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  1. Delivered my satellite into a supersynchronous orbit using Probe Control Room. RSS/RO
  2. I just tried it on 1.7.3 and it doesn't work. All the parts are there but the "Turn on IKRC" option isn't available. If you have Steam or can roll back to 1.6.1 it works great. Hopefully the mod gets updated to the 1.7+ soon. Update: Downloaded a clean copy of 1.7.3 and can confirm it works with no issues.
  3. TRF CA2 LEE is the root part (no camera) and the TRF CA2 LEE with Cam is the one that docks to payload. As well, it only shows up outside the VAB/SPH. What version of KSP are you using?
  4. After taking a year off I think it's time to start again.
  5. Hey, I love your videos! I am trying to create a similar setup to my Kerbal Space Program but I can't seem to get all of these mods to work together. I have experimented with CKAN but I use a Mac and it doesn't seem to run as stable. 

    I was wondering if you would be willing to share a copy of your mod list or Game Data folder?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. USCTuba3469


      Any chance I can get this approved?? I am unable to send a personal message

  6. Still messing around with the shuttle...
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