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  1. The best idea I've seen (sorry I can't recall where) was that unshrouded solar panels cannot be retracted once extended. This seems fair and with their intended use.
  2. Is there a mod to see what is draining/Powering what? I.e. is there a way to know at a glance how much I am getting from each solar panel and how much an antenna is costing me?
  3. I love the mod but one thing I find a little frustrating is figuring out what everything is when it is closed. A few questions: - Do open and closed doors affect drag in FAR or are they purely cosmetic? - Is there any way to get labels on the OUTSIDE of the universal storage containers? Thanks so much.
  4. I love this mod. I really like removing the clutter. With regards to integrating Remote Tech, have you tried to use StockRT as this seems to keep with your philosophy more ( Also, I've seen it suggested a few places and some home grown implementation, but I would love if RT would allow you to control the antenna ONLY if there is an uplink but no downlink signal to the satellite. This is both realistic (real satellites have safe and low gain modes if something fails and allow for hibernation) and removes a huge level of frustration of losing permanently a satellite from a single simple mistake. Finally, I'm not sure if it is your mod, but I notice I cannot use Kerbal Engineer with Satellites only with capsules during the flight phase (build phase works fine). Thanks a lot and looking forward to seeing how you implement MKS/OKS especially with the multipurpose module (
  5. Firstly, this is my FAVORITE mod. Feature Request: I understand this is a bit of a drastic change but one of the annoyances is the tiny little upgrades every tech I research. I was wondering if it would be possible to tie the upgrades to actual technologies similar to how other mods offer progressive upgrades as you unlock technologies. E.g.: The Science Research branch of the tech tree improves research speed. The Heavy Lift branch improves Build Speed in the VAB in large increments (doubling?) The Construction branch adds additional slots at 50% of the primary slot The Survivability and Materials/Fuel Branch improves rollout/recovery VAB and SAB. The Aerodynamic Branch improves build speeds in the SAB. This way each upgrade feels more dramatic and ties in closer thematically.