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  1. Well yeah! But as you know, until you get the tech for larger tanks, sometimes you end up stacking smaller tanks to make a whole stage (of course). The primary reason I was wondering about draining the lowest tanks first was for aerodynamic stability - shifting the center of mass forward while having control surfaces and gimballed engines in the rear. I suspected this gives the ship a 'lawn dart' effect, thus increasing the chance a ship will survive max Q when flying. Game wise, it doesn't really matter though? If I have serious aero problems, I just add more fins usually lol MOAR FINS!!!
  2. Circularization on approach option?! Woah, awesome! Oh, and I finally got around to trying out adjusting the nodes using the translate keys - so good! lol
  3. I find myself often having my multi-tank stages drain from the bottom tanks first, and then successively upwards until the end of the stage. My thought is that this gives my gimballed engines more leverage to work worth as the center of gravity moves further forward during the stage (lawn darts). As long as the aerodynamics of the rocket hold stable, this seems to be working out fine. But is this the correct approach? Should I just allow for even drain rates for all of my tanks, or drain the stage from the top down? I'm interested to know what your thoughts are on this and if there's ever been serious talk in real world design about this concept.
  4. Ok thank you! Yeah, I noticed you had to recompile against the newer AT_Utils anyway. Guess I'll be back at the wonderful 2.4.0 version foreva! FOREVAH!!!
  5. Is the current version of GC backwards compatible with 1.7.3 of KSP? I'm still using that older version.
  6. I just started to use those SDDs, and those can really change the way you approach collecting of science. Quite nice!
  7. I'm curious how I can copy the new solid fuel rocket boosters into an older install of KSP. I was able to copy the new blade covers and copter blades, as well as the new rocket cone just by copying the part folders into the appropriate sub folder. But the boosters don't show up in-game by simply copying their folders over. Is there something else I need to modify? I added their part info into the PartDataBase.cfg file, but that isn't enough for the boosters to show up in the game. I can't simply play on the 1.8.1 install yet, because some mods I use haven't updated yet. Thanks for any help!
  8. So wait: are you saying all I had to do was change the DeployedScience.cfg file manually? Why didn't you just say so! lol I LOVE hacking my KSP game files by hand. You should see what my Squad folder looks like these days >:D
  9. Just to be clear: the migrating was happening to me with the current Trajectories version, not with your fix. -edit- Hey, I've got a question about your fix: it came with two files, but my current installation doesn't have a Trajectories.dll file anywhere in the mod folder or sub-folders. It just has TrajectoriesBootstrap.dll and a bunch of Trajectories.bin files. Is the Trajectories.dll supposed to go in the Plugin sub-folder?
  10. Is it being destroyed, or is it being moved off screen? I've noticed that the 'new' GUI seems to migrate around from where I placed it when it isn't open. Seems to move more when it is not in its default, center-of-screen position. I've switched back to the old GUI for now to see if that suffers the same effect.
  11. Oh wow! I finally got around to launching my first telescope and opened the zoom window - amazing! I didn't realize how much fun this mod would be
  12. Well this is amazing: I went online to look up how I could change the maneuver node's color and it looks like you've already done the work for me! Thank you.
  13. Seems to be working with Outer Planets, Kerbol Origins, Outer Kerbin. I just moved the Kerbol system anomaly over to Sarnus instead of Jool (to make it a little more difficult to reach.)
  14. I remember the first time I went to Moho - so exhilarating! I didn't realize how much dV I'd need to get into orbit. So sunny!
  15. This little planet pack is so perfect for me. I love playing the early game where I do missions to the Mun and Minmus, and do a lot of surveys of Kerbin via aircraft. But the leap to inter-planetary missions is large and feels like a whole other game. Now i have some more things to do before I'm ready to strap on heavier thrusters and leave Kerbin's SOI! Thanks!
  16. Somehow ( I haven't figured out exactly how I did it yet ) I managed to get my window to reappear without having to reload the save or game. So I know it is possible.
  17. Will it work with Kerbol Origins in conjunction with Tarsier Space Telescope? I haven't been able to discover any planets using the earliest TST telescope.
  18. Does anyone know if Kerbol Origins works with Research Bodies and Tarsier Space Telescopes? I had stated a game and did some planet discoveries with the telescope, but I don't think anyone of the planets revealed were part of the KO additions. Did reveal all of the Outer Planets Mod bodies though.
  19. Thanks!! I'll take a look at that thread edit: took a look at the thread. EvilReaper mentioned that the default navball for the UI is hidden away in the game. I guess what bothers me about the whole ordeal is that the IVA navballs are easily changed just by going into the Squad/Props/IVA... folders and changing those texture files, but the Squad/Props/Navball folder DOESN'T actually have the default texture for the UI in it, even though there is a texture file in there for the navball? Weird. Ahh well, just going to use the NavballTextureChanger mod for now then.
  20. Thanks for the replies! And in the end I may end up using one of those. But I am genuinely curious why my vanilla approach to manually modifying the base texture file didn't work. I'm on a mission! My next step is probably just to unload all of my mods and see if that changes anything. Again, I don't think I have any mods that would usurp the base navball texture, but I'll see.
  21. I've modified the texture by hand (just changed the blue and brown sky/ground colors) in the Squad/Props/Navball folder. But the navball in the game hasn't changed color. I also changed the color of the dds files in the two IVANavball folders located nearby also, and the IVA navball texture HAS changed. So I'm really not sure where the UI Navball texture could be hung up at. Checked the logfile and the only textures that have 'Navball' in the name are loading from the Squad/Props subfolders, so I don't think any of the mods I have are overriding the default texture (None of the mods are texture modifiers 'I don't think'). I have both DLCs installed too, but do either of those have a navball texture update or some such in them?
  22. So... there is a chance. Thanks for the reply
  23. Out of curiosity, is it possible to manually inject the mod assets/files into the base game without the need for Kopernicus? I haven't looked at how base KSP has its planet data setup so I'm not sure if everything in OPM can just be inserted into the game (the .bin files in OPM have me concerned). I'm not saying I am going to attempt to do this, but I am genuinely curious if it is something that can be done by an end-user.