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  1. Alright. Even with the joystick unplugged, the issue persists.
  2. Here is one of the craft that the issue is at its worst on (the issue occurs in SAS-stabilised, level flight too) Most people should have the .craft, it is 1.0.5's stock Velociteze. My joystick is well within its dead zone when the issue occurs.
  3. Hello, I have looked around a bit and have not found anything about this topic, which is why I am asking this question: Why are all of my aircraft slowly rolling to the right during flight? This issue begins at takeoff and persists until landing. This occurs in stock craft as well as those that I create, and I have also noticed this bug in stock 1.0.4. What could be causing this and how could it be fixed? -Carlpilot
  4. My suggestion is simple: a Mk3 crew quarters with a cargo hold beneath with a door on one side that opened and closed by right click / action group, in a setup similar to many airliners. This could probably be accomplished while using the same IVA as the default Mk3 crew quarters. Also, it may be helpful to some to have a version with and a version without a cargo door. -Carlpilot
  5. Absolutely amazing replicas. My attempts have not been so successful. One question: How did you remove the tips from the fairings? Suggestion: "Download All" button for all aircraft and ground vehicles -Carlpilot
  6. Nice thumbnails, but one thing that you have to remember is that YouTube scales them down to 640x360, so try doing that (not permanently) in an image editing program and see how they look. -Carlpilot
  7. I crashed a mostly-B9 airplane into the SPH, with better results than I expected! The tail can be seen separating, along with both wings and one of the jet engines. An elevator on the tail has just hit that air-conditioning unit near the centre of the image. -Carlpilot
  8. Thank you! I want the game to have realistic physics, but I am not aiming for a perfect Existence Simulator. -Carlpilot
  9. I have developed an asymmetric aircraft in Kerbal Space Program, something I have not seen many of. There are the occasional asymmetric aircraft posted on the Internet or here on the Forums, but they often look like a pile of airplane parts. I used Ferram Aerospace and several part mods to create a realistic, aerodynamic, possible asymmetric aircraft. (I apologise for the audio balance, apparently the volume changer sliders don't affect the propellers) KerbalX link -Carlpilot
  10. Thank you! The gas giants still aren't procedural, but hopefully I will be able to get the differing star colour to apply to the gas giants. -Carlpilot
  11. Fully procedural system, from placement to mesh!
  12. Hey, the oboe actually plays! Sure, fire comes out and it shoots into the air, but it plays, right? -Carlpilot
  13. Very nice animation! I like how at the end, Valentina comes out and plants a flag after only a small jump. -Carlpilot