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  1. Thank you. I’ve never tried something like that, but I’ll give it a whirl.
  2. Does anyone know about a patch, or a way to have MJ available from the start?
  3. Hello all! I’ve been out of KSP circulation for a while, and have loaded the current versions of the game and Mechjeb (best mod EVER!)...I want to add MJ to career mode from the beginning, but can’t remember how to do it, and the link to ‘Mechjeb for all’ doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Is it in the SSTU part of your JPL download? I see the ‘remove port snap’ file...do I drop that in my KSP Game Data?
  5. Thank you very much! One more question: I’m having problems docking with the SSTU docking ports. Do both ports have to have ‘docking port snap’ enabled? I’ve tried it both ways, and they just bounce around together, magnetically attracted, but won’t latch (?). Thanks for your help
  6. I am running 1.3.1...but those directories don’t look/sound familar. Are they something I need to unpack during install?
  7. Silly question: I recently loaded this mod...and some of the parts are invisible when I try to load them in the VAB. (They show the blue dots as connection points, but remain invisible when you attach them) Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance
  8. I apologize for the silly question, but will any 'rocket parts' do? I installed KIS and loaded a container with (literally) some rocket parts (i.e., LV-909s, etc) and mass of loaded container says 11.5. Not sure if this is measured in tons or not, though. At any rate, inflation doesn't work.
  9. Hello all. Is there a trick to inflating the station parts? They inflate just fine in the VAB, but won't when in orbit, or even on the launch pad when I test it. Love the mod, BTW - thanks!
  10. Yeah...embarrassingly I have a magnetometer that might be sticking...but I would have expected at least some lateral wiggling if that were the only issue. Still, I'll remove it and see. EDIT: Nope, not the issue. The garage simply won't let me go.
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963426161
  12. It's a Lynx in a double-length K&K garage. I reverted the flight and am now just troubleshooting on the runway. Will try to provide a pic.
  13. Well, I had it attached at the rear of the garage with an adapter that comnected the garage to the decoupler...I decoupled the decoupler, then decoupled the adaptor. My ramp is open and so is the back of the garage now. But I'm stuck in the garage spinning my wheels. The last time I tried to load KAS/KAS, post 1.3, the game crashed during loading Guess I can try it again.
  14. Okay - a simple if stupid question. I have landed a garage on the Mun with a rover inside. The ramp is down...how do I unlock the rover so that it drives out? My wheels just spin
  15. Sorry for the stupid question...but how do you attach the ladders?? No matter how I orient the Lynx in the assembly building, the ladder attaches sideways. Ladders WILL attach properly to the rear airlock, but not to any 'side' door. EDIT: On a curious note, the ladder with platform DOES attach as advertised over a Talon wheel...
  16. I'm experiencing a rapid burn-through of Tritium as soon as I activate my RCS on the runway before takeoff(?). Anyone else have this problem? Consumption rate of Tritium for side pod is listed as '452.3695/sec. Max'
  17. Is TCA a mod? I'll check it out! Thanks ! (My problem happens at half throttle or less)
  18. What a great mod! Having a really difficult time with VTOL, though - still wants to pitch me forward even when trying to counter it with RCS (nuke engines not activated, of course!). Tried using the thrust limiter on the aft turbojets (85-90% instead of 100%), which got me some more altitude before it pitched me forward. Becomes laterally unstable at higher vertical velocity, too. You really have to fly this baby delicately - I'm sure it gets easier in a no-atmosphere environment like the Mun. If anyone has any helpful hints, I'd love to hear them...and does anyone know how Mechjeb interacts with this?
  19. I have tried this, and unfortunately the game still crashes before loading completely. I'm heavily modded, have a lot of things going on, and am sad that I'll probably have to start yet another new game. I WILL try to put my *next new game* ( ) in a different directory, or shut off automatic updates, or whatever the hell I need to do. Love this game, but I need to get off the hamster wheel of losing everything everytime the game 'improves.'
  20. Hello, can someone tell me how I can have Mechjeb unlocked at the beginning of a new career mode game? Many thanks in advance
  21. Has anyone else had an issue where containers won't open, and an error message says 'path not found' for the sound file (even if the sound file is there)?
  22. Nils277, I updated, and the problem no longer occurs Thanks for your time, and sorry to bother. Cheers!