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  1. Is there a way to use the KSP Dump file to determine what mod is causing a crash? In a 1-2 hour play session, I will get a random hard crash of the game with a dump file message. This dump file has lots of info, is there an area I should look in to find the culprit?
  2. Two part question - When using a taller lander (pod on top of fuel tank with lander legs), How do you get the Kerbal to reboard? Is it always necessary to incorporate a ladder? Second Question - With the new addition of electric motors, how do you active/throttle these? For the life of me, I can't figure this part out. For testing, I have put together a POD, battery, electric rotor with props but there is no "activation" with the space bar as you would a normal rocket engine. Right clicking on the rotor doesn't give any options for "activating" either? Thanks!
  3. Been using the Real Plume mod for a while and absolutely love it! However, I would like a bit more length to the "smoke trail" left behind, mostly when using SRB's. The default config is decent but more length/duration would be even better. What is the config file/entries that need to be edited to accomplish this?
  4. Awesome, thanks! Going to give these a try!
  5. Are there any visual packs (AVP, EVE, etc) that work with 1.6? I just took a look at AVP and EVE and it appears that AVP has been updated, but not EVE? Also looking for one that doesn't tank performance. On previous versions of KSP I would run 70-120 FPS without EVE/AVP, and it would drop to ~30FPS with it.
  6. Thanks for the info! But can SVT be used along side AVP? I thought I read somewhere that it couldn't.
  7. Recently I installed the EVE, Scatterer and Astronomers Visual Pack. This greatly improved the water textures and added clouds, lights etc. However unless I am missing something, is the AVP also supposed to improve the overall terrain of Kerbin and other planets when on the surface? I do not see a change in the general terrain. If not, then what mod can be used in conjunction with the above mentioned to overhaul the general terrain? I see screenshots from others where the terrain looks fantastic (mountains, nice shaders, etc). Running KSP 1.3 Thanks!
  8. Excellent suggestions, the help is appreciated! It appears the problem was shifting center of mass. As someone said above, as the SRB consumed fuel, the ship became top heavy with too much thrust "whipping" the front end. I corrected this by testing the lower stage using 2 smaller SRB's. They produced less thrust and I could dump the weight quicker keep the center of mass central.
  9. Using these mods I built a replica Honest John with a 400Kt nuke in the nose. Is there a way to make the nuke go off on "contact" with the ground/water instead of having to "fire missile" from the nose cone prior to impact?
  10. I have a ship built using two liquid fueled upper stages and a long burn solid booster first stage. Ship flies fine until hitting about 4-500 m/s @ 10k meters altitude when all of the sudden it veers off course. I am using stability assist. What is causing this?
  11. Ah okay....I guess I always started a new game so I didn't have previous ships floating around in space.....makes sense though. Thanks!
  12. Thanks NSEP! Never even knew that setting was there. I was going to post some pics that I took, but, after enabling auto-strut and selecting "strut heaviest", the boosters are as rigid as can be! On a side note, and off topic of this discussion, is there some trick to saving vehicles I have created? Every time I save a new ship, it will show up in my "load list", but as soon as I exit the game, return to the game and enter sandbox mode as a "new game", my ships are no longer in the load list.
  13. I will get some screenshots. Is "auto struts" a mod or setting? I am just placing struts manually but would be interested in something that does it for me
  14. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. When using larger "heavy lift SRB's", I can't seem to keep them attached to the body of the ship. I am using radial de-coupler's and heavy struts ,usually a set of two at the top and bottom of the SRB connected to the ship. It looks sturdy enough. When I click to "take me to launch pad", the boosters will sag for a split second and then fall off. I have even tried adding a ridiculous amount of strut connections and the same problem keeps happening. Any suggestions?