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  1. The Scarlet Horizon Program SH-1 Mission Crew: Jeb - Commander Valentina - Pilot Bill - Flight Engineer Robo - Flight Engineer Haizy - Science Mission Specialist Delotte - Science Mission Specialist Vehicles: Scarlet Horizon - crew module and propulsion module DEV - Duna Exploration Vehicle; 3 kerbal lander and launch vehicle Duna Hab Pressurized Geology Lab Transport (Piglet); rover Jayhawk - Ike lander Jeb, Bill and Haizy landed on Duna. Stayed for ~45 days in the Hab and conducted 2 land expeditions in the Piglet . On SH-1 LEx-1 theyy discovered a large face of a Kerbal. On LEx-2 they climbed to the midlands and highlands covering 3 biomes. A total of 100km was covered. They launched and rendezvoused with the Scarlet Horizon. The crew departed for Ike about a 3 months later. Val, Robo and Del landed on Ike. They rendezvoused with the Scarlet Horizon and after another 6 months departed for Kerbin. They docked around Kerbin with a Skysword (lifting body 6 kerbal LKO transport) and returned home. 6676 Science. 5 contracts completed for about 2.2 million funds. Extremely fun mission. I was proud that I landed the DEV 200m from the hab. I got the rover about 2000m. The heavy lift launch vehicle could launch the payload and transfer/injection stage for about 80k funds after recovering about 110k. It made getting the vessels in LKO pretty cheap. Delrey
  2. The atmospheric parts should rupture in vacuum. The heat shielded bottom is a great idea.
  3. I think the mk1-3 plane parts should have two grades. Atmospheric and vacuum. The vacuum rated components having higher weight and cost (lead time if you do construction time) and maybe a slightly different texture. Del
  4. My Minmus station. Core/command module, Habitation Module, Science Lab with external experiment bays, orbital construction vehicle, Main Fuel Tank and the NOTS (Nuclear Orbital Transfer System) "Spirit". The Spirit is a Mk 1-2 command pod with 2 nukes on the outside to haul modules. It has 3 heat shields and air brakes for aggressive aerobraking upon return to Kerbin. Then later you see the lander docked to it. The spirit brought all of the modules from Kerbin orbit for assembly.
  5. I just grazed Eve's atmosphere and did a retrograde burn. I was at about 85km and had some scary heating going on. Its dangerous as hell now. My attempt at aerocapturing at 76km lead to destruction. You have to have a heat shield.
  6. That feeling when you realize you got drunk last night and launched a rover mission on Minmus to hit all the sites for a contract
  7. I got a probe and lander around Moho and but when I go close enough it has a pitch black texture. I'm definitely on the sunny side of the planet. I did multiple orbits to ensure and its nothing but blackness. I'm using EVE, planet shine and outer planets. output log. Thanks for any help. Del
  8. My last launch I ditched the insertion stage with fuel in to avoid debris and used 20 or so m/s of my payload for final insertion. I don't want debris up there. I don't terminate it the tracking station. It's just a personal preference. I like xrayfishx's idea of having the insertion stage equipped with retro rockets to deorbit it. I'm on my phone but I'll rep ya at home. Nick
  9. Jool's radiation belt makes it sterile
  10. I've also been aiming to achieve 350 m/s velocity at about 30 - 40 degree then not exceeding that by leveling out that until I get to 38 km. I've been building apoapsis at about 56 km with horizontal velocity which has been feeling really good.
  11. I came to a dead stop about 30 km up then a vertical decent. Not very effecient. Del