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  1. Hi Kerminator, My submission, the Prune Hermaphrodite, named after the son (or daughter?) of Hermes: A combination of Whiplash and Rapiers get it off the ground: Steady climb to allow the thrust to build up: Light the SRBs and the fun begins! Trying to hold the nose down until flameout: I kept back a bit of liquid fuel and oxidiser to make a retro burn as the Ap was very high (> escape velicity on one flight!). I also added solar panels to recharge the batteries and keep the crew alive: I was too busy aviating to screenshot the re-entry as I had to wash off a lot of speed to prevent everything overheating. However, I made it back to solid ground in one piece. The batteries went flat at around 10km and there was no more fuel so I had to make the landing "dead stick" without benefit of SAS on the first flattish land I came across: IMHO there should be a badge for "I made it back in one piece." The re-entry was, if anything, more hairy than the level flight! I claim 3228m/s, Hermese category, manned Thanks for a great challenge!
  2. Seems to work for me! Gone midnight here so I will do more tests tomorrow. Thanks for a quick update!
  3. No clipped parts on my plane. I kept it as aimple as possible for testing.
  4. Now that RoverDude's Orion mod is working in 1.2 I have started pushing the limits of my potato PC by building bigger ships. Previously, in 1.05, the largest I managed were the Nuclear Space Explorer "Lazarus" (resting in LKO with refuelling probe.):: and the lightweight N.S.E. "Guy Fliegelman", designed as pusher for the experimental Eve ascent vehicle: Both reduced KSP to a slideshow whenever I approached them with another ship. However, thanks to stable 1.2x64bit and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement I am playing around with a new interplanetary tourist cruiser, The N.S.E "Gwen De Marco": As well as the solar panels and rads, the outrigger pods contain the RTG aux. power supply, battery bays and vernier maneuvering engines (LV-T45s). The main body of the ship has luxury accommodation for 32 tourists + crew, lander fuel and 3 large cargo bays so I'm currently using it to distribute relay satellites, which is a bit like using a steamroller to shell peas, but it 'aint half fun! Happy flying, pP
  5. I think I may have experienced the same bug as Rebel-1 while flying around Kerbin. As the plane ascends and descends through 130-150m ASL there is a severe pitch oscillation (aka a "bump"). Severity is dependent on speed. Example of test plane shown below: The effect is still present with engine gimbals locked and reaction torque disabled (ie flying on areo control surfaces only). Flying manually with no SAS autostab. makes no difference either, so I don't think it is a control conflict issue. Makes it difficult to land as it happens just on final approach, with not much time to recover, and Harrier/Kestrel type VTOLS just go loopy! Unfortunately I'm fairly sure it is caused by KJR as I have tried it on a standalone vanilla install. (x64). Hope this extra info helps in your bug hunt. Sincere apologies for by bad manners in reporting in at this time
  6. Thank you Odonian! Don't know how, don't know why, but it works. Installed: USI tools, Community CategoryKit, CommunityResourcePack & Firespitter from USI_2016.10.15.1 Plus:UmbraSpaceIndustries folder containing Orion vers. from USI_2016.10.16.02. Now got some serious shipbuilding to do
  7. Not posted much for a while so not really what I did today but what I did over the last few months: Jeb's personal VTOL: and a little larger VTOL: Now busy trying to restart my 1.0.5 career in 1.2
  8. I've been following the voyages of the Odyssey. Well done on taking the time to compile your brilliant mission logs!

    1. eddiew


      Why thank you :)  Tbh, it's been really fun to put the logs together afterwards, it's given me some proof of all the time I put in xD

  9. Yes, the magazine is directly attached. Pic of my test vessel: In the pic I have just decoupled the chemical launcher and staged Orion. The booster should be destroyed by the first push but no explosion Tried version with the same result but, unlike mace from space, I get the animations, just still no thrust.
  10. Yes, added charges. Yes, and tried separate launches of each size to see if only one size was affected. No joy with any size* Yes, Selected same charge size for engine Version for KSP 1.2.0, as listed in the file accompanying the Orion folder I downloaded from your link. (see my previous post) Manually clicking the engine starts and stops the animations but still no thrust. (Edit) Just noticed that you released yesterday! Will try that and report back.
  11. Per my oringinal post: Basically, I strapped a decoupler, plus half a dozen Kerbodyne tanks and Mammoth engines to the orion, blasted to 100k, decoupled and fired the orion through the staging. Result: Animation, flashes, noise, no thrust, no chage in dV, no change in Ap. I have checked that the NPUs in the tank match the engine and tried it with separate launches of each size of NPU All in a clean KSP 1.2 install. The GameData folder contains: (folder) 000_USITools (folder) Firespitter (As supplied with orion. Contains FS plugins (in subfolder) version 7,4,1) (folder) Squad (fiolder) UmbraSpaceIndustries (includes Orion version in subfolder) ModuleManager 2.7.1.dll + MM created files
  12. Done exactly that using only what was in RoverDude's packs 2 separate clean installs of 1.2 and 1.2 64bit. No joy. pP
  13. Hi RD, First: Brilliant mod! I never go Kerballed interplanetary without it, even if I have to do a lot of Mun tourist contracts to afford the initial cost! However, I don't seem to be getting any thrust from Orion or Medusa in KSP1.2 (worked OK in 1.05) I have tried installing just your Orion pack at https://github.com/BobPalmer/NuclearRockets or USI constellation pack (including FS &MM) at https://github.com/BobPalmer/USI_Constellation/releases/ into clean 1.2x32 and 1.2x64 saves but I get no joy with any combination. I get the animations and sounds OK, bombs are being consumed and the movement of the Orion pusher will pogo the ship off the launchpad (destroying the pad in the process) but even avoiding atmo. effects by launching into LKO by conventional means makes no difference to the thrust when Orion is staged. The readout stays at "0.1" even at 100% throttle with all resources met 100%. If I hack the thrust in the .cfg file from 0.1 to around 10000 it starts working but then the ablative oil runs out within a few dozen pulses. Have I got something missing/ corrupted? Percy
  14. [QUOTE]Have you checked that the antenna up top is not blocking the thrust?[/QUOTE] Thanks. I didn't realise that would be a problem! Will move it and report back. It wasn't a big deal as Jeb could get out and push the rover back when required, then jump on board (hence the running boards under the cockpit). Having the engine running continuously anyway was a good way of keeping the batteries charged. PS - There is an intake at the rear for the reverse engine and one on the front right for the forward.
  15. Send Jeb off to harvest science from around KSC. The rover is a joint effort between the SPH team and the VAB guys. It was moe convenient to build it in the SPH but, having not yet upgraded the SPH/ runway to >30 parts it was transported (by one of those yellow trucks?) to the VAB for launch. [URL="http://imgur.com/JOwquAW"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JOwquAWh.png[/IMG][/URL] Jeb says "When are you going to fix the *geeping* hatch. My back is killing me!" #edit# there are 2 Junos on top for forward & reverse thrust but the forward firing one runs but doesn't seem to provide thrust. Is this a bug?
  16. Another day, another VTOL... [url=http://imgur.com/gpsxKUC][img]http://i.imgur.com/gpsxKUCh.png[/img][/url] Early career in 1.0.5. I'm thinking of calling it the 'Wild Sow' [url=http://imgur.com/3hlpPnY][img]http://i.imgur.com/3hlpPnYh.png[/img][/url] Now, about those survey contracts...
  17. Wrapping up my 1.0.4 career reboot. Prototype CheapoTech tourist lander arrives at the Mun with a staff outing: [URL="http://imgur.com/woesJeh"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/woesJehh.png[/IMG][/URL] Jeb has a stroll around for science: [URL="http://imgur.com/aT5ncKl"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aT5ncKlh.png[/IMG][/URL] Back to Kerbin with enough dV to circularise in LKO. Having picked a deorbit node and made the retroburn it's goodbye pannier tanks: [URL="http://imgur.com/jODQtPQ"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jODQtPQh.png[/IMG][/URL] Glide, glide, glide and flop onto the runway: [URL="http://imgur.com/Be8257D"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Be8257Dh.png[/IMG][/URL] Now I am 2/3 the way up the tech tree with all facilities upgraded and over 1,000,000 funds in the bank I reckon this career is self-sustaining (as long as the tourists keep coming) so it's time for the Commonwealth Research Association for Space Hardware (C.R.A.S.H.) to bow out and hand over to the locals to carry on while I start up again in 1.0.5. See you on the flipside, guys...
  18. I built my first 'thing' in 1.0.5. A truck mounted mortar. Deploy: [url=http://imgur.com/OAzrQ3J][img]http://i.imgur.com/OAzrQ3Jh.png[/img][/url] Load: [url=http://imgur.com/mr51rat][img]http://i.imgur.com/mr51rath.png[/img][/url] Fire!: [url=http://imgur.com/voXV0Sz][img]http://i.imgur.com/voXV0Szh.png[/img][/url] Shell in flight: [url=http://imgur.com/cgI57lT][img]http://i.imgur.com/cgI57lTh.png[/img][/url] You can guess the rest...
  19. Still hacking through my re-started career in 1.0.4. Val arrived on the Mun in the 'Sigmund F': [url=http://imgur.com/wPk7TVG][img]http://i.imgur.com/wPk7TVGh.png[/img][/url] and I started using a winged vehicle for tourist trips to LKO: Up: [url=http://imgur.com/1fKdewa][img]http://i.imgur.com/1fKdewah.png[/img][/url] ...and down: [url=http://imgur.com/0tMGmyc][img]http://i.imgur.com/0tMGmych.png[/img][/url] Not paying for landing gear as yet but it comes down soft enough to do a belly flop. By firing them off in different directions, tourists have now paid for me to visit most of the biomes on Kerbin. Once I get some more scienc-ey bits unlocked I will go round again. The beauty of tourists is there is a never ending supply of them!
  20. Hi Right, Thanks for the suggestion but I sorted it by altering the 'Area' from 0.006 to 0.06 (was going to post later). It makes a massive difference to the static air but doesn't seem to make much difference to the drag at normal airspeed so I will stick with it. What units is 'Area' in? I would have thought m2 but 0.006m2 is only 87mm diameter! 0.06m2 is 276mm dia which, if the fuselage is 1250mm dia, still seems a bit small for the proportions of the model.
  21. As reported in 1.0.4. Please don't take this as a peeve, but does anyone actually fly the planes IRL scenarios during test? Off to see if 'Adjustable Landing Gear' still works...
  22. Question for the Wise Ones: Please can you tell me in simple words: Are there any lines in the cfg I can alter to skew the intake air toward low speed, stationary & reverse? This 'fairly realistic' VTOL works all the way through to 1.0.4 but the new 'effective speed' means that the lift engines flame out at hover: I haven't found a stock solution to the problem (even intake spamming) so I will have to fall back on a modded cfg. Can't live without my VTOL! From its proportions, I thought that the simple intake would allow enough airflow, even when stationary, for a Weesley to run without flameout, even if not at full thrust? Thanks, percy
  23. A better way to make money is to process monoprop and sell it back to KSP. This is a self-sustaining rig I had in 1.0.2: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/29533-What-did-you-do-in-KSP-today?p=2006360&viewfull=1#post2006360 I used to leave it running in the background and every so often launch an empty tanker, fill up and recover it from the runway. Paid for itself and produced a regular income.
  24. Unless that is true then I'm against. The problem is that the model only looks like one possible configuration of a jet engine, which does limit creativity in the engineering sense. As others have posted, IRL the layout of the intake, compressor/power stage and thrust nozzle(s) can be varied to suit the aircraft, eg the Pegasus (obviously!) & the Nene in the Sea Hawk, which had long bifurcated jetpipe aft of the turbine. Anyway, I always assumed that the 'invisible turbine' was a tradeoff so that we could use the fuselage for fuel as most of our wings don't have tanks. PS: R.I.C. - VTOL rockets consume far too much fuel and (heavy!) oxidiser. I suggest you practice your piloting and learn to anticipate turbine lag
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