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  1. Music: 3L - Three Magic You can find MK22 below↓
  2. Many thanks! My UVtexts now can working properly! === At first it can work well only in KSP1.0.2 in my computer. As I change kspdir.txt file into KSP 1.0.4 or 1.0.5, it just goes wrong again....confusingly... Then I delete most of the MODs in Gamedata and problem solved. I don't know why but it is solved...
  3. can import models in 1.02 and 1.04, with some problems in 1.05 like this and models' textures didn't fit well (in both 1.02 and 1.04) I used the source code on the GitHub released on 5 Oct 2015. Blender's version is 2.73 == At first I couldn't even use the code later than Mar 25, 2015, because after that the author changed a method to list the 'part' (part_dir.py --> part_dict.py). Finally I realized it was encoding error. I followed Cptman's instructions (in Page 13) and problem solved.
  4. I got these models out of curiosity and made a rough port to CitySkylines [del]I don't have much time in testing each data, so thses buliding are expensive, high-energy consumption, and of no use... I think it may be inappropriate to share these on workshop [/del] - - - Updated - - - well in fact, you can put almost anything you want in the game IF you can modeling. But importing these into CitySkylines is a little bit tricky and you may take more time than you thought to get these done. Using KSPBlender Master can transform your .craft file into 3D file. ('KSP Blender' is avaliable in forum
  5. It's a strange idea and I made it ! Some screenshots below - - - Updated - - - pictures I made recently hope you enjoy~
  6. well it seems to be the Decode error, and I check my kspdir.txt several times to ensure it's encoded as utf-8. There's no strange character in both KSP & Blender's path. Unfortunately it still didn't work. Blender just feed back exactly the same bug report as before and I'm deeply confused.
  7. Hi, I've got a little problem in using this... The versions before Mar 25(Update 3-1) are working all right, but the versions after (Update 4-7) always have several problems. I guess(just guess) that 'part_dict.py' caused these issues. Here's the bug report: I selected the same .craft file , same 'kspdir.txt' to do this experiment, version 3-1 success, version 4-7 failed. and my working environment: KSP 0.9 Blender 2.71 Win7 hope 4 repley~~
  8. This short video is my first attempt to make KSP movie with Cinema 4D. I drew a small storyboard and made some reference to other doge fight videos ( like Stealth ,ace combat ) It took me nearly 2 months to finish it, and I found that C4D is a pretty good way to kill time~lol It still have some bugs, like flares, missiles, ect.I didn't correct them in the end. Time precious
  9. This suttle is a huge work! Well, I don't have the ability to turn .craft file into other things, like a 3D file. I picked out each individual part and re-assembled them in C4D. Infact, my free time is pretty tight that I have to make the model as simple as the Google's main page (and you can easily realize it in the first pictures). I wanna set up a bigger project, like rendering a more complex scene, or shooting a small KSP movie, but, you know, time doesn't allow me to do so...
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