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  1. That's bad news, the mod has so much potential. Maybe you'll change your mind at some point, to pick up the mod and continue it. Learning C# can be a pain in the neck, but the more you practice it the easier it gets. Many thanks for the mod. it makes my kerbal life so much easier.
  2. Good Job with the mod, haven't noticed anything bad on it yet. Looking forward for the next updates.
  3. Ya that sounds like me sometimes. Mostly when I'm doing test flights. Great Idea, I'll give it a try.
  4. I love it, really looking forward for the next release. Keep up the good work.
  5. Ok thank you, I seem to missed that information. My bad.
  6. I think I found a maybe bug in the 1.1 Pre-Release. The parts Kontainer (2,5), MK II, Kontainer pod for Starlifter and both Cargo pods from Honeybadger aren't switchable/ don't have the USI Warehouse option. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work with your mods.
  7. Jep it works with 1.1, haven't seen any problems with it yet
  8. There is now a test version of RasterPropMonitor v0.25.0 available on DropBox. This is not an official release, but I want to make it available so there are additional eyes on it. There are some known issues (specifically, JSITransparentPod behavior is ... interesting), and there are probably plenty of unknown issues, since my testing consisted of launching a stock AeroEquus into orbit, stabilizing the orbit, and returning to Kerbin. And, before anyone asks: No, I have not created new IVAs. I may eventually get to it, but the first priority is to ensure that existing RPM functionality is working. One other note - the JSITransparentPod functionality will be split off into its own DLL. It's never fully fit in with the core RPM functionality, and it'd make more sense for it to be its own entity. @JPLRepo will be taking over that code (in reality, all of the work on that code for the last many months has been his, not mine). Expect more news on that front once the KSP 1.1 dust settles, if not sooner. Thank you for the update, I'll let you know when I notice a "Kraken"(aren't we all a bit Kraken xD) in RasterPropMonitor. Thank you for the update, I'll let you know when I notice a "Kraken"(aren't we all a bit Kraken xD) in RasterPropMonitor. OMG sorry for that Firefox is doing wired stuff the last two days.
  9. Great job & thanks for the fast update works like a charm sofar.