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  1. The transfer planner seems bugged and the alarms for transfer windows are different then KAC. Is there a mod that does what the transfer planner does while I wait for the next bug fix update?
  2. I've noticed KAC and SAC are giving me different dates for optimal transfer windows for the same bodies. Something anyone else is seeing and if so know which clock is correct?
  3. Has 1.12 made landing gear and wheels extra slippery for anyone else with collisions on?
  4. Having the same issue. Landing legs slipping all over the place. Makings doing a pin point landing to fix a rover basically impossible.
  5. KSP: 1.11.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Shadow Ball Mods installed: Scatterer 0.0772 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements AVP 4.11 TUFX - Distance Object Enhancment v Parallax - 1.2.3 module manager - 4.1.4 Reproduction steps: Scatterer at very high preset. Launch at dawn Log: https://www.dropbox.com/t/2WiXGgL8gxp2I4y6 https://ibb.co/FnCB87k I am getting this shadow ball since I changed the preset to very high. It is the shadow of my vessel which becomes this ball after the ship reaches a certain height. Before that the shadow is perfectly fine.
  6. Awesome mode. Was able to get most of the troubleshooting fixes from past posts. Forcing Direct X 11 and unstalling planetshine got performance running smooth and fixed a floating rocks issue I had, though it does get quite dark at night. Only small issue I noticed and was having trouble finding an answer for is I've noticed flags seem to sink into yhe ground when you timewarp. Is it related to the Kerbal floating issue?
  7. Another question. Is there a way to brighten the sky box? The effect where the sun dims it is a bit too strong for my tastes.
  8. Hello. I just installed this mod along with most of the suggested mods. I noticed lightning was a feature, so I wasn't 100% sure if I was seeing a feature or a glitch. When i am looking at Jool and Laythe in the tracking station I see little flashes that I am guessing is the lightning? Is it meant to be really faint and quick blips on the planets? Edit: checking out a YouTube video and I think it is just the lightning. Really awesome job. Have lots of exploring to do to see everything.
  9. I am pretty disappointed I bought it.
  10. I have no issue paying for something a mod already does, since you never know when a mod will break or be abandoned. I love KER and KAC, but I would love a more streamlined stock take that fits the UI better. That said I don’t think a Delta V readout should be a feature that should need to be paid for on top of the base game. It should have always been in stock A DLC that focused revamping Career mode, or adding more things to do with planet exploration would be awesome and I would happily pay for it.
  11. Did my first rescue mission today. Saving poor Dormund Kerman got petty dicy though as we all went suborbital as he was EVAing to the hatch. Basically turned into a scene from Gravity. The lesson learned is that rescue missions are really hard without RCS
  12. I see. I didn’t even realize you can still other parts of the orbit by changing focus. I was wondering why my lunar insertions looked so damn odd. How are you able to beam back Science from probes outside Kerbal’s system? My direct connection seems to lose almost all signal strength by the Mun. Does upgrading the tracking station increase the range?
  13. Had a bunch of small questions. Figured one thread would be best. I noticed when returning from LUNAR orbit that the maneuver nodes does not show the predicted orbit after Mun escape when it does in the reverse. On this trip I simply guessed and adjusted after escape. Is there a mod that allows for better flight planning? And what do you guys do to get around this in the stock game? Do you guys end up with a lot of extra stages just floating in space cluttering the place up? I noticed with bigger rockets, or if i bring too much fuel I would leave a lot of junk in weird orbits? Do you guys plan for ways to avoid that, send missions to clean up, or just let the garbage pile up in LKO? At what point in career mode do you start to worry about Comm Networks? There doesn’t seem to be any obvious contracts or cues to lead the player to knowing that it is time to put some satellites in orbit before trying to venture further out. Speaking of what to do next. I have unlocked all of the third tier science stuff, and I am pretty loaded with lunar science but not sure what to unlock next outside of electronics for Solar Panels. Suggestions? I guess Mun and Minmus landers would be my next endeavor. Finally. How the hell does NASA IRL return anything in one go without aerobraking? I don’t think I could get anything heavy back without doing a couple of orbits in the atmosphere to bleed off some speed.
  14. Today I completed my first orbit of The Mun and returned Heb safely. I also learned that maneuver nodes don’t tell you what your orbit will be when you escape the Mun. Luckily I packed plenty of fuel.
  15. I did my first Mun flyby. I took Valentina, a service bay full of science, and a science junior on a free return tracjtory. All went well except for rentry. Finding the right PE on my course correction was really tough. Most had my science jr. explode around 28K. Real shallow kept me in orbit. Eventually I found 31K got it done but it was hair raising. All my heat bars hit critical red and I efen gained some alltutde as the AP shifted to me, but in the end I was able to safely deorbit. Is there a speed where it is impossible to deorbit safely on one pass?
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