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  1. B9 wings, even with the new config, give negative lift numbers in the latest version of FAR in 1.02 for me. Standard wings work fine.
  2. You can of course tweak the strength of Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. See the readme for details.
  3. Thank you for this. I also have fond memories of this show, particularly of the Robot and Will. If you like I'd be happy to look at re-texturing this Jupiter 2 model into something more in line with the tv show.
  4. Unfortunately most users are forced to downgrade their textures in order to cram in their mods and so this is largely overlooked. I would love to have more memory available for mods like this.
  5. The memory leak seems to have little to do with retained data about objects in play. I have always noticed with KSP, even with stock, that when I launch a ship that memory use goes up and even when I revert to the assembly building this memory is not freed up. When you do this a few more times the extra memory used can creep up to 200mb or more - play for a few hours and it can be close to half a gigabyte of ram that is 'stolen'. Frequently this leads to a crash when I have several mods in use. Save the game and restart and the game runs fine for a while until this happens again.
  6. Runs well after repairing / replacing damaged files via Steam. Pity the error reports on crash weren't clearer.
  7. Just verified the files on Steam - reported several thousand files with errors. I've never had a problem with Steam downloads before. Hopefully re-downloading will solve the start-up crash.
  8. My game also crashes running a completely stock install (removed ksp folder and did new Steam install for 0.90). I click the executable (either 32 bit or 64 bit) and it goes to a white screen for approximately 7 seconds and then I get a crash error. Details: build id = 00705 2014-12-15_13-42-05 Branch: master Link to Error Logs: http://www./download/yo974es4ppd5873/2014-12-16_143922.zip Link to System dxdiag: http://www./view/qjfaffiv20p8v24/DxDiag.txt Previously played version .25 without serious problems (just memory issues like everyone else running many mods).
  9. Fun Mod! If possible might you be able to make a blue beret and a cap like my avatar is wearing - for my space cadets?
  10. Thanks for this mod. Unfortunately I can't see an actual link on github, only the source. I download other stuff from there fine. Could anyone help me find the link to the download please?
  11. Thanks for this mod. It did a good job on cutting down my initial memory usage but I'm having a problem with a memory leak though (goes from 2.2 gb used to 3.7 gb before crashing) after simply leaving it on the VAB screen for an hour or so. I tried a new install (downloaded all new files from steam) and tried each mod I use individually and none alone seem to cause the issue. This was very time-consuming due to having to wait after each mod was installed to see if it caused the issue. So now I'm in the situation of trying to determine which combination of two or more mods is causing my memory
  12. These are great parts. Thanks for making them. If it's not too much trouble could you consider adding a small automated ramp at the front of the pod - I can get the rear loading ramp to work by turning it around and placing it inside the pod body and it looks reasonable - but a dedicated front ramp for boarding would look great. Also, might it be possible to tell me how to move the default door for eva from the rear hatch to the front as it seems strange to be eva-ing into the fuel carrying fuselage although it is cool if the cargo bay is attached.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Linking the scenario to a save state sounds ideal for what I am planning. I'm looking forward to to seeing this develop. My plot involves a series of linked events / game states. The first mission involves the arrival of the Kerbal Colony Cruiser into the (previosly deviod of life)Kerbin system. There is a collision with a small asteroid and the colony ship is damaged and fails to properly achieve a Kerbin Orbit. Jebediah and a small crew are still awake on the ship while the rest of the crew slumbers in suspended animation. Jeb and his friends assume control of the ship
  14. This sounds great, and very useful. When 0.9 comes out (soon?) I was planning to add some scripted scenarios myself and this could be an ideal base for that.
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