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  1. I'm just doing another split-in-half (well, 900 and 1080) transfer burn to Jool myself. It seems to me that the efficiency loss is because the orbit precesses a bit as you spend the seven Kerbin days to orbit, and then your periapsis is no longer quite at the optimal point for the next maneuver node for the next burn. I noticed I had to adjust the position a fair bit after coming back around. But the efficiency loss is fairly small if you plan for the length of time in orbit. Unless you're doing the Laythe Capitalism Challenge. Then it's a lot. Happy landings! [EDIT] I'm pretty darn sure there's no way to split that second maneuver up! And yeah, if your burns take too long, you're doing too much of them away from the maneuver node/periapsis and you can lose lots that way.
  2. Welcome to the forums! We have an untold supply of tips for beginners. The best bet is to take a look around the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials section of the forum. Especially the Tutorials sub-forum. If you have specific questions feel free to post them in that Gameplay Questions section. Happy landings!
  3. As somebody else mentioned, I tried the game because of the xkcd cartoon 'Orbital Mechanics'. One of the things that I liked right away was that the game had a humourous feel. The image of a smiling Kerbal set next to the image of the crashed Mun lander really helped set that tone for me. It definitely made it fun to fail (well, that and the explosions.), and I bought the game after only a short time trying the demo. Who knows? If it hadn't been for that Kerbal, I may have been put off by the learning curve and decided not to purchase the game (although I kind of doubt it). Anyway, Kerbals definitely help set that humourous tone which adds a lot of enjoyment to the game for me.
  4. In the original contract are the orbit specifications. If the inclination value is between 0 and 89 degrees that orbit is counterclockwise when seen from the top. This is the normal orbit players will usually use and is commonly called a prograde orbit. If the inclination is between 91 and 180 degrees, the orbit will be clockwise when seen from the top. This is usually called a retrograde orbit. When you look it the orbit in the map view, there are small beads of light moving around. This is a visual cue showing you which way you need to orbit. When you are trying to match the orbit, the AN and DN values will show you how far your inclination is from the required orbit. 1 or 2 degrees is quite close. 180 degrees means you are traveling the wrong way. Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  5. It definitely can be extremely addictive. You're in good company here. There are a lot of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about space, science, engineering, etc. That is definitely one of the most important aspects of the game. One of my favourite quotes is 'KSP doesn't have a learning curve, more of a learning wall.' I know exactly what you mean. It's so rewarding when you get it right! Welcome to the forums! Look forward to seeing you around. Happy landings!
  6. Welcome to the forums! I couldn't guess how many hours I've played, also still loving it! Happy landings!
  7. I've never found a use for a mobile processing lab in Kerbin orbit. I've only ever found the lab useful when brought to the orbit of a body I'm studying. My choice is usually just to have one or two fairly heavy tugs docked at the station, and use these if it needs any orbital adjustments. I generally don't, but you certainly could. The tugs I dock usually have SAS and RCS. Extra docking ports can be good. The determining factor for me is ease of access. Specifically, I like an orbit above 120 for time warping and for timely rendezvous from 75 x 75 orbit. I wouldn't go much higher, though. Do you want to see when you dock? is the first question that comes to mind. The second is about aesthetics. What looks good to you? More lights blazing does increase the battery requirement, of course. Glad to be of service. Happy landings!
  8. Greetings, and welcome to the forums! There is a tonne to learn, and this is a great place to do it. Happy landings!
  9. Interesting. I just did a couple of tests. One with an LV-N and one with an LV-909. The engine shrouds appear to be very different. While the 909 has a jettison action in the action groups, I'm not sure when this could be used. On the launchpad, with the LV-N and then a docking port. I decouple the docking port and it drops off leaving the LV-N engine shroud in place. The shroud is two parts each of which has a jettison option. When I do the same test with the 909, the shroud is one piece and drops away with the docking port when it decouples. Fun bonus fact - while the docking ports are certainly made of explodium, the LV-N engine shrouds are not.
  10. Welcome to the forums, denis! There is considerable fun to be had here. Considerable learning too, which is also fun. Happy landings!
  11. Quite right. However, I was trying to assist OP in adjusting an already existing design, rather than creating an entirely new one. Happy landings!
  12. I believe this thread will answer your question. Happy landings!
  13. One of the methods I've used is to balance the craft without payload, then add the payload and add a fuel tank at the other end to balance it out. By right clicking on a fuel tank you can turn off the flow for each type of fuel it contains. You accomplish this by clicking the small button to the right of the gauge in the info panel for the tank that pops up. You can do this in the VAB or in flight. Once you release your payload, you pump the fuel out of the balance tank and into your normal fuel tanks. This is done by right-clicking on one of the tanks and then Alt+right click on the other tank. You can then use the buttons that appear to pump fuel. Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  14. I would like to hereby formally withdraw my challenge to Tank2333's entry. I believe inaccurate information provided by the game interface led to an incorrect value for distance and that the error is entirely innocent. I would like to request that the 'suspicious entry' tag for Tank's entry be removed from the front page.
  15. Welcome! We definitely have a highly international community here. Happy landings!
  16. That's exactly what I was wondering. I'll have to do some experimenting when I have a chance.
  17. For future reference, you can make named quicksaves during play by using Alt+F5.
  18. Welcome! There are a tonne of great tutorials in the tutorials section of the forum. The first thing you probably want to master is getting into orbit. After that, the entire system awaits. Happy landings!
  19. It's the one called persistent.sfs. But that's where your game state is saved. If you want to go back to an earlier state, you need a quicksave.
  20. I assume you mean that in the post you want to make some text into a hyperlink. You do that by highlighting the text you want to be the link, and then pressing the 'Link' button at the top of the text box. It's the one with the symbol of chain links. You are then asked to put in the address of the link you wish to create. In the case of a username pointing to the user's forum profile, mouse over an already existing link to that user profile elsewhere. Then right click and select 'Copy Link Location' or some similar option (depends on your web browser). When you are asked for the address of the link as you create it, you simply paste the value you just copied from elsewhere. I just right-clicked on your name in the post I am answering, then copied the address using the method mentioned. I know that this points to your user profile. So, if I type your username - moarpower - then highlight it, click the 'Link' button, and paste in the value I just copied, the result is that your username is turned into a link to your profile, just like in this sentence. Hope this helps. Happy landings!
  21. This is the Enormous Eve Expedition. It took three Kerbals in a Mk1-2 pod to 61 metres above sea level on Eve. And brought them home. 9033.7 tonnes and 1171 parts. Here's the album.
  22. I fly spaceplanes a lot. Once you are at essentially orbital velocity and somewhere over 30 km or 40 km, you throttle back and the turbojets keep you at speed in the high thin air using only teaspoons of fuel at a time. On my attempt, I managed to 'circularize' my pseudo-orbit at about 50 km. The turbojets were throttled back to one notch or so. I took screenshots after one circuit and after two. I used only 4.36 fuel for the entire circimnavigation. Almost all my fuel use in the challenge was getting up to speed. The craft has two shock cone intakes. Some people seem to consider that intake spamming. @Tank2333 - Didn't mean to imply any intent on your part. Out of curiosity, what was your flight path? As far as the Flight Status panel goes, I haven't found out anything concrete except that the 'Ground Distance Covered' value is wildly inaccurate. However, I'm sure the devs have slightly more pressing matters to think about at this time.
  23. Many experiments reset when you remove the data, however the goo container and materials lab do not. When you remove data from these experiments you are warned that they will become unusable. They can, however, be reset by an attached science lab. I believe they just add a small percentage to science values depending on their skill level. Each command pod can hold one copy of experimental data from each biome/situation. e.g. one copy of 'temperature reading landed at midlands on Minmus' in any given command pod. I understand the science lab can hold any number of copies of any experiments but I have not tried this. Because of the above, not really. Unless you have multiple copies of the equipment and bring them back to Kerbin, or have a science lab and move them into the science lab each time you take a duplicate measurement. That depends. These are different ways of doing things that are explored extensively in the Biome Hopper Challenge thread. As far as I know, yes. Because of diminishing returns, it's better to visit multiple biomes on each trip, if possible. That's what the challenge above is focused on. Welcome to the forums. Hope this helps! Happy landings!
  24. Words to live by! It's all good. I had fun and I'm not here to step on anybody's fun. Oh. I thought it said 40:00. Yeah, while the Highest Speed Over Land shown is 2186 m/s which would be about right if that was ground relative speed. I may have to dig around the forums or do some experiments regarding the flight log. Thanks again.
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