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  1. Thanks for all your work on this. I backed your Patreon.
  2. HUD currently does not work in KSP. Text is there but not markers. I ran KSP 1.1.3 with NavHud as the only mod. Got this error over and over in the log file: Log file is here:
  3. I notice that in each of your screenshots you have a travel time of "50 to 50" days. You'd get those kinds of vertical bars with a fixed travel time period.
  4. This is Great CaptRobau and everyone else on the team. I just did some landings on Eeloo and Ovak, the textures are better than stock!
  5. That's great CaptRobau, very fine work. Any timelines on 2.0 release? Maybe I'll even stream again.
  6. Pol is just about my favourite place in the Jool system. Mid you want to set up a real space program inside the Joolian worlds, Pol might be the best place to set up your first base. It has: -low gravity and therefore low delta v -ample ore -a low inclination orbit (compared to Bop) bringing resources from the surface of Pol to the orbit of Laythe requires less Delta V than bringing resources up from the surface of Laythe. Did I mention the landscapes of Pol? The only problem with Pol is the terrain bug which will make the ground sometimes disappear when yo
  7. Hey there, Just wondering if there is anyway to map controls for a 3D mouse with OSX? I know that there is native support for 6-DOF devices in Windows, just wondering if there is a work around in OSX? Using a 3D Connexion mouse, SpaceNavigator, KSP, using an iMac 27 inch 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7. Thanks.
  8. Once again I'll be streaming the Outer Planets Mod over on Twitch for a few hours, come on by if you have a chance: www.twitch.tv/spaceman_spff I'll be attempting landings on the new moons of Urlum, and accepting reasonable or crazy challenges. EDIT: and no sooner did I go online than Twitch crashed. I'll be offline for now.
  9. Hey folks, I'll be streaming the Outer Planets Mod shortly on Twitch. stop on by if you want to chat: http://www.twitch.tv/spaceman_spff/ Today I'll be sending a new vessel out to Sarnus. I'm also up for any challenges that are sent my way. All the best
  10. That's an excellent segue! The video of last night's stream is up here on Youtube: http://youtu.be/MkKa1t5pnPE?t=5m9s Two things: 1) I ordered a new microphone, so that my voice will no longer sound like it's coming from the bottom of a lake on Tekto 2) I don't always look that disheveled Some highlights from the video: Slate "landing" Okok Landing Ovok Station Tekto approach the top of Mount Cheese the ascent Here's an album:
  11. No problem, I'm uploading it to YouTube now. We landed on top of the "Geographic Anomaly" on Tekto, AKA "Mount Cheese" and even had Jeb climb up it from sea level. Also did my first ever landing on the new Ovak, alpong with a completely botched landing on Slate. Should be available in a few hours, I'll post.
  12. Hey Folks, I'm going to stream the latest update in about ten minutes from now. Please stop by if you can www.twitch.tv/spaceman_spff I've got a lander I'm going to take down to Slate, and orbital station around Ovok, and I'll be trying out some mining operations. I'd be great if you could drop by.
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