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  1. Okay something I've been wondering about KSP I would like for someone to please to answer for me. I know for example: I have a space ship and I collect a bunch of science, extend it's antenna and send home. And while it's transmitting, it chews through the on-board electricpower supply. But what I don't know I would like you to clarify: What if I bounce that much science through a relay satellite through the network. Does the act of relaying the science data through the network drain the same amount of power (compared to transmitting it from the ship as described above) through each relay's on-board electricpower as it passes through? Will the science stop and transmit much slower if the relay runs out of power and sucks it back through it's solar panels? I have so far been over-building my relays with something around 8000 - 12000 electricpower worth of batteries. But I'm wondering.. to be more efficent at things, do I need that much? Or can I build my relays with say just 100-300 electric power and will they still be able to bounce data through the network without slowing down? EDIT: Vanilla game, no mods other than MechJeb.
  2. I'm only concerned about aerodynamics, not what "Physical name" fits. And because of that, when connecting -EITHER- the large round fuel tanks, or MK3 parts to the game there is only the "Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3" if we want a perfectly smooth and round aerodynamic surface on all edges. Both MK3 and the normal 3.73m parts both fit underneath the "Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3". And it used to have no fuel in it. Anyway, at this point you're just splitting hairs. I found the solution, we can drag sliders to the left to 0/0 and make "Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3" empty like it used to be. Problem solved, thread can be closed now. There's nothing more to be discussed here.
  3. Okay an update. I did some searching around last night and I finally figured out what it was. This actually -DID- exist in game. I knew I wasn't crazy. What I was referring to was the "Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3". This is the adapter in-game to convert from MK2 <-> MK3. Originally it was just an empty structural piece and had no fuel in it what so ever. Then in version 1.6.0 of the game they changed this adapter and added fuel to it. You can see the version history here: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Kerbodyne_ADTP-2-3 So it's not "Missing" and gone, it's just that they changed it and added fuel to it. And we can change the sliders in the VAB down to 0/0 for both liquid and oxidizer and make it back to be how it used to be.
  4. Uh? They're not critical parts. It's just structural pieces. They don't seem to effect anything. I'm pretty sure they just removed old stuff just so they can "Make shiny new things" so it looks like they changed something when they updated things.
  5. I figured it out. I haven't played in a while and I was just taking one of the fuel tanks that goes from MK2 -> MK3 and pulling the sliders back to 0 so it acted as a empty structural piece because that piece didn't exist normally. That's what I was doing before. I also found a bunch of old parts under GameData/Squad/zDepreciated/ and moved all those back to the active folders and I'm quite happy to get a lot of the older parts back. I was kind of sad not having those parts and now I have them again. I don't know why they removed that.
  6. I miss the old science lab that all it did was give you +X% of science beyond what you could collect on your own. I need a mod to return the science lab to how it used to be years ago. Does anyone know of a mod to do that? The new science lab is stupid and I never use it because it's mostly useless now. I'm not going to re-visit a planet and refill the science lab every so often just to get a few more science out of it.
  7. I know I'm not crazy.. I remember there being structural pieces that would adapt from MK.3 -> MK.2 that did not have fuel in them in much older versions of KSP. I've unlocked everything in the tech tree and My game is at 1.7.1 (due to compatibility with some mods) and I can't find this piece anywhere when building ships in the VAB. Can someone please tell me where this is or what happened to it?
  8. Does anyone know how to get KSP To go back to old version 1.2.xx ? I can't seem to find information about how to do this on the internet. And my steam updated KSP automatically without asking me and now I'm stuck.
  9. I appreciate the help but y'all are seeming to not understand. We -HAD- a tool that does everything for us before. That's literally what mechjeb did. I just want it to work like it used to. That's all I wish there was some way to regress my KSP and go back to 1.2.xx and never update again. Maybe I'll go make a thread about that.
  10. Nope.. I've designed rockets that can totally get up there in orbit on their own if I do it manually. I have one such ship that I've launched and orbited my craft manually multiple times, same craft with no problems, not even difficult or unstable either. Everything's fine. Just mechjeb for unknown reasons can't seem to figure out how to get it up there without flopping over sideways and burning up each time. And to the above post if mechjeb worked correctly, I shouldn't have to "edit my ascent path" or anything like that. In the past we never had to. This is pretty crappy now. I can do it myself, straight up to 8km, over to 90 degrees on the nav ball until 35km altitude, little further over at 50km, and then at the horizon about 70km until apoapsis is reading 100km. Super simple. But that's not what mechjeb tries to do. I don't know why but it starts turning over to the right at 5km off the ground, and ends up at the horizon by 30km altitude, which makes everything go too fast in atmosphere and burn up and splody. KSP & Mechjeb used to be a lot of fun and easy to play now it's just.. I don't know, sucky. I think personally it's because mechjeb developers thought "this made the game too easy" and now require us to do "a lot of manual tuning" to make mechjeb automate correctly. They're not doing everything for us like it used to. I know how to orbit myself, it's a tedious bore now. I much rather have mechjeb totally automate it for me, but it doesn't work. I should just open ascent guidance and click corrective steering and set altitude and click button and if the ascent path needs modifying, mechjeb should do that for me and figure it out on it's own. But it doesn't seem to know how anymore. I've tried many different ship designs, editing almost everything I can think of it's just.. really annoying and stupid now and totally -not easy-. I don't want to be editing ascent path and vectors and what ever and all that other BS. I wish folks would understand, in the past we just clicked corrective steering, clicked engage and then launched and it went. We shouldn't have to screw around with anything else ever. If mechjeb worked that's the entire -POINT- of the mod is to automate all of this for us.
  11. I never had to "Set anything" before with mechjeb. I always just told the auto ascent thing 100km target, corrective steering, auto staging and clicked go and tapped space and launched and it got me in orbit. It doesn't do that anymore, no matter how simple of a ship I make, even a simple 5 part thing from early in the tech tree can't get up there like this with mechjeb. I don't know what "flight profile" is or "end angle" or "turn shape". I'll repeat: I never had to even concern myself with any of that before with previous versions, just clicked button and it went and had orbit. Admittedly I haven't played in a long time since 1.2.xx, and just got in to 1.3.xx and this is my first experience. And no I did not do a burn at 0s, you are not understanding what I tried to convey so I'll try to be more clear: I had a trajectory where I was 500km from the surface of Ike, but my periapsis was such that if I did not correct it.. I would smash in to the surface. Typically in the past, at such a situation, even at 500km altitude from the target, I would just open mechjeb, click maneuver planner and tell it: circularize, at a set time, 0 seconds (Which means now, which will end up like +17s by the time it turns the ship around to burn). Click execute button and it would circularize me at about 500k, or 400km or at worst 300km, depending how fast I'm going and how steep the descent trajectory is. But it doesn't do that now. In this same situation, I told it circularize at 0s and clicked go and it just sits there and never fires RCS, never turns the ship, never fires anything. I've always done this for over a year with KSP + Mechjeb, it's always worked before. Latest version of the game from steam, using the latest version of mechjeb posted in the 1st page of this thread. No other mods loaded what so ever.
  12. So I have the latest version of kerbal space program, and I have tried both the latest stable version of mechjeb2 from this thread, and the "nightly" version off the dev tracker and.. guess I have to quit playing KSP again because mechjeb is just broken as heck and doesn't do anything correctly. For clarification, mechjeb is the only mod I have installed, all others removed. Problems: 1.) Ascent guidance turns all ships over to be flat with the horizon at just 30km altitude above the ground. Resulting in both failure to achieve orbit, and most ships burning up in atmosphere. All of said ships I can launch manually and make it in to orbit successfully with no issues. 2.) 80% of the time trying to do in-space maneuvers and like, I was in a flyby trajectory around Ike just now, and told mechjeb to circularize at 0s (now) to establish circular orbit for me. It just sits there at a burn time of 0.0s and doesn't move the ship, doesn't burn anything, doesn't do anything at all. I told it to circularize at the next periapsis and it proceeded to do that correctly with no issues though. 3.) Landing doesn't work. From a 100km circular orbit, I tried to land on Ike. Picked a target on the map on the surface, clicked go. As I type this my other computer is sit here indefinitely doing "Performing course correction of about 0.0m/s" and it's apparently trying to land on the opposite side of the moon from where I picked for some reason. Like not even remotely close, 230km off target. ?????????????????? 4.) Most space manuvers don't initiate time warp unless I manually warp it a little bit first and then it'll take over. This is all very stupidly annoying.. and borderline completely unusable for this mod. It used to work fine in 1.2.xxx, what the heck happened with the current version?
  13. Okies, ever since the satellite system and the relay antennas and all of that came into KSP I've been working on trying to set up a deep space relay network of science transmission and control and communications on distant planets and systems. I was mostly successful branching out then got rather far out and reached a point where I'm not connecting how I expect it and I'm terribly confused and need help. Okay there's different antennas of different strengths that can connect at different distances. I get that part. So I started out with lots of the smallest antennas on small satellites attached to a probe core with batteries and solar panels. I've put them in various orbits around kerbin at various heights. They work, I have about 5 or 7 of em orbiting Kerbin, and one laid down landed on kerbin on the opposite side from KSP as a relay. So far, this part works great. Anything I launch from KSP now has full ground control while within kerbin. The signal bounces across various antennas and they relay and sometimes go through multiple to talk back to KSP if it's like, on the other side of the mun or the back side of kerbin. So all this is fine. So then I unlocked the longer distance RA-15 antenna. I put that in orbit at 68,000 km from kerbin, almost right at the very edge of the kerbin system. Expecting in my mind that since this one can reach further into space, that it would mean if I put another RA-15 orbiting say, Duna, it would act as a direct uplink to the kerbin system. Then I could put multiple smaller short range ones orbiting Duna. Well, this kind of works. I put a small satellite with a RA-15 on it orbiting almost as high as possible around Duna. It makes a connection all the way to KSP, but.. it connects direct, and sometimes when kerbin orbits so that the KSP ground station is on the other side from where duna is, I get a drop in connection. The RA-15 "uplink" from Duna never tries to bounce through the RA-15 I have orbiting kerbin. I don't understand why. I then tried putting another RA-15 in very high orbit around Dres. This one also connects direct to KSP. And if the sun or something is blocking direct line of sight, it drops connection. when it can still reach Duna.. it should be able to bounce through Duna's RA-15 -> Kerbin's RA-15 -> Kerbin local network. But it doesn't. What am I doing wrong here? Why do these distant antennas connect direct instead of bounce through other systems? If they would relay through other systems then I would have more contact with KSP-Ground-Home a lot more often. I even tried putting a RA-15 in orbit very high around Jool system. That one's the worst.. it's only able to communicate with home when their orbits are close enough and half of the time it can't connect to home because it's too far away. But yet it's pleanty close enough to Dres.. it should be able to connect through like this: Jool -> Dres -> Duna -> Home. But again, it doesn't either.... scratching my head and about to abandon the game at this point thinking the antenna system is borked and doesn't work. EDIT: If the relays and bouncing and routing doesn't work like I think it should there... then what's the point of having any smaller antennas what so ever if they can't connect to anything? If this is how it works then all the ships I send in to deep space (Jool or beyond) will just have the largest antenna possible onboard and connect direct to KSP, and lose signal if it gets out of range or Kerbin's turned around. Seems stupid to me. I thought we could set up an extensive relay network and make it so we can always control all of our ships from anywhere in the system once setup right... but apparently not.
  14. I had a whole thread on this with like 4 pages on this before the recent patch.. no one found anyone from SQUAD actually admitting it's an issue or actually anything they can (or can not) fix. The only thing we could do was a community mod to try and bandage the issue and that's it. I would of thought after a few months there'd be some sort of official statement.
  15. I've been out of the KSP loop since about december 2016 / jan 2017 and haven't checked in... so sorry if this has been answered already. But I'm curious.. have SQUAD staff actually acknowledged the nearly game-breaking memory leaks that read to rapid garbage collection with running KSP on 64-bit and really large (300+) part-count ships in space? I know there's a mod to extend and "pad" the memory allocation so garbage collection is less frequent, but it's a band-aid to the situation. So.. has there been any official progress on this? Have SQUAD Acknowledged it's existence and said they'll fix it some day at the very least?
  16. So we're just waiting for it to be updated to work on all the platforms KSP runs on before KSP can upgrade to use the newer garbage collector schemes?
  17. I've used Memgraph and tonight it works great. I run with 6144 (6 GB) in the config file and pad it once I get a ship loaded in the VAB and it's great for hours. With my 3770k system when it does do a mem dump it's quick and I barely notice it and it's about once every 10-15 mins even on complex ships. Thanks for the suggestion guys I Can get back to enjoying KSP now.
  18. 16GB ram here and the stalling is terrible. I might try and make a video later today and show y'all what I'm experiencing, it's just ridiculus, every 1-3 seconds, pause, pause, pause, pause. Very distracting and difficult to play with to the point I'm thinking of just (yet again) leaving the game for another few months until they can sort out this bull---- so it's actually playable.
  19. Well at least they're working on it. I'll try the mem heap mod up there above later and see if it helps. I have 16GB ram in my system maybe I can set it to something huge like 4096 or something. At least it's something to play with. They should give us a slider in game to adjust it directly.
  20. Thanks for confirming it.. I was wondering if I was alone in this. Sometimes it's -very- annoying every few seconds. I'll try the memgraph thing and we'll see how that goes. Does anyone know if the devs can acknowledge this as a performance issue and that they're trying to work on improving it? EDIT: If it's caused by a lot of in-flight objects well.. 1.2 added the comms network and we're going to have a lot of satellites in the system to make the network functional.. if that's going to make it worse then 1.2.xx is going to ruin KSP. I only have 8 satellites in orbit around KSP so far (4 @ 1.5 million meters & 4 @ 3.2 - 3.6 million meters) for a modest comms network but I'm already expecting to have to put up many more as my new play through progresses in the future.. I think it's going to make stalling/pauses worse
  21. So I'll start off saying I have a rather above average computer.. i7-3770k @ 4.8 ghz & +20% overclocked water cooled R9 290X 8GB card. Not sure why but KSP seems to have these 1-2 second "stalls" or "hitches" when launching a space ship and during orbital maneuvers, once per 5 seconds. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Mod's I'm using: MechJeb (Of course, everyone uses mechjeb), KIS & KAS. That is all. It actually didn't start having these issues with an earlier vessel I had.. with part count around 100 - 120, then I upped part count to 296 and.. this happens. I've tried adjusting the max physics delta time per frame slider all the way in either direction it seems to have no effect. Any ideas folks?
  22. The problem with that is if there was some sort of "Limit" to what the game can do, then they (squad) should of either imposed a hard restriction on maximum part-count ships we can launch or at least give us a message. But they don't do this! There's nothing saying we can't, or shouldn't build ships this large. What if we want to? What if I wanted to build a 2000-part ship and launch it? What if I wanted to try to rebuild the millennium falcon with 500 engines and try to launch that? According to you we shouldn't do these things. In reality we should be able to. It's their software unable to handle it and they don't warn us about this. There's nothing.. we just build something and launch it and everything is fine and 60 FPS in the air and in space and then go land by other ships and suddenly *BAM* game goes to s--- and becomes unplayable. So apparently there's nothing we can do to fix this. We just have to give up and not play until they fix it. Because.. I want to do that with KSP. I should be allowed to do that with KSP since there's no restrictions. It just doesn't work, yet.
  23. Because I want to? Why not? The game doesn't have any built in limits to the amount of parts we can put together with something. Why should we be limited in what we want to put together just because the game's engine runs liquid-poor slow when we try it? It's an open-ended build game, we should be able to build what ever we want for any reason we want to. Part of why I'm sad that we're halted from doing what ever our minds come up like this The new update should fix things (hopefully).
  24. Are you trying to work with 300 - 500 total part-count between multiple ships just a couple hundred meters apart and manage more than 16 FPS? If so it would be awful nice if you could let me know your secret and how you are doing it. That ultimately is what I'm trying to find out with this thread: What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it to make it work faster.... I've had a few suggestions but nothing's come to fruit yet that actually helps.
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