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  1. I'll probably have to buy it just for the new "official" parts, assuming a handful the present "go to" parts are going to be trumped. Since it doesn't actually fix or allow me to create career contracts in any way [afaik], i'm not too excited.. but i am definitely going to wait for a large sale and assume they'll be a handful of balance passes before its actually complete.
  2. Emphasis mine. This game is absolutely a one-off miracle in an industry squad had zero experience in. So lets return to the remodeling example. If the cheapest guy convinces me that he is capable of doing the job, that's one thing. Then, the following day, I hear from not one but several of my friends [people I should hold in high regard], that this contractor has shafted many people on various jobs. If I hear that, I am certainly going to the next person in the ladder. Even if I heard it from a somewhat questionable source it would still be sufficient risk for me to hedge my bet and move
  3. Simple, they gave the contract to the lowest bidder, failing to do due diligence and going with a company who already had a bad reputation. It was a cost cutting measure. They did it to save money. That's why. Funny how without so much as explaining officially why FT is gone (let alone apologizing), they just announce a new porting company. It's basically just common knowledge that the port was poor and overambitious, the company chosen was a bad move, and yet there's not even the responsibility to admit that it was a mistake that cost console users at least a year. "we j
  4. Well, lets speculate. AFAIK none of this has been commented on in official capacity, because it is all PR kryptonite. •In 2016 development of KSP is essentially stopped. A team is brought in for one purpose; to continue to keep the game profitable, and coast off dwindling sales for at least a few years. •In relation to these problems, someone at SQUAD decided to roll the dice with FT who burned them uniformly. The idea is obviously that consoles will continue to bring in more money, from suckers with gift cards much like Steam, so long as the illusion can be maintained that KSP is
  5. Not sure that anything except a ssto-assisted round trip is even possible under 50t. so ofc it'll have to be done with ssto. no ISRU? put the nail in the coffin. My most recent payload which was capable of getting from LKO to dunas surface, biome hop and return with seating for 2 in a rocket format came in at 58t. The launcher however was an additional 600t for a grand total of 658t. I'd be happy to crack 4-500t with a manned mission in a non-ssto format, which is 10x the requirement stipulated. my point is, ssto-only challenge because conventional rockets just can't hit those margin
  6. I hope they make the console DLC first that would be the best value for money that you could spend
  7. it's simple, look at the release history and infer. the fact that they have nothing to state is pretty telling. in lieu of upfront discourse, it's the only certain thing to base opinions from. 6-8 months between updates, like clockwork. the fact that they now have to proxy through FT MS / Sony additionally does not suggest the console updates will be any faster, esp when we have confirmation that the console release will essentially "follow" the pc updates. so, now i will go on to speculate, that FT might simply change gears and start to update to 1.2 (provided their contract goes th
  8. I told console users in August to stop waiting for a patch. Since you just got an xbox patch (in all its glory), its all but certain that squad considers this a completed console "update" for Q4 2016. That said, they'll start on a new patch, which may be 1.13 some more or maybe upgrade to 1.2 entirely. In any case, it is obvious to me that this won't be any sooner than the new year. So in jan/feb, you might get a patch which actually fixes the saves, and possibly addresses one or two more issues. You are indeed expected to wait because you were foolish enough to not requ
  9. maybe if people would call them out on this crap and get refunds they'd pay people to do bug testing. not as long as you'll test it for free and only mildly complain while still playing something broken.
  10. Cash cow company is right. I don't get why so many people are quick to defend these losers. 

  11. oh i'm sorry that confused you, i meant up down left right. thought that'd have been obvious. I guess the answer is if you want absolute zero level flight and nothing even close is acceptable then this game is a joke (particularly on console) & you should look elsewhere, I should have realized. Sorry for trying to help enjoy the empty forums.
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