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  1. IMO any collaboration with space and related agencies could be good for all parties. Cool parts and logos etc for KSP and good PR for all.
  2. Yes. Buy now if you can. The most you can lose is if it goes on sale soon after, which will be a bit frustrating, but you will still gave bought a great value product.
  3. I'm looking forward to resources and the game play options it provides (as well as all the other new toys in 1.0) It's looking good. Nice work. I was wondering, will the new resource scanners also be capable of detecting anomalies?
  4. I tend to delete stuff floating around in space to de clutter and help things run smoother. Landed probes can be worth keeping though, as they provide a coordinate reference point for any future missions. That can help enormously with finding the right landing area.
  5. They're not rockets. They're flying cathedrals. Impressive.
  6. What we really need is a binary gas giant, each with its own set of close in moons and or rings, as well as moons further out that orbit both planets.With another moon trapped between the two planets so they effectively orbit around it. May not be realistic, but it could be fun.
  7. I go mainly for function, part count, twr and delta v rule. If I can make it look nice® without adding much weight or many extra parts then I may indulge a bit.
  8. More, and different, planets and moons will always be desirable and welcome, but making the existing ones a bit more interesting first is IMHO the best approach.
  9. It's not a huge deal for me either way but I do think it should be horizontal too, if there is only one option. Vertical only 'works' in a zero G environment, whereas horizontal can work anywhere. That said they look great, and any cosmetic issues like that won't affect gameplay much, if at all. Keep up the good work.
  10. Hi. And welcome to the world (universe/solar system?) of KSP. Actually I'd like a contracts option in science and sandbox too. If only to add a little extra depth, or provide a 'ready made' scenario when I want to do something small as a change from my bigger missions.
  11. My thoughts have already been posted by many others, but. Go with the features you have already declared, with the possibility of leaving resources for 1.1. Ensure that the game is accessible for new players - good tutorials and in game help etc. and squash all the bugs and irritating issues you can.
  12. Hi ragusila. And welcome to the KSP addiction. From your starting orbit set up a manoeuvre node for your transfer burn. Position the node on your current orbit so that the Ap for it is over the point you want to be in sync orbit over. Then set up another manoeuvre node at the Ap and perform your circularisation burn. That should get you pretty close. With gentle tweaking you should be able to fine tune your final orbit if it's not close enough initially. You can use RCS if you have it, or right click the engine and reduce its power to give you finer control. Hope this helps. Pandaman.
  13. As Heavens said above. Keep set tank diameters but adjust length in set steps, upto a maximum limit. if the smallest was say half the capacity of the current smallest for each diameter and the size is then increased in multiples of this, up to maybe 16 times. This would give a range upto twice the current max size for a given diameter. Existing ships would then still work as the existing tanks already fit within those proportions. The current smallest being at 2 times and the largest 8 times the suggested base size.
  14. As the title suggests - in the difficulty settings rather than disabling quicksave (F5) disable the quickload (F9) instead. This would preserve the ability to save a game and provide protection against game and computer crashes, without also losing the difficulty option of not being able to step back in time. F5 would work as it currently does and the quicksaved game would load after a game or computer crash if a more recent normal save is not available. The F9 key would not function thereby giving the same level of difficulty as the current 'disable quicksave' option without the loss of prot
  15. In that respect I agree, if a space race is the scenario squad have in mind then it would be appropriate. Though I do have reservations about NPCs. As a way of explaining the otherwise inexplicable random stranded kerbal contracts then it works.
  16. I'm not convinced a proper memorial to Leonard Nimoy is appropriate. A reference would be cool if done well, but there is a real danger of setting a precedent. As for memorials in general a general one to fallen real life astronauts somewhere on kerbin with perhaps a name plaque that gets updated as and when appropriate works for me. Even then there are two distinct categories - those killed in the line if duty (eg. Apollo 1, Challenger and Colombia crews) and those who died naturally (eg. Neil Armstrong). All astronauts make a contribution to the future of space flight and science etc.
  17. Personally I don't like the idea of NPC/AI ships or Kerbals. It somehow doesn't fit with how I see the essence or premise of the game.
  18. Duna has an atmosphere so you can use parachutes to land, but you will need more of them than on Kerbin as its much thinner, so play safe and allow extra deltaV to slow you down for landing if you need to. If you estimate 1500 dV to get to orbit that will give you a bit of a margin, but allow more on top for the rendezvous. RCS will come in handy for the rendezvous too. Depending on what exactly you want to do I would suggest go for 2000 dV minimum as a starting point and, if you can, add more if practical. Your rendezvous could eat up a lot if you're not careful with it so it may be worth
  19. First thing I did in the demo, after getting something in the air I spotted the island airfield so spent hours trying hit it V2 style. Learned a lot about the VAB and basic rocket design in the process. Got hooked and bought it.
  20. Glad you're ok. That's the important thing. I 'parked' my first car in a ditch many years ago. It rolled over a couple if times before finishing on its roof. The most serious injury was mine - a few minor cuts on my hands from the screen shattering and a bruise on the head from a dent in the roof. I found the whole event rather surreal, and the sounds it made were just awesome.
  21. Dying? No I don't think so. It's just starting to reach maturity. It's been through it's childhood and started 'big school' with v0.18. Since then it's grown into an 'unstable adolescent' and with v1.0 is about to start adulthood. It's changing to be a more complete, balanced and stable (hopefully) individual - and it's just discovered girls too . It still has some growing up to do of course, but the next release is that first step into the big wide world outside. Ok. Light hearted waffle aside, we are in that gap between releases, when activity slows down. We are all interested, exc
  22. Nice theory, but it is doomed to failure because of the way the game deals with multiple objects in atmosphere. Any vessels not on the ground and out of physics range (more than 2.5 km) of the active vessel gets deleted. It's not a bug, it is how the game avoids needing to work out aerodynamics for lots of objects simultaneously. I couldn't work out why my para drooped probes just kept vanishing until I found that info on the forums. You can para drop probes if you circle near the probe staying within 2.5 kof it until it's safely on the ground. This is easiest if you drop from low altit
  23. idle animationso would add a nice touch, it gets my vote. Could also use a 'pose for photo' option where all kerbals turn towards the camera and grin.
  24. AFAIK it's officially funds. But as it looks like a square root sign I thought it should be roots too, money is the 'Root of all Evil' after all
  25. If 'construction time' proper is not to be integrated then yes I do support this idea as a reasonable compromise. But, as I mentioned on another thread, I envisage time in VAB as background 'design office' time so in that respect it should not affect 'normal game time' for current missions etc.
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