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  1. Well uh, sorry? What else would you use to describe any game that runs single-digit or 11-15 FPS ? I'm sorry if it seems rude or not so nice but "unplayable" is pretty much what I would consider anything in that situation.
  2. Not to argue but actually in single-threaded applications Cpu thread #0 is always at 100% if it is maxed out. I can run old Prime95 and it does this (CPU #0 maxed out), so does CineBench run in single-core mode, as well as for example, Ark: Survival Evolved server will run 100% on a single cpu thread, always core #0. This is what single-threaded programs do when they are reaching their limits. The very definition of "Single-Threaded" means it's not able to use more than 1 thread, ever, for any reason. It does not mean it's going to spread out it's single thread across all 8 threads.. because that would be.. a multi-threaded program. This is not what is happening with KSP. KSP Can't load any one single thread to more than 20%. Ark Evolved actually in the VAB building a ship will (and often does) throw up 70% - 80% on all 8 threads and is just happy as a clam to suck up all the CPU power available to it. I think it's physics in the in-game world that's still having issues. Regardless, it runs like excrementse at the moment and is totally unplayable at high part count ships.. regardless of the reason why. I'll hold out hope the above mentioned new update will fix it. If it doesn't.. then I guess I'll just have to delete the game and re-install later at the next update to see if it's actually playable yet. It's still pretty astounding to me that in 5 years of development they still have yet to fix this issue.
  3. Aha! So there is an update coming? Maybe I can actually play it again soon.
  4. I know you're trying to help but I very specifically said in my first message " no one cpu thread/core on the 3770k is more than 20% utilization.", so no, it's not overloading any of the cores. Not a single one is above 20%. Also KSP is now 5 years old, it was originally released in 2011. They should of fixed problems like this by now. And a system like mine should easily be able to handle even a 1000 part ship if KSP would actually use any of my computer. But it doesn't seem to. I'm using Asus Sabertooth P67 motherboard. It doesn't even allow/support using the IGP at all. Dedicated GPU only. That's not the issue. And nope, I have the task manager split to show all 8 threads, no one thread is above 20% and most are 15%. It's not using much or any of the processor at all. Windows task manager shows indiviual core utilization already, and I've enabled that. It's just a setting.. thanks but 3rd party program isn't going to show anything different. Bottom line.. I don't know what's wrong with KSP. I guess I'll just have to delete it again and hope some how in another year or more that who ever makes KSP releases an update to actually use gpu/cpu to handle large-part-count ships. I basically have a monstrous beast of a computer, there's no reason KSP shouldn't fly at 60 FPS constantly no matter how many parts or mods I'm using.... so it's pretty upsetting to see it ever dive down to single digit FPS for any reason. EDIT: Added screenshot so you can all see. Low cpu usage, 0% gpu usage.. no ISP in this system.. KSP just.. won't use anything with my computer when it's under the worst load it should be using everything..... Oddly I load it up today and it's 16 FPS.. that's still deplorable though.
  5. So.. well I quit KSP for this some time last year and ended up stuck at one point trying to do what I wanted to with the game and the performance ended up tanking terribly and couldn't even play it.. and now I've re-visited the game again some 6 months later after (finally) upgrading my computer after 6 years on the old one and tried to get back to the same spot again. There was a big game update since I quit last and so I started over.. Finally get up to where I was before and.. even with my newer computer... performance is still crap and unplayable. I don't really understand what to do with this dumb game. I'm posting here for any remote insight what so ever to try and fix this. OLD computer. Had this one from.. gosh, spring 2009 -> spring 2016. I7-920 @ 4.4 ghz 24 GB ddr3 @ 1800 mhz Pair of massively overclocked +40% water cooled GTX 470's. New computer updated 2 months ago: I7-3770k @ 4.8 ghz 16GB DDR3 @ 2397 Mhz Single AMD R9 290X, 8GB overclocked edition from Sapphire Vapor-X Tri-X version. What I'm trying to do: Use a combination of KIS + KAS and land 3 ships on the mun as a space refinery point for outer-system ships. Landed one ship down.. simple ship, 85 parts by the time it got there. Landed small single-kerbal ship down because I forgot to send an engineer. Landed 50 meters from first ship. Landed down "large" 4 x rockomax orange fuel tanks + lots of solar panels + up to 130k battery power + 4 drills + 5 storage tanks for ore + refinery / ore converter. Everything fine. Get it landed on the mun about 120 meters from the other 2 ships. Ore miner ship is about 340 parts. Then.. I start connecting hoses. After I connect hoses, then switch back to the ore refinery / miner via space center.. my FPS controlling this ship drops to 6-9 FPS. It's sitting here running on the other computer while I type this on my laptop. literally 0% gpu usage. 20% cpu usage, no one cpu thread/core on the 3770k is more than 20% utilization. There's nothing in my system that's being overloaded.. or even loaded at all. This is unacceptable and terrible FPS.. I can't move my Kerbal on EVA near this, I already accidentally knocked off some of the solar panels because it lag-bursted from the slow FPS.. This is a crazy powerful computer system and it runs an older, simple game like KSP like this? What the hell is going on here?
  6. That was it, it was the default the last time I played and now it's not so it sort of threw me off and I wondered what else they changed now.
  7. I was under the assumption that with the recent update to KSP, the only version possible to play is 64-bit now.... So I went and haven't played it for like 5 days. Come back today, there's an update and when I start up there's a prompt to start it in 64-bit or "play KSP"... what gives? I'll launch it in 64-bit I guess but When did we get 32-bit back? Did they revert something recently?
  8. I would suggest making sure you do a 100% clean install. That is.. delete the entire KSP folder (or move it somewhere else, or put it into a rar file and save it) and make sure the entire KSP is empty. All addons gone, all saves gone, everything, and start fresh.
  9. The act of setting "dedicate to physx" in nvidia control panel by switching it from "Auto" to a video card, disables CPU acceleration and enables GPU acceleration only. That's how it works. There's no point in discussing it, it's been well-established that's how nvidia works ever since physx was allowed on nvidia cards instead of AEGIA physx cards. The only time it uses CPU for even partial physx is if you have only 1 video card and leave the physx setting on "auto". So if we dedicate a secondary GPU to physx, launch a game title, and see 0% utilization for the dedicated physx card, then no the title doesn't use it at all.
  10. Nope. I set up my computer with a GTX-260 slaved below my GTX 770, loaded older nvidia drivers that supports both cards and set the GTX 260 to dedicated to physx. I verified it works first by loading borderlands 2, and saw 60% utilization on second card when I shot guns and grenades and stuff (physx heavy things). Then I went and started KSP under 1.1, flew a few ships, crashed a few times, even did heavy flaming re-entry heat during one scenario.. 0% usage on second card dedicated to physx. It was even asleep in stand-by power mode. So no, KSP does -NOT- use Physx what so ever.
  11. Like it really matters anyway. Everything is changed, Wheels, wheel phyiscs, wheel functions, aerodynamics, all of it's changed. Even if you get something to load and work you're still going to have to tear apart and re-design all your old ships/designs anyway just to get em to work again. May as well start fresh so at least it's guaranteed you won't hit any bugs resulting from old ships being used in a new environment. Just like you can't load complex 400 part ships built back in KSP 0.6 in to 1.1 and expect them to even fly at all, it won't work. If you want stability and success, start over.. if you want to create your own bugs that don't exist for the rest of us.. keep loading old saves and hope it some how maybe works for you... but people using old saves and old builds that encounter problems shouldn't be complaining to us about said problems.. because the problems may not be problems at all, but may just be incompatible old designs flipping out with how the system changed.
  12. Change the time steam updates your games to a time when you're never awake (Asleep) and thus your computer's offline, and then the game will never update.. and you can stay in 1.0.5 forever.
  13. .... As with all major updates to KSP, you're going to have to re-build everything to get it working right, espically large updates like this one with significant changes to everything. In general with KSP updates we're supposed to wipe everything, including all saves, and do clean installs. Mostly just to weed out any possible corruption from old KSP settings/items/ships as potential "Problems" with the new builds. Everyone should be accustomed to this by now if you've been playing KSP long enough.
  14. Open windows task manager while KSP is running, and if you have a second monitor there put it there and watch, or alt-tab out and look at it. Go to process lists and if you see "KSP_x64.exe" running, then you have the 64-bit version. If you see "KSP.exe *32" then you have the 32-bit version.
  15. Yep I can officially confirm, KSP -DOES NOT- use nvidia physx for physics calculations. For some reason they chose not to take advantage of the most important performance aspect of Unity 5, and I read in the changes up there that they even -REMOVED- some physx acceleration for wheels and using their own "whatever" instead....................... I will still not understand why KSP does not take advantage of advanced technologies like this that already exist. Especially for a super physics-heavy game like KSP. One would think they would want all the advantages they could get in terms of performance, especially "free" ones by just tapping in to existing technologies. Such a sad day.
  16. Yeah.. for some reason my delete button wasn't working in windows, even in notepad, no idea why. I've rebooted and it works now. So was just a local problem with me and my dumb computer being stupid as usual.
  17. Well.. rolled bacy to some older drivers, and connected a GTX-260 below my GTX 770 so I can dedicate it to physx and monitor utilization.. I'm about to verify if KSP actually uses nvida physx for physics calculations yet... Which, in general is -SUPPOSED- to be the "Big reason" to update to Unity 5, it offers that acceleration that unity 4 did not. I'll write back in a bit with my findings. First thing I notice, we can't seem to delete parts selected in the VAB anymore. Does anyone know how to do this? Delete button on keyboard doesn't do anything anymore.
  18. Kind of off topic, but kind of not. Some of us can't afford "the latest and greatest" systems.. I've just recently made an "upgrade" from a 4.4 ghz i7-920 to a 3.6 ghz i3-2130, with plans to go up to a 3770K some time next year. I've noticed a significant boost (nearly +60%) in KSP performance vs my ollllld 2008 i7 system, even with lower clock speeds on this newer platform. Just thought I would note that out there to others.
  19. I don't know what went wrong last time, perhaps it was something to do with me letting windows 7 create a boot partition during install or whatever... I realized it had done that and I was a little upset and went back in setup again and wiped it and re-re-installed windows all over again, this time did it right and rolled the boot section in to the main partition so windows has 'one large partition', makes it easier for backing up and cloning to other devices and stuff. Anyway, all up and running.. yet again.. and now KSP works flawlessly. Not sure what I did wrong the first time but it's great now. So.. this is resolved. now to figure out how to mark it as such. EDIT: Marked solved. Thank you two for your help in trying for me anyway, it was awful nice of you.
  20. As I said in the above post, not using -any- security software, it's all disabled/removed/deleted. Even the microsoft stuff that comes with win7. Using nvidia drivers 355.60 for the video card off the nvidia website. And yes, several reboots. I'm still trying other things to try and figure this out.
  21. I'll try the EXE now. And... I'm the weird person out there... I'm running with no anti-virus and no fire-wall installed, not even the microsoft ones, got windows firewall disabled, and windows defender disabled too. So none of that is the issue. EDIT: Tried the EXE, same clicky problem.. this is crazy And no memory stick.. not one fre around here big enough to hold KSP. I might can try to find the cable for my usb hard drive. But booting KSP over USB would take forever. It shouldn't be an SSD problem, I had both of these in raid-0 on my older computer for the past 6 months and KSP worked great there.
  22. And it's not that overkill for SSD's, doubles the speed vs a single one, from 550 MB/s single up to 1100 MB/s two. That's kinda beside it anyway... shouldn't effect KSP starting. Anyway, this is the craziest thing ever. There's no encryption anywhere, no bitlocker, nothing. Standard windows install, all other games work fine.. just no KSP. EDIT: OH GOD I FIXED IT!!!! .... no idea how what I did had anything to do with it. When KSP Was in windowed mode, I just..... clicked the window's title bar and dragged it, and a whole bunch of flashing all over the screen and other windows elsewhere on the computer went all-white and then the outline for the KSP window disappeared as if it was borderless. But.... then I could click on things! Went in to settings, clicked full screen, and then saved, exited game, and re-started it to check and now I'm back at the VAB and clicking around and seems fine. EDIT #2: Nope! Right-click something in the VAB and it crashes to desktop again. *SIGH* Left-clicking works now though... rofls.. this is stupid *cries* I wanna play KSP :*(
  23. This is a very peculiar issue that I'm not sure what to do about. I got a "new" computer to me, well my old one went the way of failed kerbal launches (Kablooey!) and doesn't work so I bought some parts and built a new one and re-installing windows and trying to play KSP again. So this is: 1.) clean windows install, windows 7 x64, 2.) clean steam install, 3.) clean KSP download/install. No mods, nothing changed what so ever. Brief system overview: Intel Core i3-2130, 8 GB ram, GTX-770, pair of samsung 850 pro SSD's in raid-0. Problem: KSP Starts, loads through the loading screen and sits there at the main menu where it asks if I want to send anonymous usage data. The problem is.... I can leave it right there, and it will run for a good 15 minutes, no problem. The instant I left-click on something in KSP, it crashes to desktop. Logs: http://www.outfoxed.net/ksp/output_log.txt http://www.outfoxed.net/ksp/error.log And all drivers in the system are current, I just finished installing everything yesterday and now today so all drivers are current from nvidia and intel and everyone for all devices in the system. Any input? I would like to play this today hopefully. EDIT: Nothing wrong with the system, I've been playing GTA-5 for hours without issue on the same computer. EDIT #2: I've verified game integrity (Through steam) and every time I run verification check, it always says "2 files failed and will be downloaded", then it downloads them then goes. I've tried deleting the entire KSP folder, both through steam, and deleting it off disk from the steamapps -> common folder, re-downloading it twice now, and it does this every time. It's not ram, windows task manager is only showing 2.47 GB used in the system total, even when KSP is running.
  24. It really depends. Check to see if you are running out of ram or not. I'm not a mac user but there should be some sort of system resource monitor program you can run to watch your physical ram usage. If you're running out and paging to swap space / hard drive / swap partition, then yes ram would benefit you. But if you're not running out of ram, then it's going to be a newer system. I will tell you that (if you figure out you need a newer system) there's been extensive testing done and KSP runs fastest on the latest intel CPU's, so a haswell mobile i5 or the new broadwell mobile i5 chips would probably best your best bet if you were looking for a system upgrade (and you need to remain in the portable world)
  25. I'm having the same issue, see here. I know this is unmodded installs and I have mechjeb installed but this is not related to that, I can reproduce it with or without MJ. We used to be able to place these small tanks on top of the round struts and the small cubic ones, but now they will not place no matter what I do with it, see video above. This is beyond fustrating! SQUAD! FIX THIS! This basic part placement has never been broken since the oldest releases I can remember, at least not this bad.
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