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  1. Welcome, HorkyBlah88. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  2. Not. Even. Close. May I direct your attention to this thread? Happy landings!
  3. Farewell, Starwhip. I'm sure we'll see you in the future. Happy landings!
  4. Welcome, cain546! The KSP learning curve is rather steep (some have called it a learning wall) and enormous fun. Docking is possible once the docking port parts are unlocked in the tech tree. There are many tutorials in the Tutorial section of the forums and in the Tutorial section of the wiki. Getting to orbit is the first step. Once you take that step, you can slowly learn to walk, and even run. Some videos assume a fairly high level of knowledge, but others start off slowly and introduce the concepts for the new player. Further, there are several in-game tutorials that can significantly aid a new player who is getting started. If you have a specific question you want answered, ask it in a thread in the Gameplay Questions section. Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  5. I'm not sure that I understand. Are you thinking of leaving out resources? Won't that make it impossible to balance the career mode playability in such a way as to still be balanced when resources are introduced? Are you thinking of leaving out female Kerbals? It seems a shame after they've been announced with such fanfare. You're obviously not leaving out the new aero model, and therefore you must be including reentry heating. I'm really not seeing what things you guys are actually thinking you can leave out at this point. The best feedback I can think of giving at this point is that career mode must 'feel complete'. Not only must the tech tree be balanced, but it must be balanced with progression in Kerbal experience, facility upgrades, contract generation/completion, and overall exploration. As stated before, career mode must feel like a complete game, not a bunch of disparate systems tacked together. Then it all has to shine and play so smooth you can't even tell it ever needed polishing. I can't imagine creating that experience and then trying to add in resources and rebalance the entire thing again. I realize that you may not want to release specific information regarding which features you are thinking of leaving out, but that limits the specific feedback we can give to vague, maybe unhelpful, posts like this.
  6. Hello, Planetfall, and welcome to the forums! There is a link to the FAQ at the top of the page. You will be able to create an avatar after three post, I believe. Hope you enjoy the forums.
  7. I believe it is possible to connect two craft using multiple docking ports. I'm not sure if the loop configuration might be a problem for the program, but it seems far more likely that you have encountered the docking port bug. As mentioned above, save file editing is the resolution I have seen discussed on the forum. Good luck and happy landings!
  8. I have looked at this a bit, and I'm not sure whether there is any rhyme or reason. I do know that 'Ground Distance Covered' is wildly inaccurate. It also seems to vary from one craft to another from what I have seen, or maybe even from one install to another. This screenshot shows the F3 readout for a craft which has circumnavigated Kerbin twice. I have also see screenshots from other players, which obviously showed a much larger distance for 'Ground Distance Covered' than what they actually traveled. I don't know of any way to accurately measure distance traveled in the game. Happy landings!
  9. If you need pointers, there are lots in the Tutorials section of the forums and in the Wiki. Also, if you have specific questions about how to play, you can post them in the Gameplay Questions section. Happy landings!
  10. KSP doesn't have a learning curve it is more like a learning wall. - Gravaar edit - ninja'd
  11. Welcome, Winters! I expect that the game will become as addictive for you as it has for me. Happy landings!
  12. He starts playing KSP at 3:37 or so.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Can't learn without crashing. There's an amazing community here. Hope you have fun. Happy landings!
  14. That is what it says. Are you saying the data in the table is wrong? I haven't checked these values myself and don't really remember. Have you found a different value for Minmus?
  15. You can find that info at this page of the wiki. Scroll down to 'Celestial Body Multipliers' and the table has that data. Happy landings!
  16. Now that I've built a lot of different ships, I sometimes know which parts I want immediately. Other times I have sort of a vague idea, and put stuff together and dismantle it in the VAB until I start to zero in on a design. When I was doing my Eve Rocks Challenge entry I definitely lay awake thinking about how to make the thing work. I use the VAB or the SPH as my sketchpad. After a lot of hours spent building, the process became more automatic and it's now easier for me to 'find my way' to the design I want. It took me many, many hours of playtime before I felt familiar with most of the parts. It helps that I played career while I was learning, so I was exposed to the parts a few at a time and had time to read the descriptions and try to understand how they fit into the scheme. I also spent a lot of time reading the Wiki and later, the forums, to understand design better. It's certainly been a steep learning curve, but it sure has been fun. I think these are interesting questions. Happy landings!
  17. Welcome to the forums! Having fun by learning through spectacular failure happens to be a specialty of mine. There is an excellent community here and an incalculable wealth of assistance and information. Happy landings!
  18. My mistaken assertion that mass doesn't matter was a red herring. The point that RAPIERS are always less efficient is still valid.
  19. I agree completely. My comment about turbojets being overpowered was in response to Jouni's assertion that '1 ram intake/turbojet is heavy airhogging, because it can get you to a 171x36 km orbit on jets alone'.
  20. Oh. I tend to think of it as 'turbojets are massively overpowered' rather than 'one ram intake per turbojet is heavy airhogging', but each to his own.
  21. I must concede this point. I hadn't been considering that drag is currently a function of mass, and was working with a simplified mental model. I'm not quite sure what you are getting at. The orbital specs? How much mass you can get to a specific orbit?
  22. It seems to me that the number of intakes you need is dictated by the number of air-breathing engines you have. I don't believe that mass comes into it. It's not like you can put 1/4 of a turbojet on the craft. I'm quite sure that '1 or 2 ram intakes on a 10-15 tonne craft' (I would use two) works very well for a single turbojet. I haven't built anything with a RAPIER myself in a long time, but I'm pretty sure that Slash is correct on this.
  23. Hi Intrepidman10 and welcome to the forums! I know what you mean with the EVA interface. It always struck me as very weird that it works to differently than the vehicle controls. I don't have an answer to your question, but if you post a thread in the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials section, I'm sure you'll get an answer fairly quickly. Happy landings!
  24. Hello TheXRuler, and welcome to the forums! I don't know anything about modding, but here's a link I found in the tutorials section. Don't worry about the terminology overmuch. It's kind of Pecan's thing to point out that 'SSTO' is not necessarily equal to 'Spaceplane'. Happy landings!
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