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  1. So... there is a chance. Thanks for the reply
  2. Out of curiosity, is it possible to manually inject the mod assets/files into the base game without the need for Kopernicus? I haven't looked at how base KSP has its planet data setup so I'm not sure if everything in OPM can just be inserted into the game (the .bin files in OPM have me concerned). I'm not saying I am going to attempt to do this, but I am genuinely curious if it is something that can be done by an end-user.
  3. This is a great mod for those of us not using Mechjeb at the mooment. I bought the DLCs and did a fresh start/install of KSP and wanted to keep things more stock in the game now that the devs have implemented some niceties (Maneuver Planner) into the UI. Big thanks!
  4. I wonder why Sarnus is exempted at game start? Is it because it is such a large planet? Just a curiosity.
  5. This is great! Very nice, clean interface. Thank you so much! (And, I accidentally hit the 'underline' key. :P)
  6. Yes! Made it to EVE! Now how do I leave? lol ISP is too low. I've been trying to find an inflatable balloon mod that would work but haven't found one.
  7. Greetings developers and marketers, I suggest live streaming a Moon mission in real time to promote the expansion.
  8. Hey, since we are on the topic: does the craft disappearance only happen around the Mun^N? That way I can play accordingly until the fix is released.
  9. I noticed that Karkua is listed in my scansat list, but I don't even know what Karkua is! Is it a planet? -edit- Oh, looking at the front page, it's the super black hole!
  10. Had all my satellites disappear around the Mun^N. I think this is a known issue with KSS? Do bases/flags also disappear? It's a curious bug - I'm wondering how it happens. Not a big deal though! It's not like I don't have entire star systems to go out exploring
  11. I just finally got around to updating KSP to 1.3.1 from 1.2.2 and when I aqcuired and installed the newest version of KAC did not find the option to turn the real time clock on. But I just remembered (just this very minute) that you simply click on 'Current Time' on the main display to activate it. Ahh!
  12. -edit- Heh, not safe at all! Gave it a try in my version of the game and it crashed it during load. Ahh well! I actually came here trying to find answers as to why the BTDT mini-window doesn't render the any wireframe image any more for me. Not sure what changed that it doesn't work. Not a big deal though. ["How safe do you think it is to run the latest version 18 Scansat on a 1.2.2 install? I'd like to give it a try if you think it is safe, but I'm not willing to update the game any further."]
  13. I'm trying to use the 2.5 meter drive to do interstellar travel at 500 times the speed of light. I have the acceleration factor set to 6.4 and I don't think the bubble likes those kinds of speeds - it's having a hard time animating with those settings I think. Is there a way to completely disable the warp bubble on my end? I really don't need the effect, but I want to continue using the drive for this type of travel. I couldn't see if there's something easy to modify in the part.cfg file or not. -edit- I think I got it: I deleted the .dds and .mu file for the warp effect and deleted two lines pertaining to the warp engine module in the part.cfg and it's working fine now! I'll miss the lovely effect though.
  14. Greetings! I am wondering if someone can enlighten me a bit on how to use the default console orbit parameters to set a spacecraft's orbit. I'd rather not install HyperEdit as I don't plan on using commands extensively, but I'm not exactly sure what everything in the console does. Thanks for any help!
  15. I am doing some fun experimenting and I'm wondering what stats I need to change to make chutes indestructible from aero and heat forces upon deployment. I've messed with the breakingForce and torqueForce stats in the parts files, but not sure what limits I should/am able to put.