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  1. #NOUNITY Guys you are big boys now, you learned how to program by now since 2011. Use proper engine please. #NOUNITY
  2. You did updated it? because i have it installed in CKAN but i can't switch fuels.
  3. I'm still testing things. I see it is more advanced as it used to be but as far as my old ftl vtol ssto it wont fly but i will do something else. new reactor i 2xheaveir so it is even more tail heavy. Vista is nerfed so my favorite combo of thermal turbojet and vista is off too. Lot of new stuff
  4. Thanks. Great to see that You still working on it and expanding it
  5. Hi i didn't play kspie for more than a year. I want to go back. I used to build SSTOs. It used to go like this thermal turbojet + beam core antimatter rector + charged particle generator + antimatter container and some heat exchangers and it used to work and generate tons of power. Now it didn't work, something changed??? or my game is bugged?
  6. so colser the target is the better? i never get warp drive and always have to burn like 9k deta-v . i hope someone make video tutorial .
  7. when im using IRSU refinery , even if i set enable overflow it still tells me i have no free space to carry on . is using ore procesing and amonia electrlysis.
  8. yep , thes 2 are the only tanks you cant swich fuel , kinda waste of space if you dont use liquid fuel.
  9. Hey i noticed big delta wing and big wind strike are not supported , is it intentional? if not can you make it swichable too i dont see the reson you cant store water or hydrogen in it ( as a boiloff heatshield maybe too? )
  10. Ok , got it thx again. difficulty settings > advance tab if sbd need.
  11. Now i noticed . Grazt of relase! you finnaly did it
  12. ok thx , but where is it that option beacuse i cant find it?
  13. hmm maybe you can tweak it? beacuse as it is i can stall 130tons plane form 1300m/s to 0 in sec and nothing will happen so its kinda weird.
  14. i noticed joint reinforcement is on with kspi now . Czn i disable it beacuse its to easy now?
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