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  1. @JPLRepo Someone asked before me, but is there a way to change the normal mapping on the suit textures? Or are we just allowed to add in new diffuse textures? Also, how are we to do an icon/sprite without a proper Kerbal model to take a snapshot of?
  2. Just wanted to post and say there's a new update! After modding the config files for several of my favorite mods by @RoverDude and @Nertea for every update the past five years or so, I decided to finally just make my own parts the way I wanted them to work. Version 1.5 of my Phoenix Industries mod, which I'm calling the Deep Space Update, includes a simple reactor, ion engine, and xenon fuel tanks for all your interplanetary and deep space needs. The xenon tanks are meant to look fairly stockalike, using the same type of crinkle normal map, color scheme, and general look as the stoc
  3. Tested against 1.10.1. Some functionality may be limited if other mods aren’t updated yet. I briefly looked into the suit changer thing and I don’t think there is a way to incorporate my suits into the stock suit changer. I think KSP still bundles the suits into their .asset packages.
  4. Just wanted to pop in and say sorry @bcink, I checked both of my backup drives and couldn’t find what I was talking about... must have been mistaken.
  5. When switching songs, this can happens as the next song loads. If you mean the music stops entirely and doesn’t start playing again, then that’s a different issue to troubleshoot. There is, but it requires a lot of work with the playlists (in other words, I won’t offer support ). Using Soundtrack Editor, you can modify the songs and/or add more playlists for whatever planet mods you have installed.
  6. I really don't think I do, but give me a couple days to dig around and find my old back up drives. I think I remember seeing some KSP stuff on one, though I thought it was just the release .zips. Honestly, all it was is the TR-2 or whatever wheel with a new texture and the suspension from the RoveMax model. Part of the reason I decided to not work harder on it was because it technically isn't my modeling work, I would be repackaging Squad's stuff which I feel is a no-no. The texture is nice though, so as I said above, I'll dig around and see if I can find the old assets (low ch
  7. That is correct. There are some versions of cues in the mod that aren’t on the released album because they’re very similar / variations of the same cue. You can always thumb through the files but I appreciate you using a playlist as it helps me out as a musician! If you have any questions about the production side I’d be happy to answer them through PM. I’m glad you appreciate this atmospheric style! Are either of the Duna tracks working for you? Just glancing at the code it seems like it should be working. Duna Space should play while you’re in orbit / in Duna’s spher
  8. I never had them in game. There was another modder that their own rover models that Kottabos reviewed that had some sort of wheel model included. Mine where never in game. I couldn’t get the suspension to work so I just quickly put the model and texture together for Blender screenshots. On every release thread, I’ve always stated that it does not include wheels and that I never got them working.
  9. Make sure you delete the original Music/Playlist folder from Soundtrack Editor and replace the folders with those in my mod. Make sure you also download all the dependencies needed for Soundtrack Editor. Where did you download the mod from? Spacedock or Github? Try whichever source you didn't use before and see if a file was corrupted in the download.
  10. Version 1.3 is up, which adds 7 new parts to replicate the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft: Nosecone, Capsule, Heatshield, Trunk, Coupler, Solar Panel, and Shroud. Textures for all parts have been tweaked, most noticeably with the Atratus texture. PartVariant modules have been added to the new Dragon-style Trunk and Shroud as well as the "Moore" Booster to allow users to remove the blue bird logos from the parts.
  11. Streaming would be fine, even uploading to YouTube would be fine but you wouldn’t be able to monetize the videos.
  12. From that description, it sounds like something a little different called dynamic score or dynamic layering. The idea that multiple tracks are composed with the same beat/tempo/format so depending on where you are, it will seamless fade into new tracks. One of my favorite examples of this is Grant Kirkhope's scores to the Banjo Kazooie games!
  13. That's an interesting point.. There is a way to "procedurally" create music, using modular synthesizers or restricting a random MIDI modifier, although I can't imagine a way it could be implemented in a game. Side note, if that sounds interesting to you, Ólafur Arnalds has an album called re:member that uses three pianos - one played by Ólafur and two that semi-randomly generate MIDI notes based off of what he plays and then uses a mechanism that physically plays those notes on the other two pianos. In any case, I appreciate the compliments and the support!
  14. Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it. I'm uploading to a GitHub right now, I think I have it figured out. We'll see! Okay, I have updated the OP with a download link to GitHub, hopefully I did that correctly and it works! Let me know!
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