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  1. I just added a convertor to the Vortex engine myself, I can share you the cfg file for it if you want... But you could also easily patch the Stock ISRU to add a HyperPlutonium Converter as well. Haha I modded the Vortex engine. I added a Converter Module to it to use NeptuniumGas and Ore and electric charge to make HyperPlutonium I'm probably going to move it to its own part though...
  2. this painter seems amazing. so how well does this software work with Unity?
  3. You are welcome. If it isn't too much trouble? Please post pics of the designs you make with my engines. I'd love to see what people come up with.
  4. Oh man your retexture looks great. could you help me texture my work inprogress cockpit?
  5. Will do - - - Updated - - - Ah, I renamed the part in the .cfg I thought that would be enough. I'll look into how to separate them.
  6. It has 200 thrust right now. ISP is as follows. Atmo-800 Vac-1600. They are not final. Will be rebalanced. Next update will be switchable to air breathing mode and will support tweakscale and hopefully NEAR and FAR.
  7. On your front post it says you didn't know what ISP is. Its basically fuel efficiency. The higher the number the less fuel your engine uses up per location. Like you can change rocket engines to have better efficiency in space as opposed to atmo. Sorry if you already learned this. BTW. I'm drewdus42 from reddit
  8. This is my First Mod. SRAVE- Slim, RAdial, Vtol, Engine Version: 0.1 Changelog Below Inspiration: Mass Effect Concept VTOL I Posted the idea on Reddit awhile back and it was fairly popular, so i decided to take up modding and climb the hill. this is the result: I had help from user: gdp209 to correct an issue with Mirroring in the SPH/VAB that plagues many modding newbs. _________ UPDATE (4/11/2015 - added Harrier Dropship and .craft file for it to play with - TCA is Practically Required _________ DOWNLOAD MOD ________ I highly recommend Infernal Robotics as my engine relies on the standard docking washer to rotate. However for now i have packaged just the docking washer along with the engine. the washer is named "SRAVE Directional Hub" and is found under the UTILITIES section. Please any pointers or comments, feel free to pitch in the comments below, Thanks
  9. I'm so excited for this. let me know if you need help with raw 3d modeling i'd be happy to help