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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the texture for the new jetpack (the suit revamp), I looked around the thread and I haven't been able to find it, only the old jetpack which doesn't fit the new mesh. Thanks! Edit: Nevermind, I found them by looking around. Thanks anyway
  2. Hey @AlphaAsh, sorry to bother you but I looked everywhere (maybe I overlooked) in this thread but I noticed the launch sites say Country: United Kerbin. Is there a way on how to change the country, I tried looking through the thread and even in-game and through the cfgs, but no answer. Is there on how to change it, or is it hard coded into the plugin?
  3. Probably a few days, 1.1 just came out yesterday so just stay calm, play ksp, and keep playing ksp, and before you know it the mod will be updated
  4. That is true, well IL gladly wait for you to upload your copy and IL upload the module manager configs for the node fix.
  5. Funny enough I got the SSPP with nodes fixed and textures in dds (original Tng too, also have the even older sspp from the older thread) so I could easily upload them to dropbox and put up a link here.
  6. If @CardBoardBoxProcessor still around it should be no problem, and what do you need, the space station parts or the rd-170 family?
  7. Alright, il follow your instructions and see if they worked. It works EDIT: It works wonderfully, this fixes the problem, thanks @helaeon
  8. So @helaeon, how did you manage to sort out this problem, since I also seem to have this problem, I tried recreating what you did and still got the default EVA texture helmet, could you possibly explain it in more detail what you did to solve the problem?
  9. I don't think so, that was a different mod, IL link it once I find it if I do On another note, I'm messing around with this mod and well, the parachute seems to be so far what I cant fix, every time I open it, I accelerate to around 2000m/s, then explode due to over heating.
  10. Kw rocketry still has their shell fairings, except they are now in the extra folder that comes in the zip file that you download, they only work if you have FAR
  11. In a way, 1.0 broke many things that B9 needed to function, nodes, plugins, aerodynamics(?), but many of those things have been fixed and rebalanced, although there are things that still need to be fix.
  12. Click open solar panel, and wait while they open, they take a LONG time so be patient.
  13. If I recall correctly they are fixing the RD-170 family, since it's the only thing left to fix I think, I fixed the SSPP a while ago.
  14. I will look too at the iss, so like that you have some help at least.