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  1. I think the poll results are interesting. I didn't expect nearly that proportion of respondents to have flown aircraft. At first glance, I was surprised by the discrepancy between rendezvous and docking. But it made sense after I thought about it for a second. The 'Land at Specific Location' isn't surpising. I would have created separate options for airless and atmospheric bodies if the poll system allowed more choices. I expect surface base building to become much more of a significant activity with the introduction of ISRU (at least in my game), so this will become an even more significant skill. I find precision landing on most airless bodies is moderately easy if you're willing to be inefficient. Atmospheric bodies on the other hand... After countless spaceplane flights I can get quite close to KSC, and with spaceplanes, quite close is good enough. If doing chutes and engines I find it much trickier. If I did it over, I would include an 'all of the above' option. And probably left out the phrase 'without an autopilot'. Live and learn.
  2. Laythe. I'm not yet sufficiently versed in orbital mechanics to 'see' this. I'm trying to develop an understanding of the necessary relationship between the positions of Laythe and Tylo and Jool's orbit. I've just trying for a lower delta-v transfer home. It'd be nice if I could make it more predictably, though. I've seen that some times/positions are much more finicky than others. Haven't tried with Vall so far. I knew that the Tylo assist from Laythe was doable and so I've just been trying to get a handle on that.
  3. I wasn't aware of one, but I'm going to check out Trajectory Optimization Tool that Red Iron Crown mentioned. The Tylo assist is the one I've been playing around with. So far I'm still doing 'an inefficient search of a solution space'. I know the result I want, and with enough time mucking around, I can get close enough. A tool to make this more efficient would be very useful.
  4. At about 12 km on Kerbin. About 30 km on Eve. About 10 km on Laythe. I usually treat Duna as an airless body and start the turn right away. All this will completely change come 1.0. Happy landings!
  5. Welcome Katia! Good to see you introducing yourself. I've been extremely impressed with your entries in the art contest. And Nikko is pretty amazing, too. Happy landings!
  6. Sorry, I didn't check how that displayed. You want two sets of square braces [] with the word 'IMGUR' in the first set and '/IMGUR' in the second set and the alpha string in between. That should work for you.
  7. Copy the link location from the 'Publish to Imgur' link which Imgur provides. You want the alpha string at the end of the link (the part after the last '/'). Then use these tags [imgur][/imgur] to enclose the string and it should work like a charm. Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  8. I have to agree with this. To me, it's definitely about learning. The source of the information is immaterial as long as I learn and I've certainly learned from watching MJ do maneuvers, especially the two you mentioned.
  9. I'm definitely not trying to reignite a flame war or pass any judgement about autopilots. I'm merely interested in what people have taken the time and had the desire to learn. One of the things I haven't yet taken the time to learn is how to calculate interplanetary launch windows. The math looks like stuff I haven't looked at in many years. That said, I expect that eventually I'll spend a bit of time to slog through it, if only just for the satisfaction of understanding it a little better. In the meantime, I'm happy to use the various external resources that are available to tell me when it's time to go to Jool.
  10. I'm actually more curious which things people think are worthwhile to learn.
  11. I'm curious which piloting tasks people have had the play-time and desire to learn how to do without an autopilot. I just recently executed my first successful gravity assist, which took the longest to learn of the items on the list for me. Happy landings!
  12. Hello, and welcome to the forums! This post worked. So whatever your issue was, it seems to be solved. Happy landings!
  13. Math checks out Slash. I didn't look at the album for the source numbers, but I assume those are correct. I don't think I'll even bother to calculate mine. Like I mentioned, after the deorbit burn I was running on fumes. Happy landings!
  14. I just use the default camera view, myself. That said, I often move the camera around with mouse to get a better perspective and a better look at the slope. I'm not sure about that one, but I expect somebody else can answer it. Yes! Happy landings!
  15. May I direct your attention to a thread solely devoted to your question. The Eve Rocks Challenge. You will almost certainly need asparagus. Wide does not increase your drag (until the next release). Tall makes it harder to land (you need a flatter landing site). Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  16. That's exactly what I was thinking, lol. Mine was running on fumes when I landed, though. You had tons in the tank when you made orbit. BTW, what's the max speed you can get out of the regular jets? I just sort of flew an inefficient profile and muddled my way to orbit. Never tried without turbos before.
  17. My handy delta-v map says you need about 1300 m/s to make low Duna orbit from the surface. You should need very little to land if you use parachutes. I would probably shoot for about 1500-1800 depending on the safety margin you want. Orbital maneuvers for rendezvous usually don't need very much. As far as advice goes - Build your lander only as large as it needs to be for the purpose. Don't forget the chutes. You don't need a very big engine in Duna's low gravity. Happy landings!
  18. Using the caps lock key for finer/lighter control can help. It's not easy, but I managed to complete a satellite contract with a Stayputnik. Of course, given the choice, I'll take an Octo2 and a small reaction wheel any day!
  19. That's what I've been waiting to hear! I figured the real challenge of this for me is that I've never built a jet-based spaceplane. Only turbojets. It took a couple of iterations to find the right balance. Here is the maiden voyage of the Exploded LT spaceplane. Happy landings! Hey Batz, I love some of the little planes you've created. I'm hoping to see your entry in the challenge soon. [EDIT] Here's a link to the craft file.
  20. You can do that!? I clearly haven't played around with the maneuver node system enough. I finally just executed my first successful gravity assist yesterday.
  21. Impressive stuff! Thanks for sharing. Happy landings!
  22. Starhawk


    Hi!, and welcome. Nice to see you introduce yourself. You can add an avatar after some number of posts (I think it's 5) Happy landings!
  23. Here's my entry. I call this the Humungous. It's 85.3t and 6.2m x 40.8m x 19.6m, 143 parts. 100% stock. Thanks for the challenge! Happy landings!
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