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  1. It seems that MechJeb does not treat Ion Thrusters as "Engines". We can not properly use Ion Thrusters as our only source of propulsion with MechJeb when doing maneuvers in space. MechJeb does this weird sputter-sputter-thrust-thrust thing at about 50% engines with Ion Thrusters and it's not actually usable. Also MechJeb AutoLand will never calculate landing properly if we're using Ion Thrusters as our only source of propulsion. Can this please be fixed? Ion Thrusters as primary propulsion are a very important part of "Super Deep Space" missions.

  2. Welp that didn't work. I tried putting a pylon down, attaching it to the ground, then putting a RTS on a ship, running the hose out to about 20 meters, connecting it to the pylon, and attaching a mechjeb module to the side of the pylon so it stays (command control module) and tried a quick save and the pylon just explodes in to nothingness when I load the quicksave. That doesn't work either. I tried putting a small pilot seat on the pylon.. nope, load quick save, *BOOM* pylon and everything on it vaporized. I tried turning on persistent debris in the in-game settings and trying to quick save and reload and it just disappears. So none of that works either. 

  3. Just now, IgorZ said:

    From the game's perspective what was created via KIS is "debris" unless there is a command control module attached to the part. It's of out of KIS control (not even KAS!). Either adjust your game settings to persist debris between saves, or attach a control module to the pylons.

    If you don't like the mod, you're free to stop using it. This kind of statements motivates noone.

    In the old version of KAS we didn't have to do anything. Pylons and pipes stayed between quicksave and leaving and coming back and everything. So what.. I have to put a mechjeb module on every pylon now to get it to stay? I guess that's not too bad.

  4. On 8/17/2019 at 5:07 PM, IgorZ said:


    For the long connections there is an RTS part. Have you tried to use it? It gives you exactly 30m of hose and needs only one port. I.e. the parts counter is the same (two per one link) and the link distance is the same.

    I've tried using that tonight and I'm trying to figure it out. I laid out about 200 meters of hose with pylons and I wasn't able to make the last connection. So I hit tracking station.. and back to KSC to launch another craft. And when I launched it and came back to land it on Duna.. the 200 meters of hose I had laid out with the pylons was all gone. Pylons gone, hose connectors gone, hose gone, all gone. So apparently that option doesn't persist between leaving the area and coming back. So I tried a 3rd launch back to Duna with more RTS connectors and laid out more hose and I hit quicksave this time then decided to quick load. After quick loading.. RTS gone, pylons gone, hose gone.

    Is this a bug or what's going on here? What's the point of even wasting time with this if it won't persist and stay? Is RCS just a temporary thing as long as I'm within the area?


    I guess you really don't want us to have any form of long distant, permanent connection anymore, is that it? :( Super depressing. :( I thought about rolling back to an old version of KSP to get the old KAS working where we had pipes.. but I don't know if I can handle that either, there's just no solution here. :(  I'd almost rather stop playing KSP if we can't use KAS to build colonies and remote base / facilities anymore. 

  5. 42 minutes ago, Ruedii said:

    Will there be a Linux release, or is that not known yet?

    Unknown at this time. So far the only things announced are PC's first and Consoles "Later". So far as of the time of typing this message: No Linux, No MacOS/Apple/whatever the fruity computers use.

  6. 9 minutes ago, 5thHorseman said:

    So there is literally nothing anybody can say. You will therefore need to wait until the game is released to know.

    That's all I'm trying to say here. I would advise folks heed caution. Wait, watch, see where the game will be released before throwing money at it. Then once we know exactly where and what platform it will release on, then take careful consideration if we want to spend money on said game or not. To some of us, $60 is a lot of money. That's 2 months of spare money aside from expenses I can spend on luxury items (like computer games) for me personally.

  7. 9 minutes ago, 5thHorseman said:

    I'm curious then if there's anything someone could say that would assuage you or @kithylin ? It seems that there isn't, which makes me wonder the use of asking.

    Literally almost every game anyone could want that has been announced within the past 24 months has been "gobbled up" by epic and locked in to their craptastic steaming pile of poo that they dare attempt to call it a "Store", we gamers seriously have to step back and pause and take very careful consideration where we spend our money now. This is the new PC gaming environment. 

    EDIT: wow stupid forum software.. repeat my post 8 times why don't you. *fixed*

  8. 2 minutes ago, Kerenatus said:


    personally the pubilshing store doesn't matter that much to me.

    as long as the game is decent, i'd buy it.

    hopefully there's a preorder so that i can secure the ideal store like the case of anno1800 LOL

    It should matter, depending on what you want when you play games. It's DRM so you're tied to that store's options. Cloud saves? Offline mode for a single player game with no multiplayer? Built in mod support with workshop access where you can click a button and launch the game and no manual mod installs with automatic mod updating? If you want any of these things then you had better hope they actually hold to their statement of initial release on Steam.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Nuke said:

    so is there going to be a preorder? i have another preorder elsewhere i can cancel. 

    I would strongly suggest you hold your horses on that thought. Some companies have even accepted pre-orders for steam versions of the game and then later gone epic exclusive and then refusing to refund pre-orders (mech warrior 5). You may possibly buy a pre-order version today and then have to wait 1 year to be able to play it, (or possibly completely lose money and never even get any copy of the game at all.) for example.

    3 minutes ago, Castille7 said:

    Part 2? Wow!!!!  A huge thanks to all those involved to make KSP what it is today!.....I am a Kerbonaut forever!

    It's not "KSP Part 2", it's an all new game by a completely different team of developers in a different company. No one yet knows what will be in the new game and what (if anything at all) from today's KSP game will be in the new game. For all we know the only thing relating to KSP in the new game may be Kerbals and space ships.

  10. 2 minutes ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

    @nestor So will there be the kerbol system along with other systems or just a whole new system altogether 

    The screenshot on page 1 or 2 of this thread showing the new Jupiter-like gas giant planet with multiple rings doesn't exist in the current Kerbol system of KSP1, so I would guess most likely it will probably be an all new system. SQUAD (Developers of KSP1) are completely hands-off on the entire development of KSP2 and it's being created by a completely all new team that has nothing to do with SQUAD so it's further highly unlikely to have anything even remotely similar to Kerbol in the new game. It's probably most likely going to be a completely new and different game, with new and different planets.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Kerenatus said:

    my dude, the official staff has repeatedly replied that ksp2 will launch at steam, just search the forum.

    Yes and that's literally -EXACTLY- what happened to "The Outer Worlds". Their staff posted on their blogs and internet forums that they will release on steam. Their developers literally also said they would release on steam. The publisher they used, Private Division even also said they would release on steam. Yet now if you go to their steam page.. they will release on steam 1 year after being in epic's store. So technically they are still going to "release on steam", just later. 


    KSP2 may release on steam first, it may not. It's not out yet so no one has any idea what will happen between now and when it releases. So don't assume anything until it has actually released.

  12. 1 minute ago, ThatGuyWithALongUsername said:

    I'll repeat again: That doesn't mean anything. Other games have had steam store pages and still went EGS Exclusive at the last moment before launch. Just because KSP2 has a steam page, and they say today that they will not be exclusive to Epic, doesn't mean anything. The same publisher for KSP2 already has a history of releasing other games on EGS exclusive in the past as well. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, cyberKerb said:

    huzzah for multi threading and letting KSP2 use the capabilities of a fully operational Death Sta.. *ahem* ...PC

    By the way KSP1 is already multi-threaded. At least building in the VAB is. Launch physics are still single core after 7 years of development and likely never will be multi-threaded. The new game is still using unity. So no multi-threading for physics either. Today's current version of unity still yet doesn't support that either.

  14. 7 minutes ago, Iamsodarncool said:

    No offense but you have no idea what you're talking about


    "Initial release    June 8, 2005; 14 years ago"

    First page in this very forum thread, right here, in the FAQ: KSP2 will be using Unity.

    They could be using Unreal Engine 4, or Lumberyard, or CryEngine V, or any other modern game engine. But nope, 14-year-old Unity.

  15. Remember folks, "The Outer Worlds" from Obsidian games.. they said all over their blog posts and developer forums "We're not going epic games exclusive" for months and even a year leading up to it. And then suddenly one day "Oh we're going to be releasing on epic games suddenly", which also by the way.. The Outer Worlds uses Private Division for their publisher, the same publisher for KSP2. Outer Worlds also has a steam store page and everything, yet now today the steam page for The Outer Worlds is still there, and just says "The Outer Worlds will be available on Steam one year after launch on other exclusive digital PC platforms." Just because they are saying today that KSP2 won't be an EGS exclusive doesn't mean jack. Hold your breath until the game is actually released.

  16. 3 hours ago, Tonka Crash said:

    Yes it been fixed for a while and directions to repair games are in this thread probably posted by myself, but I'm hung over and don't feel like being your personal search engine to go find it.

    No one is forcing you to use this mod. If you don't like it you can always go back and use the old unsupported version you seem to like better. To me it sounds like you need to be more precise in your landings so you don't need to span 350m. 

    You know you can always change what you don't like by either changing the KAS patches directly or writing a MM patch to "edit" the KAS patches on load?  It was precisely because I didn't like the default behavior in a mod that I started learning how module manager patches worked.

    In the past we could use KAS+KIS and build large multi-KM mining, refinery and refueling sites with minimal part-count and it was high performance and everything was awesome. We could still do it now but it would be at least +5x more work and +10x more time involved to do so and result in +2x to +3x more parts in the process. I don't know who made the design decision but KAS has made a huge step backwards. And 300 meters is nothing. I once had KAS+KIS and made a 500m x 500m solar array on the surface of a moon for a refinery. That was trivial and barely nothing / not much effort to do with the old KAS and I had that built in 1 launch and finished it in a few hours. Now that would be a monumental assembly process and probably take 4-6 days IRL time of 12-10 hours per day just to build the same thing.

    If you are going to really stick with this telescoping arm system, can you at least give us a 10m, 25m, and 50m  telescoping arm we can use? That might make KAS at least somewhat useful for large build projects. As it stands KAS is useless for anything other than small little build projects that are only 10~25m or so.

  17. So I guess I haven't played with KAS in a long time.. last time I used it there were really long pipes and pylons to connect them through. Now.. there's these short telescoping things that are limited to 2-5 meters? Is this really the only way to connect things now? And the pylons are so heavy and take up so much room in the containers (volume) I can only fit so many. I'm trying to connect two ships on Duna that are only 350 meters apart but with these crappy short telescoping things I'm going to have to make 10~15 launches from KSP -> Duna just to connect everything. In the old version I could connect up 1~2 KM of pipe just in one launch and everything was awesome. KAS feels broken and pointless now. Is this really the only way to make any kind of connections that can transfer resources now? I might have to abandon KAS if this really is it. Or maybe go play an ancient version of KSP and find an old version of KAS just to get access to the really long pipes again. I would give up so much / anything to get the old super long pipes back again. This is nuts in the "new" version.

    On top of that I can't seem to "Carry" anything with my kerbals anymore after detaching it. Only store stuff in it's inventory and the Kerbal's inventory is so small I can't fit any of the antennas or bigger batteries and he can't carry it in his hands either. So there's no way to manually transport anything the 300~350 meter distance for physical objects unless I build a big rover on a remote planet I guess.. ugh. KAS used to be awesome. It's gimped/neutered and super annoying now. :(

  18. I just recently a few days ago (Even after about 900 hours playing the game) suddenly learned from a friend that "Combinable" on antennas means you can combine multiple antennas on the same craft/ship and it will improve your reception and range when flying and also works for deploying relays. I thought all this time that "Combinable" just meant you can "chain together" multiple different relays/ships. 

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