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  1. It was awesome to see that they were still honoring free expansions for early adopters. Then I realize I initially bought Kerbel in MAY of 2013 and not April. Damn it!
  2. Charon trying to get in on the fun of making us confused. How does one create a mountain in a moat? Also we got craters, so maybe the idea that the lack of craters on Pluto is do to the impact rate being less in the Kuiper Belt might not be the correct way to look. I look forward to tomorrow's press conference and more data.
  3. I was under the impression that it is very possible for subsurface liquids to exist on Pluto though. Photos are just amazing. Giant mountains of water ice. Both Pluto AND Charon active. The potential of discovering a new way for icy bodies to heat themselves other then tidal friction. The lack of craters is crazy too. I got the impression they are leaning towards the idea that the surface is active so it covers or erodes craters, not that the impact rates are substantially lower out there compared to other parts of the solar system. My mind is blown and I want more more more!
  4. Basically what the NASA Eyes simulation is, so yes NASA Eyes seems to be a close to exact match for the actual mission's itinerary. One thing she failed to mention is after the massive amount oh photo taking is finished (including a crescent shot of the sun fading behind it which I hope will be stunning) it will ten to the massive radio pulse from Earth for more atmosphere measurements as well as send some of the data back. Then around 10AM EST it will go back to work checking out the smaller moons and seeing it there is enough Charon shine to get any decent pictures from the dark side. So for the rest of the night after the data link with earth it will do some work on Nix and Hydra (it did some a bit earlier so maybe we get our first looks at those two moons tomorrow), and then it goes into full work mode around 2 hours out. Taking photos with all cameras as often as possible. It seems Pluto and Charon are now larger then LORRI's field of view which should lead to interesting photos.
  5. Well it is supposed to establish contact at around 8:30AM tomorrow morning EST. So we should know for sure sometime in the afternoon considering the 9 hour delay. I believe it is going to do one final pre-flyby link in a hour or so. My guess is that will be the source of our only image tomorrow.
  6. It was mentioned that they wanted to send a transmission near the closest approach to measure how the signal travels through the atmosphere to more data on I believe its density. Basically the atmosphere should change the speed of the signal and allow them to gain extra data. Someone can fact check this, but I know for certain they wanted to send a transmission through the actual atmosphere. They are going to attempt to take some photos post flyby with LORRI and hope that Charonshine illuminates the dark side enough to get some higher resolution pics of the side we have looked at over the past few days, but its not a gigantic priority because I don't think they expect there to be enough light. The simulation has some short links back with Earth during the day tomorrow post fly by. Most likely to send some pics back and maybe updated instructions if the team wants to get another look at something. Doesn't seem they plan to start doing the massive data dumps until late tomorrow night when the probe is about 500K away or more. that is when they have hours of connections with earth planned. Edit: "Afterwards, as New Horizons streams away from Pluto, it will turn around and map the dwarf planet’s night side, which will be softly illuminated by Charon’s moonlight. During this phase of the mission, the probe’s antenna will receive a powerful radio beam from Earth, aimed in such a way that it will pass through Pluto’s atmosphere. The resulting measurements will allow scientists to map the temperature, density, and composition of the atmosphere right down to the surface." http://io9.com/what-to-expect-in-the-leadup-to-new-horizons-historic-f-1716223636
  7. I haven't seen anything anywhere, and they aren't supposed to down link again for another few hours.
  8. Most likely was just rotating around. It was observing Charon for a while then seemed to switch back around for Pluto. If I looked at it correctly. The plan seems to be to down one more down link to Earth at around 2:30AM EST and then that is it until sometime way later tomorrow post fly by. Edit: Looking at the simulation for what just happened. It seems that the probe did a long sweep with Ralph and Alice. Apparently its built to do long sweeps starting from outside the system and running through it. Someone more versed with the mission then me can explain why they the probe does that. What you were seeing was it coming back around after finishing one of those wide sweeps.
  9. Past the 300K mark. RALPH is on and taking some photos it seems. Edit: And now ALICE is checking Charon out.
  10. Follow New Horizons on social media. They have been good with being really up to date with info. Maybe follow NASA too.
  11. Watching right now. Did the full simulation first, now watching live. ALICE is just chilling watching Pluto right now.
  12. [h=5]New Horizons [/h]47 mins · On to the teeny tiny moons Kerberos & Styx! Did you know my science team found them after I launched? ‪#‎PlutoFlyBy‬ http://t.co/tudRSnAm3M From the facebook page. Was 47 minutes ago from this post. So ya most likely it rotating around to observe the smaller moons. If the Eyes simulation is to be trusted, there won't be another connection to Earth until sometime early tomorrow. I think at around 200K out.
  13. Maybe turned to get a look at Nix and Hydra? The facebook update said it was taking some photos of the smaller moons not to long ago.
  14. Oh so we will get one more photo to tide us over until Wednesday (here in the USA anyway).
  15. Ya it was released at or just after the press release earlier. Lot of interesting things present. We have what looks like a definite crater on Charon with ejecta and everything. Charon still looks really smooth overall, so maybe that crater is more recent? On the Pluto side the heart is starting to come around, and bits of the whale which looks different to the dark spots on the side we won't get to see. Learning the nature of the dark whale spot is going to be VERY interesting. Same with the heart. The side we are observing should be really interesting.