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  1. Which is why I later specified, fourth spatial dimension, should it exist I agree, with the fourth dimension as time, this makes no sense. But nothing is claiming to represent the fourth dimension as time. Anyway, I digress, let's get back on track to twisty puzzles: I hear there's a 120-cell version of this, the dodecahedron analogue. I'd love to see someone solve that xD
  2. Yes, we know how a real cube behaves. We also know how an idealized mathematical cube behaves. And how a perfect square behaves, and how a perfect segment behaves, etc. We also happen to know how an idealized tesseract behaves. These idealized versions of these objects, yes, aren't real, but mathematics is pretty damn good at describing the world. In fact, maths is pretty damn good at defining the world, because we made it that way. A real cube behaves exactly like a mathematical cube, excluding the problems of living in an imperfect physical world. If your real cube didn't react like the
  3. Dres probably exists. It's in all the solar system map views and whatnot. I think I've sent kerbals there a few times. Maybe it doesn't, if someone provides me with some scientific evidence, I'm open minded. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. So, I've been interested in reviving a topic lately, but I'm not sure how to go about it. This thread is currently almost a year old, but the topic it covers is still very much active. So I'm not sure whether it would be better to revive this thread or to make a completely new one. I'm asking here because I don't think this is a thread worthy question, but I don't know if this should go somewhere else (I also note that this is a particularly touchy subject with regards to rule 2.2.j, but if I understand correctly, announcing the existence of such things is not forbidden. Please correct me
  5. Nein. @njmksr, I summon thee from the depths.
  6. I did initially, when the server was brand new, but after a short break in playing, I returned to find my enjoyment waning in the face of a few things, which again, I don't want to discuss. The introduction of a mod which I personally, in no offense to you Sparky, as I know you are the mod author and I applaud your efforts and contributions to the server, veiw as pointless, was the tipping point. Anyway, I've said my part, farewell.
  7. So, I'm sad to say, but I'm afraid I'm leaving the server for the foreseeable future. I'm not a very prominent figure there, so I'm sure I won't be missed, and if anyone finds my base (which is pretty unlikely to be honest) they can take two of my diamond stacks and anything else they may want/need, as long as they leave me enough to survive should I decide to return. I'm leaving for several reasons, of which I don't really discuss too much, but mostly because I am not willing nor caring to install a mod which adds burgers to play on a server I don't have very much attachment to in the fi
  8. Oh, it appears this has been revived. Maybe one never goes to Dres, because some people yell at you to go a little too much. Maybe it's because it's a big smellyface. Maybe it's because it's not very interesting. Maybe it's because it's so interesting people save it for last. Maybe we'll never know...
  9. Ah, the good old KSP is dead/dying/not what it used to be thread. But I digress. I would say that KSP is far from dying, it still has a growing playerbase, updates are still being released. I would argue that 1.2 is the most stable release I've had in a long time. Compatibility issues are inevitable when updates are released. Mod abandonment is understandable when you think about the behind the scene changes behind 1.1 and such, modders are real people and sometimes the work can be too much for them. Eventually, someone comes around to pick up the torch and carry on. And yes, a
  10. Thread locked. And sealed. And welded into a steel frame. And welded into another steel frame. And buried deep in the earth. And covered in concrete. And then dug up by dwarves. And then guarded by a dragon. And then rediscovered. And then… Thread Unlocked.
  11. You do know the smiley is there for a reason, right?
  12. [/shameless self advertising]
  13. This is no game, this is a serious discussion thread for discussing why the discussion thread about itself hasn't been locked yet. Clearly. Now if you excuse me, I have to go think about what I thought about when I thought about thinking about what I thought about when I thought about thinking about what I...
  14. To me Subnautica is a beautiful game. The immersion is great and the graphics are stunning, especially in some of the newly added areas. Of course, being early access there are a few bugs, much-needed optimization (the graphics made my old computer/toaster bring my FPS down to 2), and some of the survival aspects could be tweaked, but overall it's a great example of an early access game done right. The developers are extremely open too, having several Trello boards with roadmaps and upcoming features, and keep a continuously updated experimental mode with two updates every day. Plus they actua
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