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  1. You could install Firespitter without MKS, if you simply want that functionality. The issue is that without MKS, the various modules will not do their jobs, so perhaps you could explain your desire a bit more clearly?
  2. Cheetah - You will have to do it yourself. The closest I can suggest is to RMM to a docking port on the same craft, then you can undock and fly into the bin yourself.
  3. Angel - I couldnt find with a quick search, do the OKS hab ring and aeroponics work with the MCM? I am trying to design a onesizefitsall lifter and tug, and wondering whether i should be using the homestead or MCM.
  4. I don't see why it couldn't handle landed rendesvous. I am much less sure about KAS flextube -type docking, but I'd guess maybe, if done right.
  5. FYI - The Routine Mission Manager mod conflicts with this mod, and makes this mod non-functional. Working on a test fix, if it works, I'll notify the RMM developer.
  6. FYI - This conflicts with the Hangar Mod, and makes that mod non-functional.
  7. You have said that the Ponderosa does not need efficiency modules. Does it consume punchcards when in a mode that normal consumes cards? If it is a Kerbitat, how many Kerbals does it support? Does it benefit from having inflatable habitats from MKS added to the craft? What about your own inflatable efficiency modules? Same question for the Aeroponics, etc.
  8. Awesome! Testing begins, and I will write Karbonite and K+ Configs for this.
  9. Looks interesting. Like the use of an existing resourse.
  10. The science cost of upgrades rolls over, and turns into a -212328397234 type number.
  11. I did hit max cost, but with career being the way it is, Im unlocking the whole tech tree early and still having tons of science on hand. 30 sounds about right for science upgrades. I like building large rockets very quickly...
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