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Status Updates posted by Starhawk

  1. Hi Kuzzter!  What do you think of our new (incomplete) digs?

    1. Kuzzter


      I'm...confused. Will have to get used to it I guess. I really hope it displays comics OK.


    2. Kuzzter


      I guess I'll have to do a new powerpoint clone so Walt can have some fun with it. :)

    3. Starhawk


      No doubt. :)

      Looks like it'll be a bit of getting used to.  We'll know more soon. (tm)

  2. I like the shiny new avatar!

    1. DuoDex


      Fait par DuoDex pour Red Iron Crown.

    2. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Thanks, Starhawk. :) 

      And yes, all credit to @DuoDex for doing the image editing heavy lifting.

    3. adsii1970


      Nice - didn't see this thread here until after I sent the...

      Anyhow, I echo what has been said. Looks nice... a new standard in avatars has been set!

  3. Now that the avatars are so big, mine seems to simple and stark.

  4. That avatar looks much better!

    1. Kuzzter


      Still figuring out the signature and links... argh :)

  5. Well, that took way longer than I thought.

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