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  1. So I just got back to playing KSP after a few months, and the mod you posted the link to is very buggy for me. When I load up the game the parts are all there, but all the pictures and logos are white. It also doesnt seem to detect that the weapon manager is on the craft. Is anyone else getting this problem?
  2. Will you be adding in the Chieftain body and turret? I really liked the look of that tank and I would like it if you added it back in.
  3. Oh my god. ++++++++rep Sadly I have to spread some rep before I can give you some
  4. Can anyone be kind enough to send me a copy of their stock mk1 inline cockpit? I was messing around with the interior and now whenever I launch it, the screen goes black. Apparently I wasn't being careful enough to make a backup.
  5. It says " The folder '/FishLand hangar/replicas' does not exist."?
  6. How about a AH-64 Apache? The helicopters are amazing and I don't understand how you put them out so fast
  7. Oh my god. I didn't know you could build something so beautiful in KSP. rep rep rep rep rep rep rep rep rep And please fix the download link, I WILL have a tantrum if you don't
  8. Are the missiles supposed to only lock onto targets within the phys range? Because that seems to be the case for me...
  9. This might be a stupid question but, Does NEAR make the atmosphere less dense than stock, just like how FAR does?
  10. For those who have problems with parts not showing... The problem might be because there is a space after .cfg file name, and that causes the game to not "see" the part. If there is a space after the text file named "part" then simply remove the space and it should be fine. If that doesn't work then it's probably is a much more complicated problem and you should probably reinstall the mod. - - - Updated - - - It would be cool if you could control the cruise missile as well.
  11. I was collecting data from Jool's atmosphere so I decided to name my craft... "Jool Penetrator"
  12. I was screwing around with infite fuel and making a bunch of stupid crafts.
  13. Pretty good, but I think the wings are a bit too long.
  14. No I am not, the only thing I'm using is stock SAS.
  15. So I made this plane on KSP the other day and realised that my plane started to shake at around 300m/s. I really have no clue with advanced aerodynamics or just in aerodynamics at all. Can someone tell me the reason of this problem?
  16. I made a replica Jagdtiger. This picture here shows the top speed of the replica which is 17.3m/s Does it look similar?
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