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  1. If by that you mean things such as RSS, and other realism addons then yes I comletely agree. But the essential 'behind the scenes' game mechanics should follow as realistic physics as is reasonably possible. By this I mean things like patched conics, which is not 'perfectly' realistic, but it is more than adequate and close enough for game purposes, and introducing a better atmospheric/aerodynamic model (which is on the way). The planet sizes and distances are not what many players call realistic, but they work quite well for the game, the same 'laws of physics' apply as they would if they
  2. For me the Tracking Station UI could be improved a little... On a few occasions I have terminated the wrong flights. I know primarily this is my fault for being clumsy or tired after a long flight to the Mun, but a few minor tweaks would reduce the risk... 1. Re order the Recover, Terminate and Fly buttons so that Recover is in the middle and Terminate and Fly are at each end, and increase their spacing a little. 2. Highlight the selected flight a little more clearly by giving it a brighter colour or a border on the list. 3. The 'Are you sure...' pop up window could show the flight name, an
  3. I try my best to keep them safe - Rescue missions, and specially designed rescue vessels etc. And I feel guilty if any perish due to my own carelessness etc.
  4. This pretty much sums up my thoughts too... Realism wherever practical, especially with regard to physics and atmospherics etc. , even if 'toned down' a bit for gameplay reasons, so that lessons learned in game have some 'real life' value. Representations of other things that have real life implications and importance (such as resources and life support etc.) in ways that don't bog the player down with fiddly details they don't want, but feel 'believable', if not 'realistic' in game.
  5. I'll echo Signo here. Go for it. If your design deltaV adds up. You will have fun and learn whatever
  6. That's one of those 'what's the point of that' ideas that's actually quite good, and jolly handy in a crisis. I Like it.
  7. Computer repair man did good. Mine are now safely back at KSC for the new year 'debriefing session'.
  8. Thanks for your comments. You do make some good points. #1 I agree that this would probably be more trouble than it's worth as it would go unnoticed by the vast majority of players anyway. #2 The idea behind this is that IRL all Space Agencies will have an agenda of some sort, either of their own or imposed by their governments etc. This woukd be a way if simulating that. And yes to achieve any of the objectives I mentioned a combination of all the available methods will need to be used. But how you use them may vary depending on what you ultimately want to achieve, thereby giving a di
  9. A few ideas for possibilities when starting a new career. 1. Initial planets start positions randomised? This way optimum launch windows would be different for every new game. Helping make each career a bit different. 2. Program objectives. When starting your career define a primary objective for your agency. These could serve as a way of adding variety to your games and also providing 'victory conditions' for those who want them. On reaching your objective you can quit and claim victory or continue with or without a new set of objectives. As a rough idea they could be along these li
  10. In limbo. I have 4 in EAS-1s on a lightweight lander on Minmus waiting to fly home since Xmas eve. Didn't have much time and didn't want to rush the flight and rendezvous with return vessel in case I stuffed it up and killed them so decided to wait til after Xmas. Returned the day after boxing day to bring them home and my PC refused to boot up Their destiny lies in the hands of the computer repair man.
  11. With KSP now being in beta and full release starting to poke it's nose out from behind the Mun I was wondering about how the distribution of the game may change. Currently it's available online through Steam and Squad etc. It then gets saved onto your computer and can easily be copied onto USB drives etc. and pirated. Presumably, and rightly, this will need to change at some point to protect Squads business interests. One of my fears is that I may be forced to access the game online through Steam (or similar) each time I want to play as I currently do with CoD. This is fine for online mul
  12. Maybe the answer lies in the middle. On return all X take effect as now. In flight the effect is reduced or delayed. Eg. if you gain enough xp in flight to raise 2 levels you go up 1 immediately and have to wait for the second until you reach the xp for level 3. Or apply a time delay before levelling up that gets overridden on return to kerbin. Just an idea and I don't know if it would be easy to implement, but it would mean you would gain some benefit from training a new guy up en-route.
  13. As much as I'd love new stuff to explore such as new planets, and or tweaks to existing ones, the main focus for squad should be (and I believe is) getting the game as a whole working and as balanced as possible. I'm not a programmer, but new 'planets etc' AFAIK would be relatively easy to implement later when everything works as they want. Undoubtedly lots of design and graphic work etc, but not like getting the game play and UIs optimised and working properly which is the core of the game. Cool stuff to explore is great and yes I want more, but if the game play is optimised first the
  14. I am inclined to think that Kerbals also should gain experience through 'flight hours' too and not just for reaching certain milestones. I know the KXP system is still very new and in development so no doubt we will see changes anyway.
  15. Getting some of those features in stock would be very nice. Not sure all would be appropriate though. Perhaps a few, like the design helper, could be normal stock. Maybe there is a case for a new 'training' game type as a tutorial mode along side career, sandbox etc. That has reduced 'demo' type features and functionality, but with some Edu features that are not in the other modes.
  16. Is getting to orbit too easy? No, it just gets easier with experience, as it should. It's still easy to stuff it up especially when trying a new ship design.
  17. Hi. In principle I agree with the implementation of time based mechanics in some areas... Eg. for science it would simulate taking a series of readings over a certain time period without needing to actually click to do it. It would add a realistic element without making game play any more complex. Construction time I think is in essence a good idea, but could prove awkward if not done correctly (not tried the mod so don't know how it works). Eg. Your ship takes X time to build. Get it on the pad and remember you forgot a battery, do you have to build it all again? Construcion time woul
  18. Thanks for that 5thHorseman, much appreciated. It gives me a good starting point having specs that I know work.
  19. A few years ago my 'flown the nest' sons played it and said I would like it, and work colleagues talked about it too. I resisted for ages knowing I would get too hooked - and I was right. Started playing at v0.18 and played virtually nothing else since.
  20. 5thHorseman - would you mind sharing the specs for your laptop? I'm needing to change or upgrade my desktop very soon and a laptop is an option I'm considering if the performance is okay and cost effective. And the info may well be of value to many others too. Many thanks. Pandaman.
  21. I think the point here is that you are simply paid to deliver a 'package' for a client. What that client does with it is not within the scope of the game. FedEx do it all the time, they get paid to deliver a parcel to a specific location and if they do it well they get good rep for it. What the recipient does with it is irrelevant. That said, you are right in that you shouldn't really be able to delete it by pressing the red X button, as it's not technically 'yours' to delete. So maybe additional contracts to change it's orbit or remove it later in the game is an option to avoid overcrow
  22. I was thinking of posting something similar. They really pushed hard to get 0.90 out in time for Christmas and it's been worth it. Lots of good new features big and small. Three Cheers to Squad.
  23. Nice concept, I like the idea. As much as I love the non-competetive aspect of KSP, and as such it's maybe not something I would take too seriously myself, it would be nice at times to have an idea how 'good' a player you are compared to others. Some players on the other hand would really love this. Wirking out the scoring criteria and getting the right balance could prove tricky though. But worth thinking about.
  24. Not something I gave really done yet, but keep meaning to. My only named vessel so far is the KSS Jebediah, a refuelling and science station in LKO, named after a certain kerbonaut who died in a tragic space plane test - after sneaking into the cockpit against orders.
  25. Merry Christmas to all. May our thoughts also be with those (both Human and Kerbal) who can't be home at this time of year.
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