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  1. Been experimenting with experimental VTOL craft. The Hoveround. Like a beefy hoverbike: Bicopter. It's ok, but slow: And the Vitol. This one is very stable, I have good control with the various engines and get decent speed because of the efficient afterburner engine: Vitol demo:
  2. Made my way up to Cape Kerman to gather some more data for my mobile research plane.
  3. Celebrating a nation's independence.
  4. I'd combine KSP with Factorio so that my game life would be complete. I'd never have to do anything constructive in the real world ever again, as I'd have no time from having to manage with conveyor belts and fuel efficient launches.
  5. I like going to Dres, especially since the launch window from Kerbin comes early in a fresh game. "Probe me!" ~Dres
  6. Started a Science only game with 3% science rewards. Not 30%, but 3%. MWUAHAHA! The pain is real, but the challenges are rewarding.
  7. I still have modded planets and parts I haven't unlocked in KSP1 yet. I'm still hyped every time I play!
  8. I went and did some testing and they both seem to be working 'ok' so far. The LX is harvesting Karbonite a lot faster though - like, cheaty fast. I'll keep an eye open for anything else aberrational. :3
  9. I'm running an older version (for 1.7.3) and I noticed that there are two 1.25m atmospheric scoops (the 400-LA, and the 400-LX). There's not much difference in their part .cfg file except a single line in the scoop. The 400-LX has this, whereas the 400-LA does not: intakeTransformName = spareTransform airSpeedStatic = 5000 Do I need both of these scoops for some reason? I can't tell if the 400-LA is necessary. Looking to delete unnecessary stuff :3
  10. Just floating around in an Otter pod. I call it, a "SeaBee". Not to be confused with a Seamoth, or Seaflea, or any other Seabugs Had to modify the .cfg to allow for its own intake of water, which allows me to use the RCS for propulsion: I thought I needed the extra batteries because I wasn't sure the heat panels were going to dissipate the internal reactor's heat fast enough, but it turns out I really do not need the capacitors or extra batteries, except for somewhere to mount the heat panels: Wait - what??
  11. Opened up a wormhole... somehow. https://i.imgur.com/PsjxQyx.mp4
  12. Specifically, I don't know which line in the .cfg controls how much tolerance a kerbal has at landing after a jump. I wanted to give each space suit unique stats, including jump strength. But in so doing, my modified kerbs are falling after each jump. hop threshold didn't fix the issue, so I'm wondering which line in the prebuilt .cfg file needs to be changed to give a kerbal more falling tolerance before they fall over. Thanks for any help!
  13. There's a way in Hyperedit to save the changes to a file which loads every time you start KSP. From HyperEdit - Kerbaltek: "Can I save the positions of planets after changing them with Planet Editor? Yes! Version 1.3 saves your changes to a file and then reloads them on startup."
  14. It's alright - just ended up using Hyperedit to change the Mun's initial rotation orientation from 230° to 150°, which put the Farside Crater on the... far side. Thanks for your help!
  15. I do have Kopernicus! I also didn't think about Hyperedit (mostly because I've never personally used Hyperedit.) But I was curious if it's possible to change the game files by hand directly, because hacking my core game files is my preferred way of destroying my KSP installation
  16. I want to switch the facing of the Mun. It's always bothered me that the Farside Crater faces the Mun's prograde orientation instead of, you know, actually facing the farside (Eastside Crater too for that matter). So I am wondering if it's possible to delve into the game's core files and manipulate them easily just to turn the Mun 90° to rectify this IMMENSE and SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT issue. Thanks for any info!
  17. Had a Kerbal start rubber-banding after he landed head-first onto the ground and just wouldn't stop accelerating. Don't even ask! It's still giving me nightmares
  18. Most of the time I keep up with quicksaving so that I can just F9 if there's any silly mistakes. Every so often I might give up on a mission if I have multiple other missions going on or I forgot to do a timely quicksave, thus making the effort of sorting how far back I will have to 'time travel' to fix things just not worth it.
  19. My custom Dres probe and rover needs a little more dV to make it there with room to spare; I call it 'Dresser'. Thanks for reminding me! "EXPLORE IT ALL!!"
  20. I finally am starting to use KIS to build things in situ. Built this little impromptu buggy after I flew out to the local area to do some ground research. Much fun learning to use KIS! KAS too!
  21. I setup a high atmosphere orbit over Kerbin at ~56km, and I used Mechjeb's Translatron to maintain a prograde velocity that would overcome the low drag from that atmosphere to keep my periapsis and apoapsis consistent. Required a bit of fine tuning to get as much eccentricity out of the orbit as well as balancing acceleration with drag.
  22. Well, I've got quite a few planet packs installed, so I'd like to visit more of these planets and setup more bases (with Planetary Construction mod producing ships in distant star systems). I'd like to orbit the black hole that's nearby too, see what the astrophysics are like at those G forces.
  23. Only thing is, I have the slider on many, if not all, ship components. So does it only work on armor pieces, or all pieces?
  24. What is the Armor Thickness slider supposed to do? I'm using BDArmory version for KSP version 1.7.3, and I've been looking all over the web for what this slider is meant to do, but I haven't found any information.
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