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  1. Oh, so I guess for now you just approximated the mass by picking cylindrical peers. Maybe that isn't accurate in the real world but it should be good enough for ksp.. If you make the same approximation for maximum fuel content then maybe you're not being accurate. But seriously I wouldn't care... It'd be a cosmetic difference. You're still paying for the fuel on a mass per unit basis.
  2. I looked at it and wanted to ask for versions carrying fuel. And for a bit more balanced values.. But I didn't want to make the first post a criticism. Like you said, it's not really useful for career in your first iteration. I expect most people play career, I only play career. But its a good start
  3. This looks epic.. Would you consider adding it to the CKAN installer?
  4. Glad to hear that... As someone with over 500 hours in the game I can hardly claim it to be an unplayable mess. And I won't... it's simply the best game since apollo18 on the c64. But I was always disappointed that resources went away and stayed away. Mods do replicate the functionality. And I always hoped they would get to allowing us to build KSC type stations on other worlds where the buildings weren't just ships in disguise but similar to the KSC scene. In their own class. As for the bugs, I find that active texture management pretty much solves 90% of my crashes. The rest occur because I'm installing and removing mods on a daily basis. I think if you pick a core set and use texture management you're basically problem free. Strategies are horribly broken of course. But they're also pretty much optional. There's lots to be improved. But that doesn't take away that it's a kick ass game from a really charismatic team...
  5. If that ever becomes an isue check out Active texture management. That will basically solve all your resource problems without visual degradation. And if it doesn't you can still halve texture memory!
  6. Because it's awesome and you should totally try it out. Installing a mod by activating a checkbox. Updating all installed mods with simply another click. Why would anyone not want that? Not only does it take the silly maintenance work away from the player it also saves developers from having to support players with silly install problems.
  7. THAT is a very real possibility. In my defense I've checked 4 or 5 eve biome's and 2 eeloo biomes... All had pretty much the same values, the worst value was half that of the best. So I just presumed there wasn't a lot of variation! I'd look up the precise values tonight, but I completely borked my save file. That last teeny tiny addon must have caused a rapid unplanned savefile disassembly. Because I could no longer enter the VAB or exit the game... It really bummed me out too because I got quite far this time. I think I agree with your rule of thumb though. A sphere in 3 years with 8 drills on a good spot sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Although I haven't used spheres yet. I don't know their contents but I seem to remember it was up to 10k of karborundum? As for balancing. You know a game like KSP really is about trying things out. The extended reach karborundum gives isn't an end game imho. I believe it should enable an interesting infrastructure in combination with colonies. I see karborundum as a mid game achievement which enables end game dreams.
  8. I believe you'll find it here: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/220469-enhanced-navball-v1-3 I'm using it too.. It can also make your navball bigger or smaller.
  9. If I compare to admac's numbers. "A bit of a nerf" is like calling a single tear a bit of a bath tub. Because that's about the ratio I think we're speaking about. Don't get me wrong, I agree with your assessment that it needed a nerf. And what I'd suggest is a minor tweak compared to the nerf you applied. I know that the system continues mining when I'm not looking, I brought a tank full of karborundum back to kerbin. When I returned to eve about two thirds of a year to a year later we had gathered a whopping 30 units with 5 drills... :/ Which I believe indeed covers the trip when using torch drives with maybe a little to spare. The smaller drives... no, it doesn't cover it by a long shot.. The karborundum fusion drive I was using couldn't even get to orbit on that amount. Lugging a nuclear reactor with you for a kerbin ascent costs 15 units, eve ascent I don't know the exact number but it's probably at least twice or trice that much... In other words: A single eve ascent takes over a year to mine with 5 drills. If you remove the atmospheric penalty you'd use not a years worth but.. 1 month? I'm making rough guesses here. It's not a lineair equation and the ship designs will change. But it seems more fair. I'm not trying to think against you here, but with you. I think you as the developer and I as the player will both be most satisfied with an optimal balancing of the mod. I think in space the fuel is pretty well balanced when using the torch. Mining it is a bit slow and I'd suggest a speed up between x4 or x10. (nothing compared to the nerf you applied) Also change the situation so the torches get the atmpospheric penalty while the fusion drives get an extreme boost, the vacuum atmosphere isp ratio is now 6/1 how about making that 2/1? I don't remember their ISP, but I suggest upping them a little while lowering that of the torch. It's okay for the torch to have the isp advantage especially if it has the atmospheric disadvantage. And then give fusion drives isp's that depend on their sizes. That way players will use engines depending on situation. Bringing the ISP's closer and lower compared to the increased mining speed. I think should be balanced to allow an eve roundtrip + landing for a small to medium ship with one or two drills. At any rate. Again. Thank you for an epic mod, and thank you for your patience with my rant! Maybe others want to pitch in with their opinions? I'm sure we all share the desire for K+ to be the best it can be.
  10. I had the exact same problem, and then 10 minutes later it went away. I'm guessing a corrupt metadata file that got replaced.
  11. Well, allright, and I get the idea that it's a precious resource that will take time and effort. And don't take my suggestions as criticism please, for what it's worth this mod and it's challenges has been occupying my time and thought for the last few weeks. It's really fascinating! I also got a torch by now and that changes my perception somewhat. It simplifies matters significantly. I can now leave the nuclear reactor at home. Which saves a lot of weight. Now 10k of electric charge and about 8 units of karborundum suffices for a kerbin ascent. The torchlight drive to me seems to be properly balanced and what I had expected of using karbonite. Maybe it's a tad overpowered, but then again it's a huge engine for my tiny ship! To get more karborundum the obvious goto was to add more drills. So I built a 64 dril rocket. Which apart from being monstrous also brought my game to a crawl whenever I got it anywhere close to a base. And it still only does 7 units per second at max warp! Admac spoke of a 200,000 unit miner. Which at that speed would take 8 real hours of full time warp to fill up. I'm curious as to how he does it. I suppose he leaves his computer on overnight. But in game that would be about 80 years? To me that is a bit much. I'd hope for some tool to increase the mining ability about 10 fold. Perhaps a heavy land, deploy and then never launch again (or we'll explode on you) mining rig? Perhaps it uses so much power that you need to bring a nuclear power plant with you. Perhaps allow the big drills to dig up karborundum? Something other than just having to add multiple mining drills. I'm okay with doing the work, I really am, but I'd like a result that avoids killing my computer Also, it seems to me that the little karborundum drives are way harder to use than the torch drives. If anyone would ask me I'd say to just ignore them and save up for a small torch. With the exception of the largest one they are impossible to use inside the atmosphere. And the largest one is only usable when tied to a big ass nuclear reactor. And the torch has none of these penalties at all. The karborundum requirement is one thing: less efficient is really fine. But the electric charge requirement as a side effect is so large that it becomes a serious hindrance. I remember the first time I just looked at the numbers in disbelief, no battery was going to solve that. The only way I managed it is via the already mentioned nuclear power plant. I'm waiting for the near future electric parts the condensators might also do it. But they haven't been updated for .90 yet... Maybe it should not be a six fold ISP difference but merely a two fold? Or as a more radical idea: Exchange the atmosphere/vacuum differences for the torch drives and the smaller karborundum drives. So you can use the small engines for landing and ascent while the humongous drives are to be used for the mother ships and will have serious issues when trying to lift off from atmospheres.. At any rate playing around with this has been an immensely interesting few weeks! It's been real fun trying to get this to work and solving the various problems that come up. As a highlight, me and two whitesuit kerbals enjoyed camping out on eve with their eve camper prospecting for the best spots to mine. And I managed to get them off the planet a few years later Thanks for building it!
  12. I've been mining on Eve and on Eeloo now. But I'm getting about .2 karborundum at max warp per second.. Which is kinda slow if you ask me. I've checked 3 or 4 biomes on eve but they all had similar returns or worse. At this rate I'll take two years to fill up the ship... Is there something I can do to speed up the process?
  13. One little tiny, almost significant issue with quickscroll though Malah. If I scroll from one page where I mouseover an item, to a page where I don't mouseover an item, ksp keeps the itemoverlay visible, it will then also never get a mouse out event so effectively the thing is stuck to your cursor untill you mouseover another part. I'm hoping you can just make that floating panel go away it shouldn't come up again untill after I move my mouse. If I, the user, am not moving I think you can assume I am more interested in the list than the item I am moused over.
  14. Finals come first Xaiier. But I too really miss your mod. Its really one of those must haves.
  15. I love CKAN it's really 1000 times easier than doing mod updates by hand. It's unfortunate though that not ever mod is with the program yet. In linux there's something called package maintainers which are people who do not make the software but put the software in the package managers. Would something like that be an option? Also, some mods are marked as incompatible. While I doubt they truly are. Is there a way to force install those via CKAN anyway? And thirdly but this is probably a long shot... Could it be possible to install partial mods? I'm usually not interested in all the parts a new mod introduces. If CKAN could allow me to leave out parts, or, just install one or two parts from a mod that'd be epic.
  16. Nice Nathan. Thanks for the tip... A solution outside of KSP is obviously preferable.
  17. Basically part icons. I'm considering building some kind of gamedata folder editor so people can install parts of mods they're interested in, another way to combat the memory use and amount of parts we're mostly not even interested in. And for them to make minor changes to the the cfg files of the parts which persist after mods are updated. Tweaks like changing the fuel type of an engine. Or adding mechjeb/science containers to command pods. Again for their own personal use. However, since people mostly recognize parts visually I'd like to be able to produce icons for each part to make it easy for them to recognize what they're looking at. I understand that the .mu file that squad uses is their own proprietary format and they asked us not to decompile it, so I don't want to take that route. But is there another way?
  18. I like it, it certainly stops the grind... The default settings feel like the kerbank is backing a truck of money into my administrative centrum every single time someone says something smart. I don't mind getting a little extra, but maybe this is too generous? I don't know, what do others think? It should not be a cheat right? I mean we have cheats.
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