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  1. Hey all, I placed an experiment on the mun. It is now 100% finished but only 53% transmitted. For some reason the experiment keeps turning itself off, disabeling it. I went back with a kerbal to turn it back on but as soon as I left the experiment turned off again. How do I retrieve the remaining science?
  2. Hey, I'm trying to launch a tiny sattelite on an Atlas V411 but for some reason it keeps spinning out of control. No matter how hard I try it always flips over eventually. It's a lot of work flying it in the first place since it does not stay on course at all. I got the OSFairings mod. Anything i'm doing wrong? I tried with RCS, adding multiple SAS units but its always the same problem. The flipping occurs both with the booster attached and after I staged it. I didn't fly all the versions but the 421 and 551 worked fine. I'm using the smallest fairing for the 4 series Edit: I switched to the longest fairings and the rocket did not flip. Smallest fairings are the cause I think
  3. Hey guys, I like to play with realistic rocket mods like japanese launch vehicle mod, esa mod. Sadly those are all outdated. If I fly them the rockets just flip and crash into the ground. I read somehwere that it's a simple task of editing the .cfg files. Is this possible? I would love to fly the rockets again without having to revert to 0.90! Thanks for the help in advance
  4. Is there a way to fill the tanks withouth mining astroids? I plan on using it in sandbox mode so it would be great if I could just fill up the tank
  5. Hi, I too have this problem but in my case, when I turn off the corssfeed, it does not save it in the save file. I could not find any port with xfeedenable active = true :-/. How does this control id work? What do I look for?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my station. Sadly I can't undock a module. When I press undock, nothing happens. The module itself is just a part, I used the astroid grabber to connect a ship to it from the other end. This worked before with moving modules. After googling I found out you need to change some stuff in the save file. I tried disabling the crossfeed to allow me to find the part in the save file but it's not saving this change. So I can't search for this.. I also tried searching for the name but could not find it in the file. Any tips? I can't do anything. Removing the module it connects to is not possible. It would mean I would have to take apart my entire station to replace it..
  7. Already posted by some people but I found out the following: when 2 modules get near eachother the lag is insane(on the scale of unplayable). I tried with stock docking ports and still had this problem. So it's not the docking ports that causes the lag.
  8. Pfew, tought it was a bug with the warp drives. One question remains. Is there a way to add new planets? I saw the config example but obviously you need textures and other stuff right? For now I moved duna to another star
  9. I run into a weird bug. I made a seperate installation for this mod together with kerbalalarmclock and mechjeb. I added interstellar for the warp drive. As soon as I activated the drive I was on my way to another star. But as soon as I left the SOI of the kerbol system, my screen turned black and I had to restart the game to fix it. The spaceship itself is gone. Am I doing something wrong here? Edit: tried a different warp mod, no sigar. I get a black screen, black gimbal and every new ship launched teleports to the center of the system(black hole)
  10. The cockpit of the rover makes my game lag... As soon as I click it in the VAB or launch it I get fps lag. Not much but just enough to let it be very annoying. Anyone got an idea why this is happening?