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  1. Hi,Finally I've got my Rover to Minmus... But it faced a wierd scenario while trying cross the frontier lowlands/Midlands: there was an impassable gap in the surface (see image ). How to solve it? Thanks
  2. Hi Nergal8617, I did that, hold button and click. Nothing happens.
  3. Hi IgorZ, I did as you said (screwdriver, grab from inventory, point to vessel part, press X...). Nothing happens... Please help. Here is the video:
  4. Hi, I need some help. I cant grab ou attach anything. My kerbal equips the screwdriver and tries to attach something from its inventory (a thermometer for instance) but the only thing I manage to do is to drop it... And I just cant grab the item anymore. I use the keys to grab, attach or dettach, no use. The mouse pointer changes to a hand (or scredriver), gets green, all seems to be fine except I cant do nothing. I´m using KSP 1.2.2, KIS 1.4.4 and KAS 0.6.2. No other mods installed (I reinstalled the entire game just to be sure the issue wasn´t some kind of incompatibility with other mods). Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I´ve been playing ksp for few weeks and I´ve just installed FF. Great mod! But I´d like to know if there is a way to edit a save file (or other file) to add some achievements acomplished before installation of FF. But i can´t find a file where this data is stores (nor how it is stored). Jebediah was the first to get to orbit, the first to get to the mun, but all this were done before installation. I´d like to be fair with him! Thanks.
  6. Hi, What is the Kopernicus Pluggin? Can I use Custom Biomes? Are there Kerbonite in those new planets? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have the same problem here. I can't see any new planet, just the stock ones. Any install hint?