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  1. Well the RCS-less version would be for the Cygnus style part, not the Dragon. Using PartVariant to switch between standard and extended trunks is a good idea, though!
  2. Ah, I see. I hadn't checked out the PartVariants module yet, so I was just brainstorming. I suppose I will just rework it and keep the functionality it always had without worrying about part switching.
  3. Hey everyone! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on the forums. Lots of stuff has happened. Among that, my laptop crashed, along with all of my modding and source files. However, with the new KSP update, I’ve actually been getting back into the game a bit. I wanted to update this mod a bit. I don’t intend to change anything functionally, just give it a visual makeover. I plan to do the Dragon capsule, the Trunk (and bundle pressurized and unpressurized if I can figure out the stock part switch stuff), the Dragon adapter, *maybe* solar panels, and the Cygnus part (again, using part switch for RCS and non-RCS). I plan to discontinue the HTV and the ATV parts. Heres a preview-
  4. Excuse me, but will you update your mods soon, as I really like your textures, but the mods are for 1.2.2?

  5. to be precise. And sorry guys! It works now that I reinstalled CRP. I must have goofed it up when switching mods over. My bad.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/en4n02vlx5pgcxf/KSP.log?dl=0 Sorry, log is right here!
  7. 1.4.1, Keep getting an error upon loading - says something about B9 Part Switcher throwing a fatal error and closing KSP because "SSPX Commodities" doesn't exist.
  8. I haven't played KSP in probably 9 months, but I stumbled across this mod somehow today and I can see that the ability to create area/event specific playlists has been added. This is fantastic! As a freelance composer for indie games and the local film industry, I can finally finish my "KSP OST" project I've been toying with for a few years. Hoping to install this mod this weekend, test it out, and see if I can get to work on doing the proper OST that KSP deserves.
  9. I'm well aware of real-world sizes of cubesats. The scope of this mod was to replicate the look of cubesats while creating as much functionality as possible. Hence, they are hollow inside for stock rocket parts to be put in. This way you can create your own square satellite (think Dawn, Osiris-Rex) with whatever fuel, science, or batteries you needed. For those that wish they were smaller, you can use TweakScale to shrink them down. The issue with making them lifesize, or smaller, is that it ruins that functionality. You could no longer use them to build other satellites, but instead use them for a single purpose - which I don't like.
  10. UPDATE: Version 2.1 is up on SpaceDock. Changes: -Switched all textures to .DDS. -Tweaked stats on "Nudge." -Tweaked stats on "Moore," so it is actually useable. (TWR of at least 3) -Added radially-mounted LF/O tank inspired by the Soyuz FG rocket.
  11. UPDATE: Version 2.2 is out, download from SpaceDock. Only thing I changed was I switched all the textures to .DDS. No more super ugly artifacts / unreadable text on the parts.
  12. New version is on SpaceDock! Changelog: -Switched all textures to .DDS -Added NoseCone for Phoenix capsule. -Fixed ATV solar panels (so they now work as intended) -Tweaked Cygnus model so flag decal is transparent if not in use.
  13. Ah I see. The current method would be to use KIS to store fuel tanks in the ATV, then EVA when its docked and remove the tanks, attach to your station and transfer, but that's a bit tedious. Maybe I'll look into it.
  14. What did you mean as a CRS-4? If you want to transfer fuel to a station, I would just attach a fuel tank to the CRS capsule instead of the cargo trunk. Or did you mean using the trunk model but having it contain multiple switchable resources?
  15. Solar Panels for the ATV have been fixed, expect a new update soon.