity a relatively small high mass/gravity body with appropriate graphical treatment would probably be doable. It would be a nice feature if it can be made to 'fit in'. Maybe as a sort of 'galactic hub' to the other solar systems, if it's a big one, or a smaller one filling a 'gas giant' slot in another system (a 'dark Jool' type thing).
  13. 'Stuff' takes time. If they showed whar's different/new since a month ago then it may well look about the same. That doesn't mean they haven"t achieved anything, just that it doesn't look different enough to show anything new. As much as I want to see/know more I would rather have occasional updates than a weekly or monthly one that shows very little.
  14. As for SpaceX, whether or not an official collaboration happens, 'falcon style' landing legs, grid fins, and 'Starship' style control surfaces would be a welcome addition. Not sure I would want to take on the contract to launch all those little comms sats though.
  15. My guess is that it will be a mixture of 'pop up' messages asking if you want to see the tutorial at the relevant time, and a KSPedia type 'library' where you can access them all at anytime. I also expect there will be tutorial missions and scenarios too.
  16. To me there are two basic types of 'science'. Type 1. That which primarily furthers knowledge of 'the universe'. Search for ET life, studying solar flares etc. Studying the planets etc. Type 2. Advancing the technology used to get type 1. Researching improved engines and fuels etc. developing more advanced and efficient ways of getting to, and exploring, more distant places. There is some crossover, such as learning about the atmosphere will help with working out how to land, but fundamentally I see Type 1 as being the fund earning 'contracts'. Delivering and conducting scien
  17. Nothing much wrong with the experiments themselves. It is the way the gathering of 'science' relates (or rather doesn't relate) to developing tech is implemented that is the problem.
  18. For mine the lander was tall and thin, so it tipped over. Jeb had to wait for ages until I got another ship safely down, and close enough, for him to hitch a ride home.
  19. My first Mun 'landing' (and subsequent rescue) was an awesome feeling. But my first orbital rendezvous and docking, which came quite a while later, was a major achievement for me.
  20. I made an absolute 'pig's ear' of my Duna exploration - phase 2... The misson consists of 2 crew (Sarah and Seandon), one lander, 5 rovers and the mother ship (XV 005) which serves as the hub. The plan is to take the lander and one rover to each anomaly (marked with waypoints by the survey sat), plant some experiments, and return to XV 005 (leaving the rover on the surface for future missions) to refuel and collect the next rover. Phase 1 went swimmingly well, arrived in Duna polar orbit and took the lander and first rover to the green monolith on Ike. After setting the experimen
  21. I've been wondering that too... We know that the terrain itself will be more detailed, even if the the basic geography remains about the same. With better 'ground scatter' generally, and maybe 'Breaking Ground' style scatter features integrated as well. My gut feeling is that there may be a new 'Monolith' equivalent, but I am guessing they will probably all be in random locations (like the green ones) rather than having some in preset positions (black ones) as they are now. As for the other 'anomalies' I think there will be couple of types, 'Natural' like unusual or distinctive
  22. I bought the game from the KSP Store in March 2013, not on Steam so I don't have a 'record'. My best guess is probably in the region of 4000 to 5000 hours. I know, I'm slacking compared to some.
  23. @Sirad I do get your point. But (when landing at KSC anyway) landing, recovering and then launching a 'new' one is not really much different to landing, wheeling it into the hanger out of sight, giving it a service, filling the tanks and wheeling it out to the pad again. That said, I do see the 'fun aspect' of actually refuelling. Conspiracy theorists could claim SpaceX don't actually relaunch, they just paint the same number on the side of a new one and pretend it's the one they landed a few weeks earlier, as we don't actually see the refurb process happening.
  24. Sorry to be 'that guy', but... we do have a point, albeit rather trivial to be fair. I tried leaving 1 & 2 unanswered, and voting 'yes' to 3, but couldn't. When forced to express a false preference on two things, in order to do so on one where I do have a preference would skew your results by making whatever I voted for look more popular than it is. Might i suggest a simple 'no strong preference' option, or just not making them 'required' fields.
  25. You need an option for 'no favourite'. If it's a required field please give me an option to remain neutral if making a choice is compulsory. With that said I can't vote because it won't let me, so... Yes, I intend to buy it. But have no real favourite new planet or tech so far, I am intrigued and looking forward to trying and exploring all.
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