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Status Updates posted by Starhawk

  1. Hi Kuzzter!  What do you think of our new (incomplete) digs?

    1. Kuzzter


      I'm...confused. Will have to get used to it I guess. I really hope it displays comics OK.


    2. Kuzzter


      I guess I'll have to do a new powerpoint clone so Walt can have some fun with it. :)

    3. Starhawk


      No doubt. :)

      Looks like it'll be a bit of getting used to.  We'll know more soon. (tm)

  2. I like the shiny new avatar!

    1. DuoDex


      Fait par DuoDex pour Red Iron Crown.

    2. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Thanks, Starhawk. :) 

      And yes, all credit to @DuoDex for doing the image editing heavy lifting.

    3. adsii1970


      Nice - didn't see this thread here until after I sent the...

      Anyhow, I echo what has been said. Looks nice... a new standard in avatars has been set!

  3. That avatar looks much better!

    1. Kuzzter


      Still figuring out the signature and links... argh :)

  4. Now that the avatars are so big, mine seems to simple and stark.

  5. Well, that took way longer than I thought.

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