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  1. Note for @Ruedii , I believe that's how KSP works - unless the DLL has special logic? Anyway, I'm seeing the same exception as Ruedii -- in AddonInfo.IsKspExcludedVersion(). Somehow there's a NRE in there. (I say "somehow" because I was looking at the wong AddonInfo.cs in the KSP-APC folder. I found the NRE in MiniAVC and submitted a PR.)
  2. Thanks. Pretty sure you're right. Now I'm wondering if there are alternate Scatterer configs or if I should just remove the Scatterer directory entirely. I'll have to poke around.
  3. So far, I'm having no issues with Kerbal_Construction_Time- on KSP 1.5.1. I've not tried to launch from desert/woomer yet (keep forgetting). I run a very slow preset. 8-12 day roll-outs, dozens to hundreds of days for builds and research.
  4. Was the code to automatically trim out low-reliability parts from Scrapyard ever implemented? (First post is a bit out of date. The posts that I've +1'd this week had information not in the first post.) I don't see anything in DefaultSettings.cfg which would let me say "auto-recycle parts with a reliability under 2/10". I'd still want the funds from StageRecovery, but would want them to be auto-trimmed instead of being put into Scrapyard's inventory. I think SRBs are the lightning rod because of how they get used (radial, multiple) and how fatal to the launch that loss-of-thrust failur
  5. I've head a gander (I'm using OS 1.4 release version), and the SRB base chance of failure is 0.6 compared to liquid engines of 0.11. So a SRB is about 5x-6x more likely to fail. Combine that with most SRBs being radially mounted, used at lift-off, in sets of 2-6; and it results in making SRBs noticeably less reliable. If they were more subtle failures like off-axis thrust, broken/limited gimbal, 5-15% shorter burn time, part heating then that higher failure rate would be less noticeable. For now, since they don't have those additional failure modes, I've kicked my reliability dow
  6. Thanks. How many failure modes are there for SRBs? So far, all of my failures have been complete loss of thrust. Wonder if there are ways besides reducing the thrust to zero to represent a failure: Crack in casing causes the casing to heat up (possibly causing nearby parts to overheat). Thrust gets offset +/- 30 degrees Represent loss of total dV performance by a "fuel leak" type mechanic so the fuel runs out early (maybe "poor casting of the propellant" as a cause) Make it go boom sometimes Muck with the Isp / thrust total values (-10% to -50%)
  7. Not sure what's going on with Kerbin. Everything works, but performance dives by a goodish amount whenever Kerebin is in the view. This is a stock AVP install (EVE, Scatterer, 2k textures). What would be the most likely culprit and can it be tuned down to give better framerate?
  8. I'd possibly agree that SRB failure rates might be a bit high, so far the rest feels ok but I'm still in Kerbin's SoI. Still experimenting (only been using Oh Scrap! for 2 days now). Took about 10 launches before I felt like SRB XYZ was reliable. (I run with Scrapyard and KCT. My KCT is turned up to 11 with 100-300 day build times, 10-20 day roll-outs, takes years and years to research stuff.)
  9. SRBs and some engines make a horrible audio racket when they fail. Not sure if it's something with KW mod parts, or if it's Linux64 bit issues, or if there's something that can be done in Oh Scrap to stop playing the failure sound after a while (or at least tone down the volume over time).
  10. Contract Configurator is updated for 1.5.1 -- so far, in my play testing, everything is working as-is in 1.5.1. I just need to merge any PRs (hint hint) or look for things that should be updated based on feedback.
  11. Spacedock still points at the old github repo. I'm also not seeing a GameData/ folder in the repo.
  12. Posting to keep an eye on NIMBY for when it gets an in-game way to create and place beacons.
  13. Thanks @Jesusthebird Also, guessing that the contracts do not work in 1.5.1 at the moment due to ContractConfigurator being behind.
  14. I usually create a copy of my KSP directory with just UbioZur Welding installed along with just the part mod (if non-stock) that I want to weld. It cuts down loading time drastically. Once I have the part finalized and I'm happy with it, I'll copy it over to my primary play directory.
  15. (running BDDB master branch in 1.4.5) I don't use the kicker SRBs because I find it easier to just use LF/Ox engines that have more control. Even when I'm low in the tech tree I have not used the kicker SRBs. I do heavily use the 0.935/1.875 radial SRBs along with a 1.5-1.8m central core LF/Ox tank. Seems like I have enough LF/Ox engines unlocked (even in CTT). I'm not one for building replicas though, so it's a mix/match of Tantares, stock, MRS, SpaceY, BDDB.
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